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The World according to Hulk

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Good News

January 21st 2005 11:53 am
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Tail wags from (the incredible) Hulk!

I wanted to bark the news that Breanna and I sent in our entries to the NUTS FOR MUTTS contests. The festivities are being held on March 20 at Woodland Hills, CA. Check it out at

Bree is entering the Best dressed and the Fastest Eater competitions. I always help her practice to be the fastest eater. If she doesn't finish her breakfast before I finish mine, I take hers away from her. Hee, Hee!

I am scheduled to compete in the Most Handsome Large Breed and the Most Obedient competitions. I had to choose between the Best Dressed and Most Obedient because their times overlap. I wanted very much to compete in the Best Dressed, to show off my new suit, but I will save that for this year's County Fair.

I hope some of my Dogster friends can attend the festivities, either to compete or to watch us compete! My pen pal, LaKai is planning to attend. We will both be entering the Most Handsome Boy competition.

I also have a show coming up on January 29th. That one will be UKC obedience. I better sign off for now and go practice!



The Monster came back!

January 19th 2005 2:51 pm
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Aawoooooo!! I want to tell you about yesterday afternoon, a very distressing time indeed!

Vixen, Bree and I were happily relaxing, enjoying the warmth of Grandma's stove, when olliver sudden----That snow pushing monster came back! We ran outside and looked through the gate and there he came up the driveway! It was the same one that I scared away last winter! It has one big square tooth in front, which it uses to push the snow around. It must be searching for something. It had captured that man again and was making him ride around on its back.

Bree, Vixen and I barked and barked and barked through the gate, but the monster just roared as it pushed the snow around. We kept barking, and finally he got scared and ran away. Another job well done!

Your very brave pal,


Dirty Rotten Deal

January 17th 2005 1:50 pm
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Barks from (the incredible) Hulk, who got ripped off!

I wanted to bark the news about last week end's dog show: Dad and I had been practicing for a long time to prepare for the show, and were at the top of our form. On Friday, we drove the 450 miles to Vancouver, where the show was to be held. We got up the next morning and drove to the show site and sat in the car for more than an hour waiting for somebody to show up. Finally, we returned to where we were staying, to discover a telephone message informing us that the show had been cancelled at the last minute, because of bad road conditions.

Well, we were there--we experienced the road conditions. There had been freezing rain the night before, and yes---the roads were a little slippery. But Dad and I felt that cancelling the show was absurd and an outrage. After realizing the roads were a little slippery, we drove accordingly, and didn't spin a tire! Dad said that if he did it, the others could do it too.

Dad was furious---after traveling that far!!!! So, we came back home Sunday, disappointed and angry. Dad is composing a nasty-gram to Email to the dog club that was sponsoring the show!

With disappointment,


More Snow!

January 7th 2005 3:07 pm
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Frozen barks, butt-sniffs and a wagging tail to all!

Well, I thought I would give an update on the weather. We had about four inches of new snow this morning, and the temperature was just a bit warmer.

Dad and I worked hard trying to make the blue/white monster wake up, because it had work to do. We have to keep the snow cleared off our road, and in order to do it we have to have help from that monster. He finally woke up, after Dad threatened to beat him to a rusty pulp with a sledge hammer!

Dad connected the snow-removal thing and we got inside. The Blue/white monster started to pull the snow thing down the road, but then he quit! Dad had forgotten to give him his breakfast, and he was hungry. So Dad had to walk home and bring his breakfast to him in a red five gallon jug.

We had the log-biting monster with us, so we stopped and cut a load of fire wood. Everything considered, it was a good day! I am afraid the goodness of the day escaped Dad, though!

Your pal,


Should I bite her?

January 6th 2005 4:20 pm
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I want to bark to you about my mean little "sister"! Guess what she did? She chewed another hole in my Gorilla; the one that Sandy Claws gave me! This time she chewed his ear off, made a big hole where it used to be, and pulled out his brains again, and scattered them all over the floor! Dad stuffed his brains back in his head and sewed the hole shut. I think I am going to bite Breanna's ear off, and pull her brains out the hole---see how she likes it!

It is cold again today--Zero this morning. I helped Dad go to town today for groceries. We went to the bank while we were in town. I love to go to the bank. I always sit proudly while Dad does whatever people do in the bank. All the ladies that work there give me lots of attention, and some great treats!

Only nine days before my next show. I can hardly wait. This one will be RALLY OBEDIENCE. It will be my first Rally competition. And on January 29th I will be competing in another one--it is to be standard obedience.

Oh, I have to go, Dad wants the computer!



Boiled eggs.

January 5th 2005 1:24 pm
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Barks from frigid but beautiful downtown Chesaw!

