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Animals are better than humans

October 14th 2006 8:36 am
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My leg bled again today. Ah ma said I can't go out to welcome passers by if my leg always bleeds. I'll have to talk to my leg about it later.

At night ah ma and fomfomfom and me were watching the national geographic channel. There was a show, called something garden of eden. Ah ma mulled, garden of eden, hmm. Fomfomfom pointed to me and said, here. I said, but of course.

Then we watched animals in alaska. A mother bear had 3 children. They went out to play and the mama lost one. Luckily she later found the kid. Ah ma said the mama should have counted her kids before she left.

Then a moose gave birth. Wah, the baby was very good, it could stand up immediately. Ah ma said humans are the worst of the lot, coz a baby won't amount to anything by itself without its parents' care. I said, yeah man, check me out. Then fomfomfom told ah ma of how I was the smallest kid amongst my siblings coz I couldn't even find my mother's teat for milk. And how ah yee mama had to push my siblings aside and put my mouth to my mother's teat all the time. Then ah ma had to say to my face that even when being born, I was 2nd last. I was humiliated.

I solemnly informed ah ma that I came from wolves, she came from monkeys. My ancestors ate her ancestors. Then I hugged my pride to sleep.


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