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Rockyfeller, Rockstar, RockyRooRoo, Wockawock, Rockmeister

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not playfulvery playful

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-mutt-dog rescue

June 1st 2001

Going cruising in the car with my dad; Napping is important too!

Not getting my walk on time

Favorite Toy:
Softball, Violin from Otto, Octopus, Squirrel

Favorite Food:
Baby Carrots, Pineapple, Dehydrated Liver. No grain or poultry please..

Favorite Walk:
To the school yard - Squirrels, rabbits and all kinds of interesting smells

Best Tricks:
Stealing Hearts and Hogging the bed!

Arrival Story:
One of our dogs died and we heard through my brother that this dog was a stray in need of a home. We went out and met him. He was filthy, starved, his ribs showing as well as his hip bones, but he was so happy. He had the best disposition. He greeted everyone, then he came straight up and sat down at our feet and knew he was going home with us before we did. He slept on the ride home until we passed an Outback Steakhouse. Once he got a whiff of the good smells, he woke straight up and his head went straight for the sunroof. He still loves going there for carryout. They know him there and always bring him a treat and love.

Rocky was a six month old stray that was wandering the streets in the country. Someone took him in, but could not keep him. They had him two weeks before we got him. He has been with us ever since. He is a spoiled brat and has the life we should all have. He has a brother Niquel (American Eskimo); canine sister, Iris (Lab Mix); and his wife Sasha (Dalmatian). He gets really good care from the wonderful doctors and staff at: -- link removed --

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Wag With Your Entire Body!

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Lunar Lunie Tuesday

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August 1st 2006 More than 10 years!

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Dogster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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SashaTerra (5/25/95
- 5/14/10)

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Rocky's World

May 10, 2013

May 10th 2013 8:54 am
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Too long since I have written! So things have changed a bit in my life. I am moving a bit slower these days, but I am not sure you could really tell. I have always been a bit on the lazy side. I can still run pretty fast when I want to; I just don't want to. I mostly prefer to lie in the shade and chew on a good stick. There are many trees around my house and they provide me with many good sticks. It seems such a waste to allow them to just end up as compost. I feel it is my duty to assist them in the transition into mulch. I still like to chase the flying squirrel. I just won't bring it back. Why should I? The stupid human will just throw it away again. That is a confusing thing to me as a dog. You bring them something really cool and they throw it away. Do they really enjoy doing their work twice? Three times? Why would they think dogs would want to do that either? Humans are a puzzling species. I am also puzzled as to why they insist on changing the sheets on the bed the moment I get it full of dirt, just like I like it. That is my spot, they don't have to lie in that spot and then BOOM. Clean sheets. Don't they know I have to start the process all over again? I guess I have to keep them around though, they do keep bringing in the food. For that one thing, I have managed to get them trained. My life is pretty comfortable even if the humans are puzzling. Soon I have another birthday. Mom and Dad say everyday is my birthday, but I say I don't get a cake everyday, so how can this be? Still puzzled guys!

Hope my pals are all doing well.


TAG - YOU'RE IT! - MAY 23, 2007

May 23rd 2007 5:32 am
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I was tagged by Harmony aka The Brat.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary!

My 7 Pawsome facts:

1. I was a stray dog running the streets when I wandered into the driveway where some kids were waiting for the school bus. They couldn't keep me, but it is ok, because that is how I found my parents. I was starved and dirty. Can you believe someone threw away a perfectly good dog?

2. I had apparently never lived inside a house, because the first time I heard the toilet flush, I put my head in it to see what was making that noise. I also did that with the dial up on the computer and the dishwasher, etc. Now I just sleep through everything.

3. I like to sleep on top of my mom in the winter because I am as big as her and she lets me under the covers where it is warm.

4. I get mad if anyone rides in the passenger side of dad's truck, since I have come to believe that is "my" seat. I whine and eventually get in the seat with them and lean on them until they are pinned against the door. I am not happy until they are in the backseat where they belong.

5. Dad had to buy an over-sized recliner when he got me, because I was too big to sit in his old recliner with him.

6. I love to swim so much!! During my first trip to the beach, I jumped in the ocean and started swimming out to sea. I thought I could swim across to the other side.

7. When I was younger, I ate more than 1 door as well as carpet, a Bible and several religious books. I think maybe I needed Jesus. It must have worked, since I am still alive and will be 6 next week.

My 7 paw peeps that I'm going to tag: Sorry!

1. Sammy
2. Albert
3. Rocky
4. Duke
5. Toby
6. Otto
7. Boo-Boo

Don't Hate me Guys!



