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The World according to Hulk

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New Babies!

July 9th 2005 4:56 pm
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Tail wags from beautiful downtown Chesaw!

I have good news! Dad has agreed to adopt two kittens! Murph (Mark and Julie's cat) apparently entertained a BOBCAT one night not long ago, and now there is a bunch of half-bobcat kittens! At least Julie thinks that's what they are. Their tails are varying lengths--some are very short, some are medium length, and some are long! They are all striped.

We are getting two girls. We are going over tomorrow to choose the ones we want. Now we have to think of two girls' names.

Dad and I went to visit Grandma in the hospital last wednesday. I got to go in!!! I was on my best behavior, and made friends with all the pretty nurses! Grandma's surgery went well, she hopes to come home in a few days.

That's all for now!


We got lucky again!

July 6th 2005 6:32 am
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Well, guess what???? Dad forgot to shut the gate again and once more, Vixen and I were able to escape!! We went a long way into the National Forest. Ohhhhh, we had a wonderful time! We left Thursday afternoon and didn't return until Friday, late morning! Dad was so happy to see us, that we didn't even get in trouble!! I found a wonderful cow pie to roll atound in, and smelled so nice when I got home-----but Dad washed it all off, darn it.

Today we are going to the hospital to visit Grandma. Last time Breanna got to go. She even got to go inside! Grandma gave her a bite of her lunch. I hope I get to go in this time!




June 29th 2005 11:43 am
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Tail wags from (the incredible) Hulk

I will start off by barking the news about Grandma: She went to the hospital for surgery two days ago. It went well, but it will be a while before she comes home. She will have to go to physical therapy for a few days first.

We had a barbecue last Saturday. Mark and Julie came, and so did Ol' Weird John. I was very good; I didn't even bite ol' John! In fact I let him give me treats and pets. I even taught him how to give a high-five! Julie had to put me on leash when John came, though, because I wouldn't let him come through the gate. After he came in, I was good.

That's all for now, I'll bark again later.


The monster woke up!

June 19th 2005 3:12 pm
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Butt-sniffs and tail wags to all my pals!

I don't have much time to write lately--This is always the busiest time of the year for us. I have to help Dad cut fire wood, both ours and the wood that we have to sell. We have a small garden to tend, and today Dad and I woke up the grass-eating monster! The grass in the yard was knee deep to Dad, so he decided we should feed the monster. Vixen and Breanna were both afraid of it--Vixen ran and hid under the house! She said later that she didn't run under the house because she was afraid; she just decided it would be a good time to check things out under there. I don't believe her, though.

We have been having lots of rain lately, but today is nice and sunny. Dad wheeled Grandma out in the yard so she could enjoy the sunshine. Grandma is scheduled for surgery in about two weeks. We are hoping that she will be able to get around without the wheelchair after she gets over the surgery.

Dad wants the computer, so I will have to give it up for now. I'll bark more later.




June 16th 2005 2:12 pm
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Aawoooo! Now I have something else to worry about! We watched the British documentary "Chased by Dinosaurs" on the noisy box with the window in front. Now I am worried. It showed all kinds of dinosaurs--big scary ones. They are scarier than Dragons! What am I going to do if one comes around here? How am I going to protect my family? Vixen won't be any help--she will just hide under the house, and Bree won't be much help either--She always lies down and screams when Vixen or I try to discipline her.

I decided to practice on Vixen. She got smart with me so I took a bite right out of her butt! I bit off a chunk of her hide! Vixen didn't like it and turned around and attacked me. We were roaring and biting each other--Dad came out and threw a bucket of water on us! Vixen was bleeding all over the place and wouldn't hold still for Dad to examine her, so Dad took her
over to have Julie help. They decided it wasn't bad enough for her to go to see Doctor Cody.

That's all for now,


Happy Memorial Day!

May 30th 2005 7:41 pm
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Woofs to all from the incredible Hulk!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are all enjoying nice weather over the long week end. Our weather has been hot and dry for about two weeks.

