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The World according to Hulk

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Dog walk

April 7th 2011 1:58 pm
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Barks and butt-sniffs to all from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, it has been quite a while since I have barked to y'all, but for some reason, Dad has been pretty stingy with my computer time!

The hottest news at this time is that Dad and I are going to participate in the DOGS FOR THE DEAF Dogwalk this June! I can hardly wait! Phoebe will be bringing her mom and dad, Charlene and Greg. I will have a brand new costume! It will be a ZOOT SUIT! Charlene is going to make it for me. (The theme for this year's Dog Walk is THE ROARING 20s) Dad and Greg will have zoot suits,too. Charlene and Phoebe will be dressed as FLAPPER GIRLS.

Our snow is melting fast. We did have a little snow fall last night, and it is snowing lightly at this time. It will melt off fast, this time of the year it never lasts long.

Dad and I are hoping the road will soon be clear of snow so we can start cutting fire wood. We are getting a little low.

Your pal,



February 26th 2011 9:34 am
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Slobbers and butt-sniffs from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, Finally Dad has let me use the computer. It has been a long time.

Winter is still hitting us pretty hard. We did have a warm spell a few weeks ago that melted a lot of our snow, but we still have about twelve inches. The temperature has been at zero or slightly below for the last few days. This is good, because the POOP-SICLES ripen faster than Dad can find them and throw them away. Whenever I find a ripe one, I bring it in the house and start chewing on it. It is fun to gross Dad out that way!

I have been having a good winter in other ways, too. SANDY CLAWS brought me lots of treats. Dad put them in a container, and was rationing them---only giving me two or three a day. I fooled him, though-----when he was away, I managed to get the top off the container, and ate them all! After all, they were mine--------right?

Dad and I are planning to adopt a new sister for me from OLD DOG HAVEN,a shelter devoted to old dogs that are considered un-adoptable by other shelters. You can check their website-- We have been sending a monthly contribution to them for several years.

Dad got to play in the snow again this winter when my work truck fell in the ditch. We had been plowing the snow from the road, and when we turned into our driveway, my truck fell in the ditch. The more we tried to get out, the farther into the ditch we went. Dad got to shovel snow and to lie down and install tire chains, but nothing worked. So we had to call AAA to send a tow truck to winch us out. I didn't get to help the tow truck driver, but I did stand behind the fence and shout encouragement.

I hope all my DOGSTER pals are having a good winter too.

Your Pal,
Hulk H. Komar



September 25th 2010 3:49 pm
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Greetings from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, Dad has done it again-------He and I went up the road, for a walk, or so I thought. I wondered why he was carrying a grocery bag-----MY bags are in the dispenser, attached to the leash, so it wouldn't be for THAT........Well, I soon learned what it was for when he began picking MUSHROOMS and putting them in the bag. When we went back home, Dad cleaned those nasty things, then cooked and ATE them! He even offered a bite to ME! eeewww!

Winter is not far off----the nights have been getting cooler. We had frost on the ground two mornings ago. Snow will be coming before long. Dad has been waking up my friend, STOVE most mornings. I am always happy when he wakes up, because it feels so nice to lie down beside him.

The deer hunters have been driving up and down past our house for the past week. That is good, because I have something to bark at. I get tired of barking at nothing. It is not so good for the poor deer, though. I am glad I am not a deer!

Dad bought me a new car. His name is JEEP. Dad thinks Jeep will be better at climbing up the hill and up the driveway when it snows. I would rather he used my truck, RANGER, because it is fun to look out the window and cheer for Dad when he is trying to help RANGER when he is stuck in the snow. That's all the news for this time. Signing off for now-------------

Your pal,


Sad news

September 14th 2010 9:51 am
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Ohhh, Dad, Emma and I are so sad--------we have lost our VIXEN! Vixen has been having more and more trouble with arthritis in her hips. For some time now, she had been falling down a lot, and it had been getting more difficult for her to stand up again. The last few days, she had been in considerable pain, almost couldn't walk, and Dad had to help her up when she fell. So yesterday Dad and I had to take her on her last visit to Doctor Cody. So now she is waiting at THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, along with Breanna, Freya, Max and all the others. We all miss her sooooo much!




August 17th 2010 1:38 pm
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Greetings from (the incredible) Hulk:

I finally have a chance to bark the news about our camping trip. Dad has been hogging the computer lately, and I haven't been able to update my diary!

Our camping trip was a great success. No rain this year! Again this year, I got to go on several interesting walks. There were lots of wonderful smells to check out, and plenty of things to pee on. My niece, Phoebe and her Dad, Greg went with Dad and me on one walk where we saw some HORSES. Phoebe had never seen horses before, and didn't know what they were. These horses were giving rides to some people. I am glad that I am not a horse. I wouldn't enjoy having people sitting on me!

My favorite niece, Stephanie and her husband Wayne brought something new this year. It is called a BABY----When I sniffed its foot, I discovered it is actually a very small human. What a surprise! I had never seen a human that small before.

