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Turn Left Turn Right

you win some, you lose some

September 25th 2006 8:31 am
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everyone knows that ah-ma loves me, and i love ah-ma. So i simply do not understand why she would leave me for 4 days. Ah-ma would disappear for days every now and then. My mamas will always tell me that ah-ma went to the market. Please! Who are they kidding? Or maybe they are just pure dumb, not too bright and observant, unlike me. Why would ah-ma go to the market for 3 or 4 days without even returning home to drop my pork and stuff before attempting more purchases. But i let them get away with that. I can't prove otherwise yet. So wiser to observe and stay quiet.

But I know what ah-ma is up to even if those 3 mamas may not know.

I'll share some hints here, whatever little ... whenever ah-ma is not giving me some lovin', she would either be watching the telly, or staring very intensely at this white handheld thingy. I overheard ah-be teaching ah-ma how to play "roll-let" on that white thingy. Ever since then, ah-ma reduced her loving' for me. Instead half of my original lovin' time is granted to that white thingy. And once in a while, ah-ma would be annoucning very geefully to my 3 mamas that she has accumulated how many hundred thousands dollars on that white thingy. I am not very sure what it really means. But I'll try to observe more when she gets back.

As I was saying about the reason my mamas gave me, oh please! Who packs her clothes while going to the market. I watched ah-ma packed last night. And she was absolutely geeful while packing. Apart from me (let's not mention my 3 mamas who gave her a lot of grief by not reproducing), the only element I have observed giving her THAT much joy was roll-let. Whatever that was. So I am quite positive ah-ma's packing of clothes have something to do with this roll-let business.

Like I say .. I shall keep observing.

I ought to be miserable coz ah-ma is away. I am a little actually. But my 3 mamas tried to make it up to me. They call it "gai-gai". I get to carry my water bottle, wear my very pretty blue leash and go out for a trotter. Ermm, I mean trot. In such rare occasions, I get to greet my neighbour friends whom I often hear from, but rarely see. I don't get to see ALL of them. I only get 20 minutes out. But I try my best. It's a turn left turn right situation. My short legs does not allow me to go left and then go right. Like I said, I try my best, and you cannot fault me for not trying.

I think the tentative equation in my life is: ah-ma = no gai gai. And no ah-ma = gai gai. At least this was what came up after my evening nap just now. I wonder if they are mutually exclusive equations. I would love to see if the following equation can work though: ah-ma=gai gai. But I always hear cha say, "Don't be greedy. You cannot win them all. You win some, you lose some".

Maybe there is some truth in it.

But then, I still rather ah-ma. I think. Bacause ah-ma loves me and I love ah-ma.


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