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Dog Day Afternoons

That Darn Brat !

October 21st 2006 6:58 pm
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That darn Brat Terror pup Rudy is driving me crazy , crazy I tell you ! Today when I was in the middle of a great game of frisbee with Dad, that little rat grabbed hold of MY frisbee and started tugging on it but I held on and pulled his little chubby butt all over the yard . Silly runt loved it , oh well all in a days work for a big brother .


Dog Day Afternoon Sept. 9 2006

September 9th 2006 9:38 pm
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Woke up about 7:00a.m. Kept jumping on and off the bed until Dad woke up. I went out , went potty then snoozed on the sofa . I woke up quick when Dad fixed his cereal , gave him my Border Collie eye until he shared . Dad said he was going to work , darn it . Can you believe Mommy is still sleeping ! I was a real good boy and didn't wake her up . When she woke up she let me and my brothers out , when we came in she gave us some yummy puppy treats .
Later today Dad played frisbee with me . Mom and dad went somewhere for a little while, when they came home I followed Mommy around and I looked sooo cute she just had to to play frisbee with me too ! I did really good , caught it almost every time . Yea Me ! I was kinda hot afterward so I went in the house and laid right on the air conditioning vent. Mom gave me lot's of cold water and refilled my food bowl again . Later I laid on the front porch and guarded my family from squirells and noisey cars etc. Mommy said I'm the best boy ever !


Dog Day Afternoon 2

July 30th 2006 10:54 pm
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It's hot as blue blazes here !
Dad played frisbee with me , must say I did pretty darn good . Mommy and dad left for awhile . When they arrived home .. Mommy played frisbee with me ..but she said I couldn't play but a few minutes because it was too hot .
After I cooled off .. Silly Mom tried to take my picture .Well ...Patch don't play that game ! I finally took pity ..and gave her a couple of so-so shots . Life really is all about me ! See ya laterz dogster pals, time for my snooze ..


Dog Day Afternoon 1

July 29th 2006 9:03 pm
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Today was a great day . Dad played frisbee with me ..whatta workout !
Mommy and daddy left for awhile , mommy said something about going to lunch . Guess What ..when they came home they brought me a surprise.. Oh boy's a new frisbee !Yay ! Mommy asked me if I wanted to play .. Well Duh ! That new frisbee really moves ! I was hot after playing so when I came in I flopped on the air conditioner vent to chill as usual . Catch ya'll later , Patch zzzzzzzzz

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