Dad and I have been working in the garden and working on fire wood, until our helper, the blue and white monster named Truck went on strike. We went to the parts store and bought him some presents. Dad opened his toy box, selected some of his toys and made Truck open his mouth. Then he took his toys and Truck's presents and played with them in Truck's mouth! I guess that made him happy, because he decided to go back to work with us.

We went for a ride in Truck, to Ol' Weird John's house and had Ol' W.J. do a welding job that Dad needed to have done.

I guess that's all for today--bark to y'all later!



Good News!

May 10th 2005 11:29 am
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Happy Barks and wagging tail!

I mentioned, not long ago, that our friend Gillis--the service dog--needed a new forever home. Well, it seems that he has one! He is still on trial, it all depends on how he acts toward the people's cats. If he eats a cat, he comes back to Julie! Well, he is doing fine after about a week. He is good to the cats, and is proving to be a real asset to the family. He picks things up, goes and get things when they ask him to--in general, making himself very useful.
So we can all be happy over Gillis' good fortune!

Dad and I are working on getting the garden started. You warm-climate doggers probably think it odd that we are just getting started, but here on our mountainside, spring is slow in coming. But once it arives the garden thrives!

I haven't found a way to escape yet--since Dad discovered how I was getting out--but I am working at it! Ohhhh, I enjoy escaping, and running out into the National Forest!

Well, I gotta go---bark to y'all later


I outsmarted Dad!

May 9th 2005 4:02 pm
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Tail wags to all!

I wanted to bark to you how I outsmarted Dad-------for a while! I found a way to escape the yard! Ohhhh, how I enjoy running up the mountainside into the National Forest! There are so many strange and wonderful smells, and so many trees that need to be peed on!

Well, Dad kept walking the fence, trying to see where I was getting out. I walked along with him, just laughing because he wasn't even close to figuring it out.

There was a space under the gate where Dad thought I might be able to lie on my side and wiggle under, so he blocked the space. As soon as he was finished with that, he looked up on the hillside and saw me running back and forth! Awooooooo! He was so mad at me!

There were a few places where the fence was not quite as high as the rest, so he went to a lot of work adding some wire to make the fence higher. He just finished and went back inside-----and I escaped again! Breanna ran inside and told on me--Dad came out and called me back.

Well, then Dad thought he would hide and watch me. HA! I could see him peeking around the corner! So I ran over to him, sat down and gave him a big smile.

Finally dad gave up---so I thought. But he just got sneakier! I didn't see him watching me---and he saw me escape! I jumped up on the trunk of the old dead car, climbed up on top and cleared the fence with a 6 foot broad jump! So now the car is pulled back so I can't reach the fence!

Well, it worked for a while!



Mother's Day

May 8th 2005 9:52 am
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Happy barks and tail-wags to all the Moms out there, from THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!


I wasn't able to join in the Mother's Day Stroll, because I don't have a Momma. But I do have a real cool GRANDMA, though! Vixen, Bree and I are lucky to have her!

She is pretty old. She celebrated her 89th birthday in January! Her health is pretty good, though; we think she will be around for a while yet!

Who wants to see a picture of me with her? If you do, just look at the pictures on my Dogster page--I am on the couch with her. Actually, there are two pictures of me on the couch with ladies. The last picture is of me and Julie, Grandma is the older lady.

Dad and I were planning to cut firewood but we decided to take the day off to spend it with Grandma

Thats all for now; I'll bark more later!




May 7th 2005 2:19 pm
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Aaawoooo!!! Dad turned on the light in that noisy box that is full of miniature people and animals, and guess what???!!!! There were ZOMBIES in there! They were going around eating people. Nobody could kill them because they were already dead!!

Now I have something else to worry about! What if a Zombie comes to eat Dad and Grandma?? How can I protect them? Maybe if I bite the Zombie into small pieces and bury each piece in a different spot, all the pieces won't be able to find each other.

Ohhhh, I have so many worries. Coyotes and Cougars and Bears (oh, my!) ,
Werewolves and Dragons---and now ZOMBIES!!! And it is my job to protect my people from ALL OF THEM!!

A month ago, when we were looking in the window of that noisy box, we saw a Ghost named Caspar and a Witch named Wendy. They were friendly, though,so I am not worried about them!

Bark to you later!

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