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For the 1st time

October 18th 2006 9:20 am
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This morning fomfomfom tried to feed me pieces of peanut butter bread with a titbit rolled in each. I didn't want to eat, coz I don't know what peanut butter is. As I decided to give it a chance and took one in my mouth, a mahjong gal arrived. I was so excited I forgot about the bread. Fomfomfom politely greeted her auntie.

We tried again. As I took the same piece of bread in my mouth for the 2nd time, another mahjong gal arrived. Again I was excited. Fomfomfom hurled herself against the wall again and again until she lost consciousness. Giggle, I made that up. She greeted the 2nd mahjong gal politely too. Fomfomfom is a bland girl, like the bread.

Anyway, I ate the bread afterwards. After lunch, fomfomfom couldn't find me once coz I took Mikasa out and slept in her little corner. Fomfomfom was so relieved when she finally found me she took out the camera and took some pictures of me. I wanted some fresh poses so I ate some newspapers for the shots.

At the garden, a girl passed by with her father and made stupid faces at me. When fomfomfom sat up from her lounging position beside me, the girl was very surprised and started giggling and told fomfomfom in atrocious english your dog very cute.

At night ah ma invited me up her couch for the 1st time. Giggle.


Dong chiang!

October 19th 2006 9:11 am
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It is thursday again. I bathed. But it wasn't too painful coz I didn't have to go through the hairdryer. I am an apple.

In the evening, me and ah ma sat in the garden. Ah ma said the breeze was nice, so we sat in the haze until dark, like 715. In ah ma's room, I jumped around with fomfomfom for a long time. Then I was tired out and slept in my bed. Ah ma covered me tightly with a blanket. We took pictures again.

Today is bathing day, so we have to wash ears. I got 2 tidbits for my cooperation, and I performed with the tidbits for ah ma. Ah ma was so happy. I like performing for ah ma coz I love ah ma and ah ma loves me.

I learnt how to hump fomfomfom's pink blanket today. It was alright for me.



October 20th 2006 9:16 am
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This afternoon, ah ma said she'd nap on her bed, and I should nap on her couch. And that is the way it will be in future.

And in the evening, there was a moment that will go down in history. To chinese history buffs, it will be known as "ah bee snatches the pear". Fomfomfom was the victim. My ah ma was tickled. I ate cha's pear.

At midnight, I took part in Operation 8 legs with ah bee and fomfomfom. We chased and squished a big big spider. It was wet, according to ah bee who did the squishing. Mebbe it's a tarantula. Oops, was. It is no more. I spotted it, ah bee squished it, and fomfomfom cleaned the floor. It was exciting.

Fomfomfom and ah bee says it is no activity for a girl like me. They will bring me to catch butterflies next time. I can wear a skirt.


I am a cat

October 21st 2006 9:40 am
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I kept jumping up and down ah ma's couch today and fomfomfom smacked me. Later she was filled with remorse and gave me the tidbit I liked bestest. Ah ma said I can jump up and down anywhere I like coz a cat jumps everywhere too.

Pooh to the fomfom.


Of prawns and fish

October 22nd 2006 8:42 am
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Last night ah bee promised to bring me to the botanical gardens today. But this morning it rained and I knew my excursion was no more. Ah ma let me go out to the porch to enjoy the wind and I was sniffing around. I ventured too far and the rain suddenly got heavy and there were raindrops on my head. I headed back into the house in a hurry.

I got one prawn with my chicken lunch. After lunch I watched tv with ah ma in the 3rd floor sitting area. I jumped on the couch for a better view and walked onto ah ma's legs and ah ma was stupid and didn't know to let me into her lap. So there I was sprawled on ah ma's legs and ah ma scolded me. I thought it was her fault.

For dinner I got 3 pieces of keropok. The mahjong gal made it. They were crunchy, but I can't decide if I like the fish or prawn one better. Then I thought no need to decide, coz if no prawn, fish also good. If got both prawn and fish, then better. If I get to eat it everyday, then best. Then ah bee gave me some collagen. It is fish belly something. I don't know what that is, but she told me it will make my belly smooth and it will not sag. I thought it was pretty important so I ate it.

I spent the night with my head glued to ah ma's leg. We watched a documentary about a raccoon that looks like a bear. Its cubs were like me when I was young.

Then I went to fomfomfom's room and danced on her bed for ah bee. Twice!



October 23rd 2006 8:47 am
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Ah ma washed the curtains but it rained in the afternoon and was wet and gloomy. So we had curtains draped all over the table and chairs outside on the porch. Luckily I was able to welcome passers by coz it had stopped raining by then.

Then in the evening we were in ah ma's room. Ah ma thought I was eating my dinner, so I showed her that I was eating cloth. Ah ma threw away my cloth bits. Then I slept on the couch while ah ma slept on her bed.

We washed ears again. When fomfomfom tried to carry me I put 2 nice gashes in the back of her hand. But no one scolded me. So happy. I'm sleeping on fomfomfom's bed now as I write. Giggle.


Curtains II

October 24th 2006 8:14 am
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Ah ma wasn't happy today. They were washing curtains again, we have so many curtains of great magnitude, and Carlin didn't do it well. So ah ma was in a bad mood and my 3 mamas steered clear in case some of that ill temper fell on their heads. At least they tried. I know fomfomfom got it. Cha got it too but she fought back. Ah bee didn't get it.

It was another rainy day. So it was gloomy inside the house and out. And to think it was a public holiday today. Shame shame.

But because I light up ah ma's world, she didn't scold me. She was her usual loving self towards me. That's coz ah ma loves me and I love ah ma.



October 25th 2006 8:39 am
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Ah ma told me to look at the rain. I was upset. So they gave me some keropok to eat. I liked it, but they weren't forthcoming enough for me, so I didn't eat a lot. It's kind of like being. A person ought to be forthcoming. A person who hides things is not going to be well liked. I tried to tell them the severity of not being forthcoming, but they didn't take heed. Well, I tried.

The mahjong gal who makes keropok is coming tomorrow. I'll go to her myself for some keropok. If she's not forthcoming with her keropok, I'll show her the door. It's a rule of being. People who don't follow this rule will be phased out. It's like Darwin, it's like evolution. She'll be phased out and someone better will replace her. And so it will be. Until I get my keropok.

Keropok is made of dead fish and dead prawns. They were not phased out. They only died. Coz they left behind some good offsprings. Who will be made into keropok. All of them. Their ancestors were eliminated though. You know why? Coz they were not good enough to be made into keropok. And so they were eliminated and replaced with the current keropok worthy fish and prawns. It's all Darwin. It's always Darwin.


The ear game

October 26th 2006 8:29 am
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I was just playing a new game with fomfomfom. She would hold my ear between her lips for 2 seconds, then release my ear and make a 2 syllable noise. I have to stare ahead and not move. After making the noise, she would hold my ear all over again.

I won the game.



October 27th 2006 10:01 am
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This morning, I played a prank on cha. This was because I observed ah bee playing a prank on janice yesterday and I thought it was funny. So this morning cha came down and said good morning to me. I was in my bed. My eyes happened to be open so I kept them opened wide and I was motionless for like 3 seconds. Cha got a fright and shook me. I just had to giggle then, and I told her, you got Ping'ed! Giggle.

Now I've got to think up another prank for tomorrow.

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