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The World according to Hulk

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Sandy Claws came last night!

December 25th 2004 10:43 am
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Hooray! Sandy Claws finally showed up! I wonder how he knew that we were here at Charlene's house instead of at home!

We got some great treats, and we each got a squeaky toy! Dad was lucky; Sandy left him a new log-biting monster! Just in time, too, the old one took his final breath just the other day!

Sandy Claws can really work quietly. I didn't even hear him come last night. It is a good thing, too--I might have mistaken him for a burglar, and bit him!!
Bree and I planned on having our picture taken with Sandy at PETSMART, but we didn't get here in time. Sandy Claws had already left to return to the north pole.

Well, I have to go help Charlene prepare the prime rib roast that we are having for Christmas dinner, So I will bark to y'all later.

Ho Ho Ho, and Merry Christmas from


Bad news; Good news; Funny news

December 18th 2004 4:56 pm
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Barks and slobbers from (the incredible) Hulk!

I wanted to bark some news to y'all: somebad, some good, and some funny funny! First the bad news: I mentioned Aunt Bonnie's "attack cat", Bubba. Well, sadly, Bubba went to THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. He was pretty old, 15 I think--his old body just failed him. The good news is that now Aunt Bonnie has two kittens. Very few things liven up the house, and drive away sadness better than kittens! The funny news is about when Gene, Aunt Bonnie's neighbor brought his adult cat over to meet the kittens. Instantly, when Gene put the cat down on the floor, the two kittens stiffened, tails went erect and their hair stood on end. Hissing fiercely, the kittens threatened to attack. Gene picked his cat up, but the poor animal was so terrified that he threw up his dinner. Ohhhh, I wish I had seen it--Gene scrambling to get out of the house, all the while the poor cat spraying puke!
I suppose the kittens will reign supreme in their house after this!



The death of the Snow-eater

December 17th 2004 12:21 pm
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Aawoooo!! We have had a death in the family! The snow eating monster has passed away! He suffered a terminal breakage of a critical part.

Dad said he might be able to resurrect him, but it would be very expensive. Dad is very angry with Sears! He says the snow-eater just barely outlasted the warrantee, and should have lasted a lot longer, because of the price he paid.

Dad is planning to declare war! He is doing research, and plans to start writing letters to the entire Sears chain of command. Not that it will do any good, dad says, but at least he will get to give them a piece of his mind!

Other than that, things are fine. We are getting ready for Christmas. Bree, Vixen and I have all our shopping done; Dad only has two presents left to buy.

Grandma still won't open that secret box, the one that contains BEGGIN' STRIPS!

Dad wants the computer, so I have to go!



Grandma's secret

December 12th 2004 7:36 pm
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Barks to all from the frozen north!

Well, the temperature dropped again; it is too cold for us to build a snow man! When we tried today, the snow wouldn't stick together. Dad said that is what happens when it is real cold. It is below 10 degrees, Fahrenheit.

I wanted to bark to you about a secret that Grandma is trying to keep from us. She isn't doing a very good job, because I KNOW what it is! So do Vixen and Bree! The UPS man brought a big box. When I looked at the label, I noticed it was from PETSMART!! Just one sniff told me that there was some BEGGIN' STRIPS in there. It is a big box, so I think there are a lot of other things in there, too. Maybe some new toys! But I KNOW there are some Beggin' Strips!

I got excited, and started begging for Grandma to give me some, but she wouldn't do it! She had Dad put the box in her bedroom. I keep going in there and checking, then I beg some more, but Grandma says I can't have any yet. We have to wait for Sandy Claws to come! I guess we have to share with him!! Aawoooooo!! If he is coming, I wish he would hurry!

Getting impatient,



December 10th 2004 9:36 am
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Tails happily wagging!!

We keep getting more snow! We have about a foot on the ground right now, with more coming! I love the snow. I enjoy running fast and plowing snow with my nose! It also makes it convenient--I don't have to walk to the water bowl to get a drink! I just eat snow for a cold, refreshing drink.

Dad promised to help me build a snowman. I hope we have time to do it today. Maybe we will build a SNOW DOG, too!

Dad likes to play in the snow too! Just yesterday, he let the blue and white monster named Truck slide sideways into the ditch. What fun Dad had playing with the shovel and jack! I got to sit inside Truck and help by sticking my head out the window and barking at Ol' Weird John, when he came to play, too!

Another nice thing about snow is that Grandma always has a fire in her stove, and I get to lie in my secret hiding place behind the stove! Ohhhh! It is so nice and warm there. Sometimes Breanna goes back there, and when I catch her there I have to look fierce and growl so she moves.

The snow-eating monster is sick and can't come out of the shed, so Dad gets to play in the snow with the shovel. I always help, except when I get too cold, then I go lie down in my spot behind Grandma's stove.

