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Mahjong day

December 18th 2006 7:45 am
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It is mahjong day. There were new blue tiles. But the mahjong girls didn't like the new tiles, so they went back to using the old tiles. Some things are better old and used.

But the old and used mahjong girls didn't pay me any attention. I bet they didn't even notice when I was forcibly dragged to the clinic for ear washing by eric. I don't like eric. Last time he was chatting with a girl when he was supposed to be cleaning my ears. He was so slow. This time he used only one drop of ear drop when the doctor said to give it a good squirt. Fomfomfom told him, more! He put in one more drop. I prefer robert.

Fomfomfom was so stupid at the vet's. She took out her new phone and tried taking pictures while my ears were being washed. The flash went off so close to my eyes I would have screamed if not for my terror at being handled by eric. Ah bee communicated her disapproval to fomfomfom. Fomfomfom kept her phone in shame.

At night me and ah bee went to the porch to watch the rain. Ah bee was also watching her laptop. The rain was heavy and it started lighting up. I was back in the house before you could say xiaopingping.

Xiaopingping wants to sleep as she was busy in the day guarding the mahjong girls and had no time to nap. Later, alligator!


Yin and Yang

December 19th 2006 7:14 am
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Cha said to put in my diary that I ate and threw up poo last night. A diary, is for good and bad things. I ate poo, it was good and glorious. But to leave it at that would be untruthful. For like in life, we must take the good with the bad. Ah bee says, in law, omission could be a crime, not just commission. Therefore, I must write it down that I threw up poo. It is bad, but I will relish the good and face bravely the bad. Oh. For after all, there is yin and yang, heaven and earth, eating poo and throwing up poo. I did it, so what?

It rained all day for the 3rd day today. This morning, the basement flooded. Ah ma used the fans to try to dry the clothes. But it was nice and cool. I like to sit at the porch and let the wind blow at my face. The birds came down to the garden when the rain lessened and made a lot of noise. And the grass was very green.

Cha did a very shameful thing. She went to the mall to collect registered mail in her unglamorous home clothes. Luckily I didn't go with her, or I would have gone out to turn my beautiful face to the sky and let the rain go into my nose and drown me there and then. I have to speak to her about such conduct in future.

At night ah ma, ah gong and cha kept me in the dining area while they had a party unclogging the new carlin's toilet drain. So I peed there and later ah bee almost slipped and threw her laptop into the air. That would have been nice.


The Ping's Pong

December 20th 2006 9:01 am
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I haven't bathed for 9 days! It has been raining and ah ma worries that I won't dry even if she hangs me out with the clothes coz there is no sun. Besides, ah ma is busy teaching the new carlin how to do stuff. She has no time for me, so I can run amok and recently, I proclaimed myself queen. Ah bee says I smell. Off with her head!

It wasn't raining at 5pm today. Ah ma went out to the garden to cut the grass. But she won't allow me to go out. She said the grass was too wet. It is not fair that ah ma and the new carlin were prancing about in the grass while I was tied to fomfomfom. So I barked and barked and I wasn't happy at all.

The communist smurfs. The sticker book came today and ah bee and fomfomfom and cha were sticking stickers into the book and I thought it was so stupid. Communism is not going to work here coz it's a monarchy and I am the queen.


One potato, two potato...

December 21st 2006 6:36 am
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I didn't bathe again today coz it was raining early in the morning. Ah bee went out real early for breakfast with janice and lynn and she dropped her phone in swill at the food centre. Ah bee is so stupid.

I had potato chips again today. It is Pringles Original Jumbo tube with 40% extra. I didn't eat the whole tube, of course. I only ate one or two chips. Ah bee ate the whole tube. Fomfomfom helped a little.

I looked at the night sky for a long time. It is red again and perhaps it will rain non stop for another 3 days. I haven't been out in the garden for a long time.


The neighbour's X'mas party

December 22nd 2006 10:03 am
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We went for ear washing today by Eric. It wasn't too bad, we didn't have to wait for the washing nor the bill. We were out of the clinic in record time. And then outside the clinic at the carpark we saw a cat. It was pregnant and it went against fomfomfom's leg and ah bee was carrying me and it was up close and personal. It was the closest I've been to a cat.

In the evening I went out to the garden to welcome passers by. I haven't been out for the longest time and I barked for 2 hours and ah ma cut the grass. I was exhausted and I slept in ah ma's room for 3 hours afterward.

At night the neighbours across the street had an early christmas party and they sang christmas songs very loudly. It was late and ah bee told me to bring a candle over and join in the singing. I should drop the candle and let it burn down the house so that they will stop singing. I told ah bee it's late and I'm not supposed to go out at that hour coz I'm still a baby. It was almost 1130 when they finally stopped singing. Then they made a lot of noise and whooped and played strange disco music and were very inconsiderate. I live in a very civil street coz no one called the police to arrest the neighbours for disturbing the peace.

Fomfomfom was complaining throughout about the world's unbearable exuberance and enthusiasm about christmas and Ah bee told her she's a grinch. Ah bee foresees that fomfomfom will be a lonely old woman in future coz she is already so grumpy about christmas at 26.

Fomfomfom told me that when we were sitting under the moon at 1030, a cat ran across the garden. Apparently I didn't see the cat. It is a waste. I would have barked louder than the neighbours' bad singing.


The big turtle

December 23rd 2006 7:46 am
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I bathed today! It is the 12th day since I last had a bath. Giggle. I wasn't unhappy about having to bathe coz I don't have to scratch myself so often now. I am clean and fluffy and I smell like an apple.

