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The World according to Hulk

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More snow

December 2nd 2005 9:16 am
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Well, I want to bark the latest weather report for our mountainside. It has been snowing off and on for the last several days. Our snow is up to about 12 inches on the ground in the places where it hasn't been disturbed.

The temperature has been moderate for this time of year---between 15 and 25 in the mornings, warming by 5 to 10 degrees during the day.

Dad and I clear the snow from the road and from our driveway every few days, using a drag that we pull behind the truck. Dad calls it a V drag, even though it looks more like an A to me because it has a cross piece in the center.

We went for a walk in the forest two days ago. I enjoy the deep snow. It was up to my tummy in places!




November 25th 2005 3:37 pm
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Woofs, slobbers and tail wags from beautiful Downtown Chesaw!

We have been getting some snow lately--we're up to about 8 inches on the ground, with more falling as I write this. Dad and I took the truck up the hill into the forest and let the log-biting monster bite some more logs into firewood. We are planning to go again tomorrow.

I hope everybody had a better Thanksgiving than I did! Dad, Grandma and I went to Mark and Julie's--I was expcting to share the dinner. Well, when I go over there, I have to take my turn in the crate the same as the other "boys" because sometimes we fight. Only one "boy" can be out at a time. Well, I was taking my turn in the crate when dinner was served! Ooohhh, how I wanted to come out so I could sit by the table and slobber. I am very good at slobbering---I can make them almost reach the floor before they break! I did get some leftovers after we returned home, so it wasn't a total loss.

Dad said that it is only about one month till Sandy Claws comes!! I hope he doesn't remember the times I ran away! I am hoping for plenty of treats, some pig ears and maybe even a smoked leg bone. We aren't going anywhere this Christmas. It is too hard for Grandma to travel--she gets too tired. So we decided to stay home this year.



Winter is coming

October 25th 2005 9:44 am
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Well, winter is just around the corner! Our morning temperatures have been between 28 and 34 degrees (That's fahrenheit--for you centegrade doggies, that converts to about zero to about minus 4.) We haven't had any snow yet, Dad is expecting it any time.

Dad and I have been working harder than usual, trying to do all the things we have been putting off all summer. We have been working on firewood, mostly--next we have to finish working on my car--that's the one that has 4 wheel drive. We use it to get up and down our road when it is deep with snow.

Emma (0ne of my new kittens) caught a mouse yesterday. It was her first, and she was very proud. Her brother and littermate, Chewbacca, wanted it but she told him to go catch his own. Breanna and I both tried to take it, but Dad yelled LEAVE IT!!

Gotta go, it's about time for breakfast.

Your pal,


Winter is coming!

September 28th 2005 3:57 pm
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Barks to all from (the incredible) Hulk!

It has been getting cold at night here, Cold enough that I always burrow under the covers and snuggle up to Dad. It is fun to put my cold nose on his bare body and listen to him howl! We have had frost on the ground and ice on the windshield of the car most mornings lately. Then it warms up to the mid 70s during the day.

Dad and I have been going after firewood several times a week. We are getting a fairly good supply--not many more loads to go.

We named the kittens Chewbacca and Emma. They are growing fast. Dad said he is going to have to mortgage the farm to keep them in food! He didn't know kittens could eat so much. Dad and I gave them their last dose of wormer. Well, Dad gave it to them--I just watched and laughed when they scratched big furrows in Dad's arm!

That's all the news for now, I'll bark more later.

Your pal,


New Babies

September 12th 2005 9:11 am
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Woofs and tail wags!

I wanted to bark the news: Dad brought home two new kittens. They are nine weeks old. They're half BOBCAT! Apparently a bobcat was passing through Mark and Julie's yard and decided to have his way with Murph.

Dad doesn't know for sure if they're boys or girls, so he hasn't given them names yet. They will be going to see Doctor Cody for their shots; he will be able to tell what they are.

That's all the news for now. I'll bark more later.



Ol' Weird John

August 30th 2005 9:17 am
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Barks to all, from (the incredible) Hulk!

It has been a while since I barked to you about Ol' Weird John---I thought I would bark about his latest escapade.

