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The World According To Dilly

I'm in Doggie Heaven Now

April 9th 2011 6:52 pm
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I haven't been feeling well lately, it seems like everything is beginning to fail me...I started to lose my balance and in a few days I couldn't even stand up...Mommy and Daddy took me to the emergency and they thought it was my heart since I did have a heart murmur...They put me on heart medication and sent me home...I was really glad that I could go home but I had to see my regular vet the next morning so I could get some fluids. When Mommy and Daddy dropped me off, I was starting to walk some again but my body started shutting down by the time Mommy and Daddy came to get me. I looked at them and they knew it was time to let me go...Now I'm a happy doggie again running with a bunch of new friends and feeling young again...


My Tail of Devotion for Dylan

August 22nd 2006 5:55 pm
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Dylan, you are such a sweet little angel. When I saw your picture on the Shih Tzu rescue site and read your story it just broke my heart. Your big, beautiful, brown eyes just tore right through my heart. I knew you needed special attention but I was determined to turn your life around and give you the best home in the world.
When they brought you to our house, I could see what a fearful little boy you were. I have never regretted for a second that I took you into our house and into our hearts. It makes me happy to know you are happy and I can see that in your eyes. You are such a sweet boy and I love you dearly. Your Forever Mom

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Please No Pictures

August 12th 2006 11:35 am
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As you can see, I have the least amount of pics on my page then other members of my family. You would think Mommy would realize by now that I am afraid of the camera not like my sis Nikki who is a camera hog.
Today we went to the groomers to get torchered again. I have a teribble fear of the shaver which is way too loud for my sensitive ears so they have to trim me by hand. I think the groomer doesn't like me because I'm too fusssy.
Well anyway, we arrived home and Mommy is already after me with the camera since I look so handsome after I get groomed. It's under the bed for me till she puts that thing away. So you might not see any more pics of me unless Mommy somehow sneaks up on me when I'm not looking.

The latest update, Mommy managed to snap a few pics of me so you might actually see a little more of me. She's sneakier then I thought...


I've Come a Long Way

August 9th 2006 7:28 pm
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I had a very hard life. I'm really thankful that I don't remember it all but what I do remember isn't very pretty. I do remember that I was a breeder at some point in my life, left in a cage, neglected and abused. I had a terrible fear of humans for years.
Finally one day, Houston Shih Tzu Rescue found me and took me in. I was listed as difficult to adopt because of all my problems. Then one day, I was put in a car and the rescue people took me over to this house where I was to meet with a possible adoption family. Wow, they had a big house and yard where I could run around. And I noticed right away that they had another Shih Tzu, female at that, and boy what a looker and three furry felines that I could play with. I think I could feel right at home.
All I kept thinking was that they might not want me since I had so many issues but they signed the adoption papers and welcomed me into their family. It's been hard on me but I have come a long way. I finally feel that I don't have to fear humans anymore. They have shown me nothing but love and affection and worked with me to help me overcome my fears.
Mommy and Daddy, thank you for seeing beyond all my problems and giving me a chance for a happy life. I love you both!!!

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