Fomfomfom and cha came back from the supermarket with the very nice kibble. Ah bee gave me powdery bits, so miserly she is. I licked the capful of powder clean. Yum.

At night I was watching tv with ah ma in her room on her sofa. I dragged the big turtle from the stool next to my seat and put it in front of me. Then I hid behind the turtle. Fomfomfom came in and wondered why ah ma was sitting next to a big turtle. Giggle. Ah ma praised me for being smart.

Ah ma said my eyes are so round and my nose is so black. Ah bee asked what that means. Fomfomfom told her it means ah ma likes me.


My 4th christmas eve

December 24th 2006 8:09 am
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It is christmas eve today. It is my 4th christmas eve. I had my 1st one when I was 2 weeks old, in my doggie mama's house. On christmas day 3 years ago, these 3 mamas came by and said they wanted me, and ah ma said ok, and I had a family!

Fast forward 3 years and I had some loose stools. It wasn't exactly diarrhoea, but it was sticky and it stuck to my behind fur and ah ma squished it further onto me when she tried to clean me up. So she locked me in her bathroom and cleaned my backside more than ten times with wet tissue and finally washed my backside with water from the showerhead. I ran around the house with a wet backside. It wasn't dignified.

Oh, oh, and wenli came by. She is fomfomfom's friend and she came to return our grill. She played with me and I ran around and banged twice into fomfomfom at full speed, once my nose on her elbow and once my chest on her knee. Wenli scooped me up like a baby and rocked me. Wenli said I have mega paws and I've grown bigger. I told her rubbish, it's only my long hair. Then she left too soon.

We had a grill in the evening. My mamas were grilling lots of things but I only had a tasteless stingray. So I lay around everywhere in the porch where the bbq was while everyone ate. It was such a hassle preparing food and cleaning up and ah ma was so bothered and busy but I think that's what happiness is made of. Fomfomfom even drank wine under ah ma's nose and ah ma only screamed at her to watch where she puts her wine glass. It was all very busy and happy. Later we watched Nigella cook on tv. Cha won't believe the woman's almost 50. We think it's all that food that keeps her looking young.

I was tired and fell asleep before I could count up to 12 midnight.


Ronald McDonald

December 25th 2006 9:47 am
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It is christmas again. We didn't do anything special, and ah ma was screaming that she's bored. So we went to take a car ride and after a very long time, we ended up at a McDonalds. It is about an hour from my house and it has a pond with lots of turtles. It is my 1st visit to a Mcdonalds, drive thrus not counted. I took pictures with Ronald McDonald and I ran around the paths and my paws were muddy and I was very happy. Ah ma and my mamas had food but I didn't have any.

We came home and I found that I was featured on Dogster diary of the day again! So happy. But I was too tired coz of the car ride and the run at McDonalds so I slept for a while in ah ma's room even though it was time for me to cook dinner. And then I woke up and cha brought me to the porch to enjoy the breeze.

In the evening ah bee and cha were trying to call the philippines for the new carlin, her name is merilyn. But the phone is too challenging for my mamas and they didn't manage to connect. The poor merilyn couldn't wish her family merry christmas. Maybe we will try again tomorrow.

At night ah ma was trying to chase me out of her room so she can sleep. But I took one kibble in my mouth and lay on my mat and refused to budge and ah ma was dragging the mat out with me on it and I thought it was so unbecoming.

Fomfomfom came back with turkey and stuffing and pasta and ah bee ate and ah gong and cha too but I didn't get anything again. And it rains.


Shih Tzus rule the world

December 26th 2006 8:43 am
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It has rained for 24 hours. I like the rain coz it's so nice and cool, just that I can't go out into the garden. The weather gave cha hives. Cha made ah bee drive her to the doctor's and she has to eat medicine now.

We went to the clinic to wash ears today and it was 2 young girls who did it for me. They were not so familiar with my ears and poked my eyes briefly when they held my head down. I wasn't cooperative coz it was my nap time so they muzzled me. Fomfomfom was horrified and made ah bee clean my ears too in case the girls weren't thorough.

There was a boy shih tzu in the clinic too and he wanted to make friends but I didn't want to coz I only wanted to go home to nap with ah ma. He looks like me, only he was brown and not as pretty as me. There was another girl shih tzu on the counter and she belonged to the nurse. She doesn't look like me at all. That's because she gets her hair combed on the counter by the nurse. I usually comb my own hair so I have more style.

And then it rained and rained and there was a bulge on fomfomfom's wall. It looked like a kitty face with ears. It was rainwater collecting between the paint and the wall. It is good paint coz it didn't break. But ah ma had ah bee poke a hole in the bulge so the water drained out. And the basement is flooded again.


Still raining

December 27th 2006 7:53 am
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It was raining today again. It comes and goes and it's all cloudy and ah bee complains she has no clothes to wear. Nothing is drying coz there is no sun. The garden was full of water and I couldn't go out.

I protected the mahjong girls again today. I didn't leave them one second and I was vigilant and in the end, ah ma won 10 dollars and I asked for 5 dollars for all my bodyguarding but ah ma hasn't given it to me yet. I will remind her tomorrow.

It was time to see off the mahjong girls and ah ma carried me to the ground floor so I could say goodbye. Ah ma carried me a long time coz she was showing them the flooded basement and giving a running commentary. I like ah ma to carry me but she doesn't carry me often. Only when we are seeing off guests does ah ma carry me to let me say goodbye. Oh, and one time ah ma carried me and I thought she was giving me some lovin' and she gave me to ah bee to wash ears. The hurt was deep, the betrayal, oh, indelible.

But I still like ah ma to carry me coz I love ah ma and ah ma loves me.

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