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What a day!

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It was a good week!

May 30th 2008 12:03 pm
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Yesterday I went to doggie country camp with my friend Jason. Jason is a big dog lover, and he takes in dogs to his house which has lots of land (fenced in), so they can have a big playdate. He watches over us, feeds us, gives us water, and does grooming too, if you need. He supervises our play, and sometimes we go on field trips, like yesterday, when we went to the beach. It was great fun, and when I got home I was tired!

Today Mommy and I walked to the mailbox to get the mail (it's down the street from us), and there were two pieces of mail for me! The first was a birthday card from my dear friends Rocky and Sarge. The card had a dog on it, of course, a lab like Rocky. It was really nice. The second piece of mail was a package, from my bestest Canadian pal, Jelly! With affie wags and kisses, Jelly sent me a new pink loofah dog and a box of local peanut butter and Saskatoon berry biscuits, all the way from Winnipeg! Jelly and her mom are so nice to think of me, and get me a present for my birthday!

Today I'm going around the bay with Mama Deb to see Nanny! I will be back on Sunday. It is always nice to go out there, because I get lots of attention!

bark to you all later!


oh my heavens, I have a sister!

May 26th 2008 7:30 pm
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Mommy and Mama have gone and done it now. Apparently I am getting a sister! Her name is Isabella and she is 6 weeks old. Mama Deb is going to pick her up in 2 weeks. Can you believe it? I don't know about this. I better not be replaced for cutest in the house. I will always be the cutest in the house. Humph. I have yet to decide if I will like this creature. Mommy says I will love her. I will reserve my judgement for now.


It's my birthday!

May 25th 2008 5:20 am
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I am two years old! I am still a young pup, mommy says, so I have lots of energy, a small attention span and want to play play play all the time. Mommy gave me a new rope toy - it is super cool, it is a bumblebee squeaker, with rope handles. I also got a bully stick last night and I think there is another one up in that cupboard.

(Rudy's mommy Sarah)
Now, here's the part Rudy doesn't know. This afternoon is her last class at agility. I am bringing a homemade doggie birthday cake (complete with real turkey flavour) so that all the dogs can share Rudy's special day!

(Rudy's mama Deb)
I have almost finished the back fence, so Rudy will be able to run free outside and we don't have to worry. Yippee! We are also searching for a mini agility set to put up outside, so we can practice over the summer!

(Both mommies)
Happy Birthday Rudy! We love you so much, you are the light of our lives!



May 17th 2008 6:25 pm
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1) I am doing well at agility. There are two more sessions left, can you believe it? I went from skidding and digging my heels in to not have to approach the weave poles and the jumps, to doing the weave poles for fun, and ALMOST getting up the A-frame. After this session is over, I am going to take a break, and restart in July or August. Mommy and Mama want to do a bit of travelling on weekends in the summer, so it only makes sense to take some time off, since agility is on weekends.

2) Mommy and Mama have put in for a SISTER for me! Yikes! It will be from the same breeder, and we will find out soon when we are getting her. I can't believe it! I won't be the Princess anymore! Mommy says not to worry, cause I'll be the Queen, and the new one will be the Princess. I don't know about this. I will reserve my affection until I'm sure it won't steal my thunder (or my treats)! I will be calling the sister "it" until Mama/Mommy bring it home and it gets a name.

3) Mommy is super excited because Ellen DeGeneres and Portia deRossi are getting married! She wants to go to the wedding. I'm sure they would love to have a Newfoundlander there, wouldn't they? Mommy thinks she would be a fabulous addition, seeing how she is such a proponent of same-sex marriage and equal rights and stuff. Plus, Mommy wants to be married herself someday, and going to Ellen's wedding would give her some great ideas. :)

4) A great friend in Schnauzers Rule, Velvet passed away a few days ago. We will miss her, and are sad to see her leave, but trying to think of her, happy and pain free at the bridge.

5) There are only 7 days till my birthday! I wonder what I am getting!?! Mommy says I will get a new toy or two. Mama says that the new backyard fence will cost enough! But Mommy says that if the fence doesn't go up this week, Mama will be single (!), so Mama went and got the materials, and started digging the holes for the posts today!!! Whoo-hoo, Mommy will stay! She was joking... I think. BOL :)

love you all,


Agility, week 4

April 28th 2008 4:39 am
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Yesterday was my fourth session at agility, and Mommy said it was my breakthrough week! I don't know what it was exactly, did I just get it? Or was I more comfortable, or more excited than usual? Either way, after the warm up, I was more than ready to do that teeter (stretched out flat, for us beginners), go through that hoop, and jump over the jumps! Sure, I'm the only pup there with two handlers (Mama handles me, while Mommy runs ahead and convinces/encourages me to come!), but that doesn't phase me, and all the other pups are jealous that I have such a great cheerleading team!

So, to sum up:

I did the teeter three times, and am practicing "floor" so that I don't jump off the apparatus too quickly

I did the tunnel four times and I only turned around to come out once! The last two times I did it, I even did it with a curve in the tunnel, and I ran right through it!

I jumped through that pesky tire at the lowest height, and I did not put on the brakes this time.

I did the weave poles twice. I don't like them so much.

