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Lateral Thinking

August 25th 2006 7:44 am
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I read in the papers today that a strange uncle won a million dollar prize coz he solved some century old unsolved mathematics question about space and 3D and some doughnut shape not being able to stretch itself into a sphere. The uncle is strange coz: 1. check out the question; 2. he refused the one million dollars; and 3. You want to eat a doughnut, not stretch it into a sphere.

In this strange world, normal things, fortunately, still happen. For example, today, I got sick of salmon. I didn't want to eat it no more. So fomfomfom has to get me something I would eat coz she has to hide the antibiotic inside.

Ladies and, I had cod. It was fat and oily and SMOOTH. Yum. It would taste nice for a week. After that, well, someone's got to think of something again. The antibiotics go on for 2 weeks.

Think out of the box. Forget 3D, go into 4,5D. Think fish. Not fish. Maybe a doughnut. I can solve the million dollar question too. A doughnut cannot be stretched into a sphere coz it's got a hole in the centre. The antibiotic goes into the hole. I eat the doughnut. Therefore it cannot be stretched into a sphere coz it doesn't exist no more. Maybe the strange uncle can try to prove he can stretch my antibiotic into a sphere. Then I'll give him a million dollars, which he must refuse to take, too. He'll just take the antibiotic.

So happy.


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