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The World according to Hulk

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Dog Shows

May 6th 2005 3:42 pm
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Woofs, Slobbers and tail-wags, from (the incredible) Hulk!

I thought I would bark the news about the forthcoming shows. I have entered three, two in June and one in July!

The first one will be standard UKC obedience, and then RALLY! I have never competed in Rally before, but Dad and I have been practicing the exercises.

The July show is called The Washington Classic. It is being held in Auburn, near Seattle, Washington, where I have a lot of friends who are all planning to come to watch my performance. Ohhhh, I hope I don't lose my brain again! Dad and I have been practicing the Jump on Recall exercise, because that is the one I goofed up in the last two shows.

Dad and I delivered a load of firewood today, to the place where I found that wonderful bone last time. I hunted around, but didn't find one this time.

Well, it is time to check on Grandma, so I have to go for now.

Butt-sniffs from


This 'n that

May 2nd 2005 8:36 am
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Woof, Friends!

Well, Spring is here on our mountainside. We still have a little frost in the mornings, but it soon warms up to the 70s

Dad and I have been cutting fire wood and trying to clean the yard. You know, most people think trash is something that gets thrown out, preferably in the dumpster or garbage can, but Dad has a theory: Trash is a living, breathing entity that breeds profusely in the winter, under the snow. We know that is true, because every spring, after the snow has melted, the yard is littered with trash that Dad and I have to pile up and burn.

Saturday, Dad, Grandma, Bree, Julie and I went to the Spring Fair, at the County fairgrounds! Ohhhhh, I had a great time. Julie was doing some Dog Demonstration of Rally Obedience exercises, trying to generate some interest in forming a local Dog Training group. I got to help demonstrate some of the exercises. Dad took me for several walks through the fairgrounds where I got to experience some wonderful new scents!

Dad woke up the Dird-Digging Monster and let him dig around where the garden will be. I helped Dad clean out the old chicken house, and we threw all the chicken poop in the garden, and then the Monster mixed it all in. We plan to start planting pretty soon.

Gotta go, it is time to get Grandma settled for the morning, so we can go cut some more fire wood.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk



April 17th 2005 10:13 am
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Woofs and slobbers from (the incredible) Hulk!

Ever since we watched the show about Dragons on THE ANIMAL PLANET, I have been especially watchful of the sky. You never know when a DRAGON will show up! It is very important for me to protect my people from him if he comes!

I don't know if Dragons come out at night or not, but I don't want to take a chance, so every night I get up five or six times, and sit under Grandma's window and bark as loud as I can, to scare away any DRAGON that might get the idea that Grandma is without defense!

It puzzles me that Grandma always yells at me to shut up. Doesn't she understand that I am doing it for her benefit?

In other news; Dad and I have been working at cutting fire wood. We have a large order and we want to get finished with it in time for us to cut our own wood for next winter before the forest is closed because of fire danger.

Our computer was acting weird, so We took it to the local computer geek, who worked on it for us. It seems to be working better, now.

Well, I better end this, it is almost time for the bowling to come on the box full of miniature people. We like to look through the window at them and watch them bowl!



The Devil Made Us Do It!

April 7th 2005 2:14 pm
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Aawooooooo! Vixen and I are in TROUBLE again! When We came home from town yesterday about noon, Dad forgot to shut the gate, and the Devil made Vixen and me run away!

We went way up into the national forest. Dad was playing with the computer and didn't notice we were gone for more than two hours! He called and called, but we were so far away that we didn't hear him.

I came home about 11:00 and Vixen came in about a half hour later. She had to stop and rest.

Why doesn't Dad understand that it was not our fault? THE DEVIL made us do it!

Dad said that Sandy Claws will remember, and we might not get any presents!



Big disappointment!

March 24th 2005 11:38 am
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Aawooooooo! I have to bark the news to you about our vacation! As I barked previously, Dad, Grandma, Bree and I were going to California to attend the NUTS FOR MUTTS festivities at Woodland Hills.

We decided to participate in a "show and go" at Ridgecrest on the way. By the time we arrived at Ridgecrest, we just had time to check into the motel and eat before we had to check in at the show. Well, I was all wound up and stressed out after three days on the road, and just couldn't concentrate. As a result, I didn't do very well. Dad said it was no big deal, a show and go is just a practice event. We were just supposed to have fun, and that we did!

The next morning we drove to my "sister's" house in Norwalk. Dad Borrowed her computer to check our Email, and learned that, due to an unpleasant weather forcast, NUTS FOR MUTTS had been postponed for two weeks! Well, we certainly couldn't hang around for that length of time, so we headed for home on Monday. The worst disappointment was that on Sunday, the day of the show, the weather turned out to be perfect. Just a few fluffy clouds in a clear sky, with a nice breeze blowing. I wanted to bite the weather man for lying!

Dad says that it is out of the question for us to make that long trip in two weeks--actually only one week, now--so we don't get to go. Bree had a new dress designed for the Best Dressed contest, and I had practiced for months for the Most Obedient competition, and had worked hard practicing looking handsome for the Most Handsome Boy contest. I also tried to steal Breanna's breakfast every morning, to give her practice for the Fastest Eater competition. Aawoooooo!!!

Your pal, Hulk



March 5th 2005 2:10 pm
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Tail wags and High-fives from (the incredible) Hulk!

It has been quite a while since my last entry--that's because we haven't done much. Dad has been taking it easy because of his injured shoulder, so we haven't been doing much work.

I thought I would mention our new friend, Gillis. Gillis has been a working service dog for quite a few years, and has had to retire because he has developed arthritis, and isn't able to do the heavy work any more. His person is wheelchair bound, and part of Gillis' job was to help pull the chair.