I did the A-frame twice. It's too high for me, so Mama puts me up at the top and I walk down. I don't like that one either.

The breakthrough is that I barely hesitated at all this time! Everyfur in my class is so proud of me, because I don't put on the brakes nearly as much as I did in weeks one and two!

Bark to you all later!


Agility week #3

April 20th 2008 11:02 am
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Today was my third Sunday of agility classes (Mommy calls it school). It was pretty good!!! We did a few new apparatuses today, including the jump through the hanging circle, and the dog walk. I jumped over the bar three times, with just a bit of prompting. I did the dog walk starting at the flat part, and then walking across it with Mama's hand in my collar to guide me. I didn't like that so much. I went down each time though. I really have a problem going up and pretty much put on the brakes real hard and drag my back legs when Mama tries to get me to go up. It is the same for the A-frame, I will not go up, but I will go down. The trainer says that's okay, we just will take our time. (It is the same at home, I hate going up stairs. Mommy is not sure what to do about that! Any hints anyone?)

I did the tunnel all by myself, this week, twice at a short length and twice at full length! I like that one, and the last few times I didn't even need very much prompting.

We did the table, where you jump up on a short platform and have to stay there for 5 sec. with all elbows planted firmly. Well after much cajoling I jumped up, and even sat, but would not lie down. Still, this is a big improvement for me. I did the weave poles once too. That one is hard, and I don't really know what to do!

All my school buddies' moms and dads are saying how much difference they can see in my confidence and that I am obviously enjoying it more now!

So far mommy and mama are saying that they are getting "WAY" more exercise than I am, becaause I have to be convinced and pleaded with to do any of it. Still, everyone thinks that I just have typical schnauzer in me, and that I will do it when I am good and ready!!!!


I've been tagged for Spring!

April 5th 2008 5:59 pm
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Four Jobs I've Had In MY Life

1. I am a superb watchdog. If anyone walks by my house that is the least bit suspicious, I am right there to bark my head off. Intruders beware!
2.I am a professional snuggler to mommy. Whenever she's blue, I will cuddle in her lap, and give her comfort and kisses.
3. I am a speedy girl, and although I haven't learned flyball yet, I know I am going to be great at it!
4. I am Mama Deb's welcome wagon. Whenever she gets home from a late day of work, I am waiting at the door with my tail wagging, and major excitement brewing, which I do because I love her so much and want to make her forget the stresses of the day!

Four Places I've Lived

1. P.E.I.
2. St. John's, Newfoundland

Four Favorite Foods

2. AKC soft liver treats
3. Milk Bone Steak & Cheezers
4. Cheese

Four Places I Would Rather Be

1. Playing with Jill and the "boys"
2. At Nanny's around the bay
3. Playing fetch with Mama or Mommy
4. Visiting my internet friends Lexie & Buddy, and boyfriend Skeeter

I have just tagged:
1. Buddy
2. Doolin
3. Jelly
4. Sarge



March 27th 2008 5:25 am
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I had a very good Easter. I went to my nanny's and had a lot of fun playing and getting treats. Nanny is old (88!) and I always treat her gentle. She loves playing with me and smoothing me down, and I am always the centre of attention there. It's great. I almost didn't want to come home!

How's everypup's weather? Today we are getting 4 more centimetres of snow, and mommy is threatening to move to Florida if spring doesn't come soon. A lot of my pup friends live in the U.S. and it seems a lot nicer there weather wise! Still, come July, I appreciate it up here!

Hope you are all well!
love Rudy


I really like my dogster friends!

March 19th 2008 6:19 am
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Mommy has been exchanging emails and photos with Lexie & Buddy's mom, and Skeeter's mom. Both of them live in the United States, and have considerably different weather from us. Skeeter's mom already has beautiful flowers in her garden! Mommy loves that she has made new friends that she can share photos with! It's so neat to see other parts of the world.

Today is just as bad as yesterday, storm wise, except that instead of snow we have freezing rain. Mommy took me out to do my business, and let me tell you, I didn't waste any time! I am back inside in the warm and dry, and listening to the cracking and pounding of the rain and ice. Mommy's gone to the university, and I hope she comes home soon to snuggle and play!

bark to you all soon!


March Folklore

March 7th 2008 3:51 am
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Mom is really into folklore, she's doing something called a Ph.D. in it. So here is some of the stuff she tells me about.

Ides of March - Beware of the Ides of March warned the soothsayer to Julius Caesar (play written by Shakespeare). Well, that part is literature, but the folklore part of it is that lots of people still have a feeling of uneasiness and will change plans accordingly to avoid mishap (Caesar croaked that day). A metaphor for impending doom on the 15th of the month.

St. Patrick's Day - a popular holiday and celebration by Irish and non-Irish people. Celebrated this year on the 17th, the provine of Newfoundland & labrador is the only Canadian province to have a public holiday!

Sheila’s Brush - There is a Newfoundland folkloric belief that there is always a fierce storm after St. Patty's Day, and it's called "Sheila's brush". Sheila was, according to legend, either St. Patrick's wife, sister, or housekeeper and she has to clean up after him, after the day's celebration. The snowfall is a motif for her sweeping up the mess with her brush. Will be the 18th or 19th of the month.

So there you have it pups, now you know some folklore!
love Rudy

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