April 18th 2007 5:51 pm
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Well, with all the depressing news about the dogfood lately, it seems a puppy just can’t get a break these days. I mean as a labbie, what do you think we like to do? Basically, we like to play and fetch, stay as far up our humans’ butts as possible, hog the bed, sofa, favorite chair of our human and most importantly EAT!!!!!! But well heck, now if you eat, you might find yourself biting off more than you can chew, and quite literally. BUT I DIGRESS! So, when I thought the news couldn’t get any worse, what happens? Sidney comes running in from Fatboy’s barking about my dear pal the Smokeman! At first, he was barking so fast, I thought Fatboy’s had gone from a bar to a modern day Opium Den and those dawgs were in there hitting their crack pipes or else someone slipped catnip into Sidney’s beer. But once he slowed down, the seriousness of his bark started to take root. Gosh darn it, my good buddy was sick and this was no "Smoke" screen. So, I immediately started licking my butt and feeling quite sorry for ol’ Smokey.

Then today it happened that I woke up with a new attitude. Today I had what my grandma would call an “attitude of gratitude” and I decided to count my blessings by sharing the Smokester’s story with all my pals. Ya see, the Smokeman hasn’t been around Dogster fur long. Well, neither have I quite actually. But he HAS been around! Oh dawg, has HE been around. Now, I live with 1 little white bark machine. But the Smoke lives with 3. Now while that explains his need to hang out at Fatboy’s until last call, I believe it is a testament to his character! And quite the character he is. But I’m getting to that. Yeah, the Smoke never whines about the little white bark machines and in fact he actually makes them feel loved. Now THAT requires him to hold a job to pay his bar tab, but that’s ok, because my pal Smoke is not a lazy dawg. NOPE!!! Quite the opposite actually.

You see, my man Smoke has a giant heart the size of the Great Smokey Mountains! Whoaaaaaaa! And that is really, really huge! So, he gets this job as a Therapy Dawg and goes about it and works to bring joy into the lives of humans. Now, quite frankly, he’s a lab. All that should entail is for him to show up and everyone automatically should feel better. But the Smokeman patiently lets them pet him and love him and he just loves them right back, because let's face it. That’s just what he does! As a matter of fact, he’s so good at it that he got the Nobel Peees Prize fur it! I swear he did! So he gets paid a mere salary of milk-bones that are the local currency at Fatboys! And that keeps him up to date on his bar tab. Yeah and I hear there are a couple of honeys there that like to buy him drinks too, but his pawrents don’t need to know every little bark, if you know what I mean.

So, Smoke is a really good guy, not lazy and we have become good buddies cuz we have this peculiar hobby in common! We spend our spare time watching the HGTV channel and have strong opinions on our pawrents' ideas for home decorating. We have been known to take matters into our own paws and well we have been accused of eating doors, walls, wallpaper, carpet, piano, well………… get the picture!!! We decided we just had to be pals cuz we clearly had strong ideas, discriminating taste and parents that CLEARLY needed our assistance with redesigning and redecorating their homes. And that’s how our friendship began! And well, Labbies are just special.

But now my good buddy is not only punished with his own barking siblings, he hangs out at the bar only to have to spend time with mine, and NOW he has the big “C”!! My heart races and paws tremble just to type it! So tomorrow he will go in for surgery to have his leg removed so the cancer can be contained and his life spared! But the story won’t end there! No Sirrreee Bob!! This dawg knows Summer can’t be far off and he will be expecting to swim, so he WILL get back on his feet again. Maybe not as many as before, but he will be “Smoke on the Water” this summer! I’m serious, I wouldn’t blow Smoke up your tails dawgs! He’s tough! He has a birthday to celebrate with Sidney next week and they are going to check out the babes in bikinis! They will probably even learn to surf something besides the net! So bark a prayer for my pal, but in the meantime, give him a shout! Tell him how smart he is! I mean he has excellent taste in friends!

And here’s the deal for all you guys and gals at Fatboys, so listen up!!!!!! When the Smoke comes back, the drinks are on the house! I mean he is "Dog of the Week" at Fatboys. How can he be "Dog of the Week" and not be there for free beer? What kind of honor is that? And if any newbies ask what happened to his leg, tell them that he got soooooooooooooooooooo drunk that he woke up one morning with this really, really, cat-ugly dawg and had to chew his leg off to get away! That’s the story I’m telling on him! I mean if he can take out a wall, what’s a leg?

Here’s to you my tail-thumping friend!! I’m keeping my paws crossed and head bowed for you!! And during recovery, if you get tired and need someone to lean on, call me!! You’ll find me hogging the nearest sofa, but I’ll save you a spot!

Your Pal Rocky

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