There was somebody new with us this year-----a lady named Sharon. She and Dad were school mates all through grade school and high school. She and Dad have been chatting on line, and we decided to invite her on our camping trip, since she lives close to the campground. I enjoyed her, even though I smelled CATS on her.

I got to go on walks with my favorite grand-niece, Amanda. We went to the lake, where I went in the water as deep as my knees! There was a black Lab named Packers with us this year. He chased a stick way out in the lake! That's not for me, though----I believe that water is for drinking and wading in, as long as it is not deeper than my knees.

Your Pal,


Teeth, Thyroid pills and Camping

July 14th 2010 4:09 pm
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Greeting from Beautiful downtown Chesaw!

Well, Dad and I stopped at Doctor Cody's clinic today to get more thyroid pills----I ran out this morning. The good news is that The ladies that hang out there gave me lots of treats. The bad news is that Dad made an appointment for me to have my teeth cleaned! I have to go tomorrow morning. I don't want any part of it, but I guess Dad knows best. I am bound to get some more treats, so that will be good.

Dad and I have planned another camping trip. We will be going with Charlene and her family. I always enjoy camping.

We have been having HOT weather for the last week or two. It has been in the high 90s.

Your pal,
(the incredible)Hulk


Yard Sale

July 2nd 2010 5:07 pm
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Greetings from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well we have returned from participating in Charlene and Greg's neighborhood's annual Yard sale. We had good weather this year, and there was a lot of participation in the neighborhood.
I got to sit there and meet the people, and was very good.

As always, Dad and I went on several walks and bought a lot of great stuff. I got to check my Pee-mail at all the usual places.

Dad went out to dinner with Charlene and Greg and other family members. I didn't get to go, but they brought back a doggie-bag full of left overs for me and Phoebe, who also had to stay home.

Vixen stayed with Wendy at the local animal shelter, and had a good time as always. She was glad to come home, though. Dad took Vixen's blanket along for Charlene to wash, and Vixen didn't like that very much. She had it smelling just the way she liked it-----now she has to start all over.

Now we are planning our annual CAMPING TRIP with Charlene, Greg and others. I always enjoy camping-----there are so many new and wonderful smells and so many trees to pee on! We will be leaving on July 26th and will be gone for a whole week!

Barks and slobbers from your pal,



May 11th 2010 2:07 pm
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Barks and slobbers to all my Dogster pals!

Well, guess what??? That monster came back! The one with the big square tooth. And it had captured another man! It was making the man ride on its back. The man was pushing and pulling things that looked like sticks that seemed to be attached to the monster's back. This time there was no snow for it to push around, so it went up and down the driveway with its tooth dragging on the ground. Vixen and I stood at the fence and barked until we finally scared it away. When it left, the man was still sitting on its back, pushing and pulling those sticks.

Winter is finally gone, and it is mostly warm and sunny. Dad and I have planned another camping trip. We will be leaving on June 8, and will be gone for a week. I always enjoy camping, because there are so many new and exciting smells---I can smell deer and squirrels and bears. (oh my!) We are hoping for no rain.

Charlene will be coming for a visit in about a week! I always am happy when she comes because she always brings me some treats!

Your incredible pal,


Up Jumped The Devil

April 11th 2010 8:07 am
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Well, once again I am in trouble! And once again, it is not MY fault. It happened this way: After Dad fixed his breakfast, he left the carton of eggs on the counter in plain sight and within my reach.

Now, I know that I am not supposed to steal food off the counter, but there is no rule against looking! They were nice fresh eggs, from the neighbor's chickens, and as I was standing there looking at them, UP JUMPED THE DEVIL! He told me that I should steal those eggs while Dad was in the other room---he said that I could blame Vixen. So I did it! I reached up and knocked the eggs to the floor----there were ten of them left in the carton.

I was just eating the last egg, when IN WALKED DAD!! Boy, did I get in trouble! Dad just couldn't understand that it wasn't my fault. After all, he shouldn't have left them there and it was the Devil that made me eat them!


Fun in the driveway

March 20th 2010 11:37 am
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Barks and Butt-sniffs from the (still frozen) north!

Well, this is the time of the year that the driveway turns to ICE!! As usual, Dad and I are having fun! Yesterday, We decided to take my "highway truck" down the hill to check the mail, instead of the four-wheel-drive truck. Dad put chains on the rear tires, while I gave encouragement out the window.

On the way home, about half way up the (steep) driveway, the tire chains lost their grip, and we began to slide backwards down the driveway. Such fun!!

We only slid about 30 feet before the truck turned sideways. I watched out the window while Dad walked up get my work truck. Twice on the way up, he decided to try to make a snow angel. He must not have known that you can't make snow angels on ICE!

He brought the big truck partway down the driveway, so he could use the winch to pull my Ford Ranger straight. When he brought the winch cable down, he tried again to make a snow angel! He must have forgotten that it doesn't work on ice. After connecting the winch cable, Dad walked out into the snow along the edge of the driveway to return to the big truck. He could have made a snow angel then, but must have decided not to.

After my Ranger was straight again, and facing DOWN the driveway, Dad and I parked it at the bottom, where it will stay until the ice melts.

Your Pal,
(the incredible) Hulk

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