I have to say goodby for now, it has become necessary to go outside and roll around in the snow! :-)

Barks and butt-sniffs,


Vixen's breakfast

December 5th 2004 9:39 am
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Tail wags to all!
I decided to bark to you about Vixen's breakfast. Vixen always has to eat on the porch because I won't let her come in the house. She used to come in Dad's house whenever she wanted to, but after I adopted Dad, I soon layed down some rules! No coming in Dad's, Breanna's and My house! Whenever she tried, I showed my teeth and barked ferociously! She soon learned.

So when we have breakfast, Vixen has to eat out on the porch. That's a good place for her!!

I get to go into Vixen's and Grandma's house though, hee-hee-hee!!

Dad is telling me to shut down the computer--It is time to watch the bowling on the noisy box full of minature people and animals. I'll bark to y'all later!



We ran away!

December 3rd 2004 10:22 pm
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Tail wags from the incredible Hulk who was a bad boy!

Dad, Grandma, Bree and I went to Mark and Julie's for a visit. When we got back home, it was about 1:00 PM. Dad let us out of the car, and decided to help Grandma into her house before he closed the gate.

This is usually okay, because Vixen always takes time to dance around greeting everybody and sniffing all the tires--checking her P-mail. I always have to run all over the yard and pee on everything.

Well, this time things worked differently. As soon as Dad and Grandma turned their backs, we ran out the gate, down the driveway, and into the forest. By the time Dad came out to close the gate, we were gone.

Dad called and called, but we were having so much fun we just had to ignore him! Dad followed our footprints in the snow down the driveway and into the forest until he lost our tracks and had to give up. He called and called. This is not the first time we ran away, but always before we came right home when he called. This time we were having so much fun, we just couldn't come home.

We finally came home at 10:30 that night! I thought We would be in serious trouble, but Dad was so happy to see us that he didn't even bawl us out. I was a little ashamed of myself, but still-------- I had so much fun!!

I don't think We will get another chance to run away, though. I think Dad will be very careful not to leave the gate open.



Solar Power

December 2nd 2004 1:50 pm
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Tail wags and butt-sniffs everybody!

I wanted to tell you about some magic that Dad does. He calls it Solar Power. Dad says he likes to do this magic because it doesn't have any bills. I don't know what that means. Henny-Penny has a bill that she uses to pick up food, but I can't imagine what that has to do with this magic that Dad does.

There are some black boxes that live in a small room in the house; they have a name--it is Battery Bank. Hanging on the wall and sitting on a shelf above Battery Bank are some strange boxes. The ones on the wall have small lights on them and square windows with small numbers written inside. Dad looks at these numbers. I can't imagine why. The box that sits on a shelf has a light and makes a humming noise when dad wakes up some of the magic things in the house, like our own private sun, that shines when the big sun that lives in the sky goes to sleep. Sometimes when the magic box begins to hum, the light goes on in the noisy box with a window that is full of miniature people and animals. Then we sit and look in the window at the small people and animals.

In the winter the big sun in the sky gets lazy and goes to sleep early and wakes up late. Sometimes on those days, Dad looks at one of the magic boxes on the wall and says that Battery bank is low! I don't understand that, because he looks the same as always to me. Anyhow, when Dad says that he goes out and wakes up the monster that lives on the porch. Dad has named him Generator. Dad grabs his tail and pulls it very hard--it looks like he is going to pull it right off! This wakes up Generator. He doesn't like to wake up--he starts roaring! Then dad grabs something he calls "extention cord" and sticks it up Generator's butt! When he does that, another strange box that sits near Battery Bank starts to hum. After a while, Dad looks at the box on the wall, and then tells Generator he can go to sleep.

The whole thing is very puzzling to me, but I guess that is the nature of magic!



Its COLD outside!

November 29th 2004 12:35 pm
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Woofs and tail-wags from the frozen north! I is 8 degrees this morning. (that is fahrenheit--equals about -14 C. We don't have much snow yet, opnly about 3 inches.

Dad, Julie, Sophera and I went to Spokane over the weekend, where Dad and Julie watched a RALLY OBEDIENCE EVENT. Julie and Sophera competed, but Dad was a big chicken! He said he didn't want to try it until after he had seen how it is done. There wasn't room for non-competing dogs so I had to wait in the car!!!! It wasn't TOO bad, though, Dad came out every once in a while and took me for a walk and gave me a treat and a drink. Dad promises that we will compete in the next one!

We are signed up for a show on January 29th, I think it is just standard obedience, but if they are having Rally, we will do that, too.




November 24th 2004 9:37 am
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Tail wags and butt-sniffs to all!

I have exciting news! We had our first real snowfall of the winter last night! We had two very light snowfalls earlier, but the snow soon melted. Dad said that this will last until the spring melt-off.

I love the snow! It is fun to run fast and use my nose as a snow plow. Of course it is cold, so I always enjoy going inside and lying by the stove to warm up!

I have a hiding place behind Grandma's stove. Aawoooo!! It is so nice and warm there. Sometimes I catch Breanna back there, and I bark and growl until she leaves!

I have to cut this short---I can't wait any longer to go out and play in the snow!

Happy barks from

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