First a weather update: COLD! It was minus 10, Fahrenheit, this morning--that's minus 27 Centigrade! I have been spending most of my time in my secret hiding place, behind Grandma's stove.

We were planning to cut some firewood today, but the blue/white monster that takes us there and carries the wood back home for us wouldn't wake up. All he did is growl when Dad got inside! It was just too cold!

Dad decided to boil some eggs last night. In the meantime, he decided to play with the computer----well, he forgot the eggs. They boiled dry, then EXPLODED!! Did you ever hear an egg explode? Neither did I until this happened. Do you know what happens to burned, exploded boiled eggs? They go to THE DOGS!! (Ohhhhh, I hope Dad forgets again next time!

'Til next time--Hulk


BARK, BARK, BARK!!! (Bet I scared you, ha ha!)

January 4th 2005 3:01 pm
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Woofs From (the incredible) Hulk!

I thought I would bark to y'all about my gavorite game---Protect the Car! There are few things more fun than barking fiercely through the car window at unsuspecting passers-by! I lurk quietly in the car, and when somebody walks past, I lunge at the window and BARK-BARK-BARK!! Some folks nearly jump out of their skin! I get so excited that I can't help clawing at the door! For some reason, Dad was less than happy when I tore the door panels from both rear doors. I can't understand why he should be upset--after all, it is MY car. He should be happy that I let him drive me around in it!

Well, Dad thought he would make me quit my game. He bought a BARK COLLAR and put it on me! It is the kind that give us one "free bark" then gives a warning tingle with the next bark and a stronger jolt with each sucessive bark. I imediately discovered that it re-sets after two seconds. So I just went "BARK! (pause) BARK! (pause)--------etc. I can still scare people just fine! So Dad gave up on the bark collar idea! Why does he think he can outsmart me so easily?

Feeling pretty proud of myself,



January 2nd 2005 7:45 pm
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Woofs from the frozen north!
We woke up to cold weather this morning. Well, it seems cold, because it is a lot colder than it has been up til now. It was 1 degree fahrenheit. That is about -17 for you centigrade pups. It didn't warm up much today and the sky is clear, so it will probably be a lot colder tomorrow! Usually by this time, we have had a few bitter cold snaps--down to minus 15-25, so we may get it yet.

Dad and I woke up the truck-monster and the new log-biting monster and went after a load of firewood today. The new log-biter did a good job at first, but he didn't know that his teeth couldn't bite rocks. He tried, and his teeth got dull. Dad got out the old, small log-biter and finished the job. The truck-monster did fine, I guess that was because of the Christmas presents Dad bought him at the auto parts store.

Happy New Year to all! Bark to you later!
(the incredible) Hulk


Will Sandy Claws remember?

December 30th 2004 11:02 am
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Worried woofs from Hulk!

Bree and I are worried about next Christmas! We were very naughty already this year, and we are wondering if Sandy Claws will remember!

On our way home from our Christmas vacation at Charlene's, we stopped at Aunt Bonnie's house to pick up Grandma. Dad rearranged the stuff in our car to make room for Grandma and her stuff, and he forgot to shut the car door tight. It was closed, but not latched. When he went in Aunt Bonnie's house, Breanna and I pushed the door open and ran away! We had never been loose in a big city before, and we were having such a wonderful time! There were so many things for me to pee on, I almost went dry!!

Dad and Aunt Bonnie were hunting all over the neighborhood for us, calling and calling, but we were having such fun that we pretended to not hear! Finally, they saw me run across the street two blocks away. I could tell that Dad had seen me, so I thought I had better go to him. Breanna was right behind me.

We were looking for a Pizza Hut-----one of my dogster pals, Lacoda, wrote to me and told me about the great time he had when he ran away to the Pizza Hut. The people there gave him some crust from their pizzas!

Dad said that Sandy Claws knows that we were naughty. I wonder if he will remember, and not give us anything next Christmas. I would sure hate to waste a whole year being good if we aren't going to get anything anyhow!



Gorilla brains, and the blue/white monster

December 29th 2004 4:31 pm
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Woofs and tail wags!

Sandy Claws brought me a gorilla that roars when I bite him. Well, today Breanna got him out of the toy box and chewed off his nose and pulled out his brains! Aawoooo! That was my brand new gorilla! Dad stuffed his brains back in his head and mended the hole in his face.

All day yesterday and most of today, Dad and I were trying to wake up the blue and white monster that helps us when we go after firewood. His name is Truck. Well, he didn't want to wake up. He said it was too cold, to wake him in the spring. Dad and I went to town yesterday to the auto parts store and bought Truck a lot of presents. Dad opened Truck's big mouth and spent most of the day feeding him his presents. Finally, he woke up. We wanted him to help us clear the snow off the road.

Thats all for now.

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