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All that food

August 29th 2006 7:43 am
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You know what? Humans are horrid. Like cha. She watched Supersize Me didn't she? She read the book Fast Food Nation, didn't she? And what's the wretch doing? Eating MacDonalds. For supper, no less. And she didn't even buy me a Happy Meal.

And that ah bee. Eating instant noodles gives her the runs. Fomfomfom. Durian gives her the sniffles. And what did the wretches do? THEY ATE. I hope they all have a good day tomorrow.

I dunno if they feel guilty, you know, the way they go to town with their appetites. Today I spied a leaflet on fomfomfom's table. It had pictures of starving African children. And fomfomfom was writing out a donation. But she tore it up later. Maybe it has something to do with the way charities are run over here these days. You don't know if your money goes to the needy or towards someone's fat salary.

I hope fomfomfom tore up that donation becoz of her misgivings towards charities, and not becoz she wants to keep the money to buy more food to stuff her greedy face. If so I'll have to bite her to set her straight. Yes, they need me to keep them on the straight and narrow. Becoz the road they take these days?

They all stray off course.


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