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Ah ma goes to Batam

October 28th 2006 8:55 am
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A team of 10 old women descended upon Batam today, including my ah ma. I wonder how Batam felt.

So I was at home with my 3 mamas, no ah ma. Ah bee and fomfomfom seeing it was a wonderful opportunity brought me out for a walk. In the evening I also welcomed passers by. At about 7, it started to rain. I told ah bee to keep the mats while I went back into the house first coz I cannot have rain falling on my head. I even reminded her to remember to come back into the house. I'm such a good girl.

At night I waited until ah ma came back. Ah ma didn't buy any food for me, she only bought some t shirts for my mamas, and 2 packets of coffee powder. I told ah ma she shouldn't go to Batam anymore. I don't like it when she disappears for an entire day, and not buy anything for me. Ah ma promised me.

I'm tired already. I have to go to sleep.


Of leashes and mats

October 29th 2006 9:20 am
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Today I went to sniff some cat poo in the garden and dragged my leash through the poo. I had to change a leash.

Then I went into ah gong's room and peed on a mat, then I dragged my leash through the pee. I had to change another leash. They had to change the mat.

Then, for good measure, I went into ah gong's room again at night and peed on the replacement mat. It, too, had to go.

Giggle. Just in case they had nothing to do.


Heads up!

October 30th 2006 7:29 am
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I told ah bee that I am a girl, she's a pillow, ah ma's a stone, fom's a bun, ah gong is a baldie and cha is a pig head. Giggle. She thought that was so smart of me.

Then this evening ah bee and janice saw a horror story. Ah bee was telling me and fomfomfom covered my ears and told her off for scaring me. So what happened was this: Janice was sending ah bee home in her car, and they were doing a 3 point turn when this gate suddenly opened and the dog inside dashed out and attacked 2 dogs walking past. The 3 big dogs were in a tangle. The poor maid walking the dogs was trying to separate them. Luckily the mad dog went back into its house soon enough.

Wah, if it were a small dog passing by, it would have been dead. So in view of the dangers lurking just beyond my door, I shall never step out of the boundaries of my house ever again. Tell the vet woman I'm terribly sorry I won't be able to see her again, but my safety is paramount. I hope she understands.



October 31st 2006 8:22 am
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Today there was a mighty clap of thunder out of the blue. The sky was blue. I was getting a belly rub from ah bee when it cracked. I thought it was a lady thunder. It was a soprano thunder, not bass thunder. It was a crack, it was a clap, it was woman and it was sudden. But most of all, it was LOUD. I almost jumped out of my skin. I heard fomfomfom scream that clap of thunder frightened her out of 3 years' growth. I thought that didn't matter coz she's not growing anymore, you know, at least not vertically or where it matters.

Then ah bee and cha patted my chest so I won't be scared. I like them to pat my chest. It was lovin'.



November 1st 2006 10:01 am
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*Grumble grumble*


Grumble II

November 2nd 2006 8:16 am
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I had to throw a tantrum today coz they bathed me and then washed my ears. When ah ma put me into the bathtub I was fierce coz I thought ah ma wanted to wash my ears. I don't like to wash my ears. They have been doing that twice a day for 4 days now. The vet woman said 2 weeks. I hate the vet woman. She gave me eye drops to put into my ears. How insulting.

*Grumble grumble*


Dark side of a doggie's heart

November 3rd 2006 7:12 am
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Fomfomfom returned today with a present for me. It was like a baskety thing with straps. I was curious so I sniffed at it and put my nose into the basket. Ah ma and fomfomfom laughed at me. I giggled coz we were all so happy.

Later I learnt it was a *gasp* muzzle! I screamed and refused to be restrained. Freedom of religion is fiercely guarded, what more freedom of expression?! And freedom of fashion? It won't make Vogue magazine, trust me. I screamed our Constitution, no one heeded.

The oldest trick in the book, I used it. I pushed the stupid muzzle up so the edge was poking me in the eyes and I screamed and I knew my plan had succeeded when I heard fomfomfom's heart breaking.

That's when I laughed.



November 4th 2006 9:11 am
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It was unhappy. Today tai ma came so I was barking to welcome her, but ah gong got angry coz he was sleeping. So he wanted to beat me. Cha was upon him in a flash and fomfomfom almost clawed his eyes out. Ah ma didn't dare say a word, so fiery the situation was.

And ah bee, my ah bee was upset coz her computer crashed with her assignment that's due in 2 days' time. I spent a lot of time consoling ah bee, I told her not to be upset. Luckily she smiled at me. And we managed to get the document retrieved.

It was a bad bad morning.

Anyway, the reins of power are now in cha's hands and ah gong is relegated to the position of the rat that he is. Fomfomfom is seizing the chance to bust ah gong's credit card. She said she's going to buy a phone, a wallet and a shopping mall tomorrow for her birthday.

I want the shopping mall.



November 5th 2006 6:17 am
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It was rain rain rain rain rain all day today. It started from lunch, and then it stopped. I told cha to go out with a hairdryer to dry my patch of grass so I may go out later in the evening to welcome passers by. Just about then, it started again. And stopped. And started. Etc. Hairdryer in hand, we were helpless.

So I decided to lounge on ah bee's bed while she did her reinsurance assignment. I sniffed sniffed sniffed. It is a discovery of mine that rain actually smells quite good.

Therefore, I forgive you, rain.


Me mama

November 6th 2006 7:26 am
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I want to be a mama. My mama was younger than I now am when she gave birth to me.

But I can't. Coz they brought me to have my tubes tied when I was a year old.

It is sad. They didn't ask me whether I wanted to have babies. It would have been nice to have a few xiao xiao pings running around the house.

It is my regret. They said it is for my good to have my tubes tied.

I understand their kind intentions. But I still dream of what could have been.

You call me mama.

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