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Dear Brady's Diary

What is wedding?

January 25th 2007 2:36 pm
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Dear Diary,

What is wedding?

It's been happening a lot lately, but the other day Mommy brought something home in one of those bags that makes fun noises. Me and Squeak love those! They are so fun. Squeak likes to play hide and seek in the bag. Squeak is just a little kid so he doesn't realize that I know he ALWAYS hides in the bag. Kids!

Anyway, I ran over to Mommy to grab the bag, and Mommy said, "No, Puppy, no this is for Big Girl's wedding." Everybody knows me and Squeak always get the bags, what did she mean "No"? And what the heck is "wedding"?

The other day Mom was talking to my Little Girl and Mommy said, "Mindy and Matt's wedding...", so this wedding thing is for Matt too. Well, I need to know what wedding is, cause I don't like Matt anymore. He has that weird haircut and he makes fun of my pink sweater. Can't a guy just wear his sweater, without some other guy saying stuff? And Diary you should see what he wears, Squeak and me think he looks like a dumbhead, and he doesn't even have hair.

I think I am going to ask Mommy if Big Girl can wedding me and Squeak. Big Girl loves me more than Baldy, we're both blondes (Mommy says all her kids are blondes, whatever that is, it must be good, cause Mommy smiles) and she smooches me all the time. Big Girl says, "Smooch me Puppy!" and then kiss, kiss, kiss. I don't like it, and I try to tell her big boys like me and Squeak don't want to be smooched, but she never listens. I hate being so adorable, everyone wants to smooch me! So anyway, nobody ever says "Smooch me Baldy", not Mommy or Daddy or Squeak or Little Girl or even Big Girl, they just want to smooch me. I think Big Girl will want to wedding me more than Baldy-Dumbhead. I'm gonna ask Mommy right now.


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