Ol' John found a (female) friend in Oroville. He spent the night there, and guess what?????????? HIS TEETH got flushed down the toilet!! Ohhhh, how I laughed when I heard about it! But wait--it gets better! Ol' John went out in the yard and started digging up the sewer line, trying to retrieve his teeth! The house was a rental, and just at that time, the landlord came by. There was John, digging up the lawn! Well, the landlord was less amused than all the rest of us. He chased ol' John away--told him to never come back. Poor John!

We finally got some much-needed rain. It rained hard all night and part of the day yesterday. That still wasn't enough to ease the fire danger around here. We are surrounded by National Forest. It is very dry and everybody is concerned about forest fires. There have been some in the area, but none close enough to be of immediate danger to us.

That will have to do for now; Dad needs the computer for other things that he considers important, so I will bark to y'all again later.



The new fence

August 24th 2005 11:25 am
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Barks to all, from (the incredible) Hulk!

First of all, I will bark about what I forgot to mention last time: The new kittens. They are doing fine, growing fast, but still haven't moved home yet. Dad thinks they will grow up to be big cats, since their poppa is a BOBCAT! a real wild guy.

Now about the fence: Ooooohhh, I feel foolish for helping dad! We worked on fencing---only when we were done, and Dad put up the gates, did I realize that we had built a double fence around the gate to the driveway. Now, when we come home, Dad opens the outer gate, then we drive in and park the car. Then we have to go through the new gate to get to the house. If Dad forgets to close the outer gate, Vixen and I can't run away. What a dirty deal! And to think----I helped!! Aaawoooooooooo!!!



Class Reunion, Kittens and Naughty Dogs

August 23rd 2005 8:04 am
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Woofs to all, from (the incredible) Hulk!

First, i would like to bark the news about the class reunion. It was Dad's 50th and my 2nd. Because it was their 50th, Dad's class voted to do something special--an all night dinner cruise aboard a cruise boat. Well, Dad wasn't interested in that, so we didn't go to that part of the reunion. Besides, I probably wouldn't have been welcome, and Dad always says that we are a package deal--you can't have one without the other! The class planned to meet Saturday morning to participate in the CASCADE DAYS parade, in their home town of Concrete, Washington. They had a float in the parade. The ladies rode the float, and we men all rode in the back of Mr. Newby's 1955 Chevrolet pickup that pulled the float. I had a wonderful time! All the other dogs watched enviously from the sidewalk, wishing they could be in the parade too. The only bad thing was when Mr. Keller wouldn't let me kiss him!

After the parade, we went to a pot-luck picnic with all the graduating classes of the 1950s. I made a lot of friends. Dad said he was very proud of my perfect behavior. I was glad that that dog that tried to hump me last time wasn't there again! The best thing was the food. Dad gave me bites of everything except the sweets, which are bad for me.

After we arrived back home, Dad went to pick up Bree and Vixen from Mark and julie's where they had been visiting. When they got home, Dad forgot to shut the gate again, and Vixen and I ran away. It was hot weather, and we couldn't find water, so we had to come home for a drink after about three hours. Dad said we were NAUGHTY! He just doesn't understand the lure of the National Forest!

That's all for now.
Your pal, Hulk


Vixen ate the car!

August 6th 2005 6:01 pm
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Oooooh-----Vixen is in trouble!!! She ATE THE CAR! Dad looked out and saw the car rocking back and forth----when he went out to see what in the world was going on, he saw Vixen--she had a hold on the fender, and was pulling and jerking for all she was worth. When Dad went out to check, he saw that the fender looked like somebody had used a hammer and centerpunch on it. There were tooth marks all over! But the worst thing she did, was to pull down the wiring harness that ran through the wheelwell and chewed it through in two places. There are about twelve wires, not all different colors, so there are lots of different ways they can go back together. None of the lights work, the windshield washer doesn't work, the turn signals don't work! Dad is fit to be tied. He has been working for two days trying to figure out how the wires go back together. I try not to listen, because I am not supposed to hear the things Dad is saying. I'm glad I didn't do it!


Visiting Grandma again

July 16th 2005 8:09 am
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Well, Dad and I went to the hospital again to visit Grandma. She is doing well, she should be coming home in a week or ten days. I got to go in again, but we were too late for me to help Grandma eat her lunch. :-( I got petted by Grandma's nurse and by her therapist, though, so it wasn't a total loss.

It is rainy and cold again today, but that is better than too hot to work. We are getting ready to go cut some firewood. I have to go, if I am going to get to help Dad.


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