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December 19th 2006 6:25 am
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My human brother is coming home from that college place tomorrow. I have visions of FUUUD dancing in my head. He's always good for some good snacks. And I get to sleep with him, and he never complains about my snoring. Oh happy day!


My Day at School

November 5th 2006 7:35 am
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I got to go to school with mom on Halloween! She dressed up as Cruella DeVil, and I dressed up as a Dalmatian disguised as a Blue Tick Coon/Bassett Hound! Pretty clever, huh? Anyway, I LOVE school. Turns out it's a place where lots of people pet you and pay attention to you and give you treats! Who knew that's where mom goes every day? I trotted through the halls making friends with everyone, including the headmaster, whoever he is. Mom said I better be extra nice to him. In mom's class I jumped up and put my paws on desks until the very nice kids petted me or gave me a treat. Did you know they have Milk Bones at school? When I wasn't getting enough attention, I sat in the middle of the room and sang until someone paid attention to me. Mom said she didn't get any teaching done that day. By the way, my favorite class was lunch.

I came home and told my brother, Barney, all about it. Then I took a long nap 'cause that school place is exhausting.


Sad day...

August 17th 2006 2:00 pm
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My human brother leaves for some place called college tomorrow. What's college? Can you eat it? I'm really going to miss the kid. He never gets tired of throwing the tennis ball for me to fetch. He also drops a lot of really good stuff on the floor when he's sitting on the couch eating. Best of all, he lets me have most the bed when I sleep with him, and he never complains about my snoring and farting.


Lassie, move over...

August 11th 2006 5:32 pm
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My brother Barney just told me we're going to be in a movie. What's a movie? Can I eat it? This better not interfere with nap time! Do you think they'll let me sing? What do you mean we only get our picture in the credits? Don't they know how talented I am?


My brother Barney...

July 31st 2006 6:38 am
[ Leave A Comment ] me kicked out of the bedroom last night. He was acting spastic, tap dancing all over the bed, and Dad finally got tired of it and made us go sleep with our human brother. I wasn't doing anything, minding my own business, sound asleep on my big puppy pillow on the floor. I don't know why I always gotta get punished when he screws up! Oh well, joke's on him. I got the most comfy spot in our brother's room, on our doggie sofa. Spaz had to sleep on the floor.

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