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And the cat again

September 14th 2014 10:02 am
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Ah bee said she saw the cat last night and it was lying on top of the stone table like it owned it. So she whipped out her phone to take a picture and the cat sprang off the table and started walking menacingly towards her. Of course she ran away.

I would call her useless except we heard from the banana man today that the cat tried to eat his bird.

Wow. This cat is really something.


Fun in San Francisco

September 13th 2014 10:40 am
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I guess fomfomfom must be having too much fun; she hasn't been needy on WhatsApp like she usually is when she's away.

It's okay I guess. It's about time she got a life anyway.


That cat again

September 12th 2014 9:50 am
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So I don't know who died and made that darn cat king but it has been strutting around like it owns the world. Today cha and I saw the cat again and it just kept coming towards us. Then cha decided she's had enough so she let out a loud "SHEEEEEE" at the cat, complete with crazy arm waving. It worked a little; the cat stopped in its tracks so she followed up with a "SHEEEEEE SHEEEEEEE". It turned around and didn't bother us anymore.

You want to be with Cha the next time you run into an aggressive cat.


So embarrassing

September 11th 2014 7:44 am
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Ah bee and I saw a tabby yesterday. She picked me up immediately coz she knows I'll want to get at the cat. And then she started making meowing noises at the cat. The cat which was lying down got up slowly and started walking menacingly towards us. Its tail was upright.

We ran away so quick. I hope no one saw us fleeing from the cat.



September 10th 2014 8:21 am
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Today jojo was telling ah bee about the white dog he saw running around unsupervised. He asked ah bee if she's seen anyone looking for the dog.

Just while they were talking, we saw the white dog. And the security guard happened to ride by and he told us which unit the white dog belongs to. And then he rode away. Yes we know. Bad person. Karma. Pox on him.

So anyway, chocolate and I (with a little help from jojo and ah bee), we delivered the white dog back to its home.

Happy day.



September 9th 2014 9:41 am
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Today we read about this man in Hong Kong who is wanted by the police for putting his dog in the churning washing machine. When he heard the police was going to get him, he posted on Facebook and said he's going back to China.

We believe in karma.


Mid autumn festival

September 8th 2014 11:04 am
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It's maf today so of course I got lanterns. I had 2 of them. The first is of a cartoon baby snake and I disposed of it quickly by stomping on it and then tearing it to pieces. The second one had Loony Toons characters all over it. Both Cha and ah bee's boyfriend were confounded by it; they took a really long time to assemble that one. I didn't like it anyway coz it was too structured and enforced with wires on the inside so I couldn't destroy it.

So ah ma hung it from between her mattress and the frame and it was at a perfect height for me. I was happy watching the light change colours.

Happy maf everyone!



September 7th 2014 9:23 am
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My fringe is a little long and Fomfomfom is not around to cut it. So Ah ma has been scheming to tie it up with a rubber band.

Poor Ah ma. She's so delusional. It's okay I still love her very much.

In other news, Ah bee tells me she dreamt of her dead grandmother last night. We think it's very strange coz it's been a really long time since she passed on. The Chinese believe that when you dream of dead people, it's because they have something to tell you.

I can't imagine what her ah ma has to tell her but I think she should go offer her incense tomorrow.


Where's fomfomfom

September 6th 2014 10:22 am
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Fomfomfom left with her luggage today. She said she's going away for two weeks and she can't bear to leave me for so long. Yes she is needy that way.

So ten minutes after she left, ah bee took a picture of me and sent it to her and told her to cry and die.

We practise tough love in this house.


Ah bee who

September 5th 2014 10:06 am
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A strange woman came into our house late last night. I was about to call the police but everyone seem to know her. So I approached and she kissed me.

of course! It was Ah bee! I recognise that smelly mouth anywhere.

I spent the whole of today guilt-tripping her for disappearing for so long.

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