We are looking for a new forever home for him. He would be a perfect companion for an older person. Gillis has many skills that he can still perform--go get things, pick up things that dropped on the floor---. Being used to disabled people, he would make an excellent therapy dog. He went to visit Doctor Cody two days ago, for a thorough check-up. Dr Cody said the arthritis shouldn't require any expensive treatments, just an occasional chiropractic adjustment and maybe a daily asprin. Julie is offering him at no cost to a good home. Just come get him or pay to have him delivered.

Gillis is a purebred Doberman. Our friend Julie bred him and placed him with his disabled partner when he was just a puppy.

Now Gillis needs a home. For more information or to apply to adopt Gillis, contact us at

Our weather has been like spring. It is still below freezing in the mornings, but warms up to about 60 during the day. The snow is melting fast.

We are making plans for our trip to California to join in the NUTS FOR MUTTS festivities at Woodland Hills. On the way, we are planning to compete in a dog show at Ridgemont. We leave on March 16th!

Well, that's all for now,
Your pal, Hulk



February 21st 2005 2:27 pm
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Today I will bark some good news---------and some bad news. First the Good News: We bought a split half of beef. When they cut and wrapped it, they saved all the bones and scraps! That's the good news, now for the bad: When Dad and I brought it all home, Dad scattered it all over the yard--he said that way everybody would get some. Well, he didn't consult me about that. I had already decided that it was ALL MINE!

Bree and Vixen each grabbed a bone and ran off with it. Well, I gathered all the rest of it and put it in a pile, so I could stand guard over it, then hunted Vixen and Bree down and took theirs away from them and added those to the pile, too.

Ohhh, I have been working so hard to guard those bones; I hardly have time to chew them. I have to spend most of my time growling and showing my teeth to whichever of the two is trying to steal one of my bones!

But Dad keeps scattering them around. He said that I should share with the others! Aawoooo! How can he be so mean to me! Hr even took a nice leg bone away from me and gave it to Vixen! (As soon as his back was turned, I took it back! hee-hee-hee!)



We did it!

February 5th 2005 2:40 pm
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Well, I thought it might be fitting to bark to y'all about the car. Remember; it was stuck in the driveway? Well, yesterday Dad and I worked all day before we finally got it un-stuck and up into the yard.

I sat inside the truck and barked at Vixen and Bree while Dad backed it down to where the driveway got steep. Then we dragged our cable and our tow-chain down and hooked it to the car, but it was too short to reach the truck.

I thought it would not be a good idea to back the truck any farther, because our front wheels are not driving, just the back. (that is something else we have to fix!) Anyhow, taking my advise, Dad walked to the neighbor's and borrowed another long chain.

Poor Dad's right arm and shoulder are still useless, so he had to do everything with his left hand, but he finally got it all connected so we could start winching the car up the hill. Even with me shouting advise and encouragement from the cab of the truck, it took a long time to get the job done. I really don't know how Dad would ever accomplish anything without my help!

Well, thats all, friends, until next time!



Poor Dad!

February 3rd 2005 9:31 pm
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Barks to all, from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, our warm spell is over, and just as Dad predicted, we are paying a big price for our "June in January". It was well above freezing for at least a week--a lot of our snow melted. The snow that was packed in our driveway softened, and now that it is freezing again---has turned to ICE! Our driveway is steep, and so is almost impassible.

We went to town today, where I helped Dad do the monthly shopping. Upon our return, when we tried to come up the driveway, we got halfway up and the studded tires lost their grip--started spinning. The car started to slide backwards, then turned to one side.

Well, about a week ago, Dad slipped on ice and caught himself with his right arm, pulling the shoulder muscle, and hasn't been able to use that arm since. So he had to get out of the car and put on the tire chains using only his left arm and hand. He had plenty to say to the car, the ice, the weather, and the chains while he was working. I plugged my ears---I am not supposed to hear those words!

He finally got the chains installed, but when he tried to make the car move, one of them broke! OOOOOH, I had to quickly plug my ears again!

Poor Dad had to carry groceries the rest of the way up the icy driveway. The car is still down there; tomorrow We are going to winch it up with the truck. I will let you know how that job goes!



Oh, No! I goofed again!

January 30th 2005 9:55 pm
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Barks from the not-so-incredible Hulk!

Well, I have to bark the news about yesterday's dog show: Dad and I were first up in our division. I started out doing a GREAT job. But then came the Jump on Recall exercise. Well, we had practiced a lot on the funky jump that Dad made, and I got pretty good at it. But the official jump doesn't look anything like the one that Dad made, and when he asked me to jump, I didn't recognise it as a jump. I sat there wondering if Dad had lost his mind---how could I jump without my jump? We left it home! I looked at that thing that looked like a part of a fence--what was that doing there? Was I supposed to jump that? I slowly walked up to it and checked it closely. Do I dare jump over that? It is against the rules to jump over the fence! I had better not take a chance. I am supposed to be on my good behavior!

So, I was disqualified again! Aawooooo!! But Dad wasn't mad at me. He said he was very proud of me because I did so well in everything else! He and I are planning to build a new jump -- that looks like the official one. Then I will not have That problem again.

We had a very good time, though. I made a lot of new (two legged) friends. Most folks seem to think that I stand a good chance of winning the Most Handsome Boy competition at the forthcoming NUTS FOR MUTTS festivities!

Aunt Bonnie and Grandma both said that they were proud of my performance in the rest of the exercises. Even the judge said that I did so well otherwise, it was a shame I blew the Jump exercise.

That's all for now. I'll bark to y'all later!


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