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I forgot to write last night so here's your double dosage.

February 7th 2007 8:17 am
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6th Feb 2007
Ah bee was talking about her favourite food at the food centre (which is hokkien mee btw). Anyway I told her that my favourite is kosong mai hiam. Then everyone turned around to look at me. They had no clue what I was talking about. Can you believe them? Whoever’s reading this, tell me what a kosong mai hiam is and I will buy you a kosong mai hiam.

We met a white Schnauzer at the gardens today. She’s 2 years old. Yipping away like nobody’s business. What a baby. There was another baby with her. Her name is Sophia. She’s 11 months old. She was crawling on the grass and tried to eat dead leaves when her mama wasn’t watching. In fact, she almost managed to eat the flower off a shrub. Her mouth was inches away from the flower when her mama snatched her off the ground. I need to teach her a thing or two about being sneaky. And Sophia, she has no hair. Well, not much anyway. So she crawled over and pulled mine. I didn’t give her holes in her tiny tiny tiny hands coz I like her. In fact while Ah bee was trying to get her to unclutch her fist, I even gave her a lick. I like both of them babies.

7th Feb 2007
I went to the dotter dotter today. I am happy to announce that my ears are “VERY GOOD” according to the vet woman. They decided that they must be doing something right so my ears will be left alone for another month. Until I have to see that vet woman again.

I brought Ah ma to the botanical gardens today. This is the first time Ah ma has gone with us. I showed her all my favourite spots. She likes it there at the botanical gardens a lot. I will bring her there everyday- she needs the exercise. So happy.

I was sniffing at a petrified, fossilized black frog today. I think Fomfomfom almost fainted when she saw it.


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