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What a day!

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Diary Pick of the Day!

October 8th 2010 5:42 am
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OMD Dogster, thank you so much for making me a diary pick of the day! I am so honoured! Of course, I am inspired by a bunch of literary pups in Schnauzers Rule, like Lexie, Zoe, Ernie George, Fizzy, Zaidie and others!

It's great to be a dog and have your own personal typist. Without having opposable thumbs, it would be quite hard. At least my typist is fast, and doesn't make too many mistakes. BOL.

Well, I didn't get Mom to post this on facebook (too 'barrassing!) but I have had to have another visit to the vet. Turns out I have colitis! I puked five times the day before yesterday, and I had some blood coming out of the other end. Sheesh. Mommy and Mama FREAKED and called the e-vet, who, after we explained all the symptoms, told us to wait until morning (yesterday). We did, and went to our regular vet, who did a - privacy please - exam, and said that my tummy and insides felt good, and that likely I had eaten something that really bothered me. So I am on some more antibiotics until this clears up. I haven't thrown up since Wednesday night, thank goodness, and there seems to be no more blood coming out. Yay! This is all very heartbreaking to Mom, cause she knows the dangers of possible pancreatitis with schnauzers, and yet she still didn't stop Poppy from giving me a taste of hamburger on Tuesday night. We don't know if that was it or not, but it sure tasted good. Now Mom has laid down the IRONCLAD LAW that I get no no no more people food! Even from my beloved Poppy. Sheesh. Overreact much?! No, seriously, I guess it is in my best interest. Izzy and Ben had a taste of hamburger too, and they were fine, so I obviously have a very tricky and sensitive stomach.

Anyhoo, I am feeling 100% better today, and all those diary pick rosettes that I got made me feeling sick yesterday that much more tolerable. I love you guys!
love Rudy


Latest vet appointment

October 1st 2010 5:19 pm
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It was brought to my attention that I did not fill in everyone on my latest vet appointment! Well, I had my stitches out on Tuesday, and they came out just fine, and sweet Dr. Beth told us that my skin looked really good, much much improved. Also, she had the results, and I am happy to tell you that the biopsy came back as expected, my skin was severely affected by allergies, which are most likely environmental, and NOT by something horrible like parasites or something even worse! The allergies, while horrible, we can deal with. The course of antibiotics I was on cleared up the infection, and the prednisone has stopped the itch. We noticed that I improved greatly after three or four days of prednisone, at 1 pill a day, then we slowly started weaning me down. I am now on 1/4 pill of prednisone every day, but am going down to 1/4 pill every 2 days in another week. It looks like I might have to stay on that for a while, at least until the snow comes, and then we will see. Mommy and Mama are prepared to do whatever they can for me.

One note about the allergies. Our wonderful vet told us that it doesn't seem likely that I have a lot of food allergies, as I am on grain-free, hypo-allergenic food already. She also said that my sore spots that came on my back were more consistent with environmental allergies, not food allergies. Dogs with food allergies frequently lick their paws a lot, and have sore spots (like a red ring) around their bummy. I don't have that, mine is just on my sides and back.

Thank you sweet friends for thinking of me. Mommy and Mama see a huge difference in me on the prednisone, I am back to my normal loving, sweet self. And our new addition, Ben, is kinda fun to hang out with too, I don't mind him at all!

love Rudy


back to the vet - biopsy tomorrow :(

September 16th 2010 1:11 pm
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Dear friends,
please wish me the best luck and tons of POP, as my itchies are back, worse than ever, and Mommy had to take me to the vet again. Well, my skin is all red and inflamed, and in the span of a day, I have scratched/licked fur off a spot in my back, plus made myself bleed again. The vet is almost certain that it is allergies and not a parasite or anything, but she has to do a biopsy tomorrow to make sure. So tomorrow is a day at the animal hospital, I go in at 8:30 a.m. Please say a prayer for me that we get the results back as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is no vet pathologist/allergist on the island, so our vet will have to send the results away to Ontario which could take 2 weeks to get back. At least I will be on pre-emptive medicine while we wait for the results.

I have to be put on sedation tomorrow for the biopsy, so pawlease say a quick prayer, or POP all the way up to Newfoundland for me.
love Rudy


drowsy but not as itchy

August 27th 2010 7:56 pm
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Today I am doing a bit better. I had a 1/2 a benadryl pill (12.5 mgs) yesterday and today, so I am sleepy,but it helps with the itch. I am also taking two homeopathic medicines to help boost my immune system and skin function, plus I am on that way-cool rabbit and white rice diet.

We are pretty sure I stopped eating because I was *so* uncomfortable with the itching. The medication the vet gave me is helping a bit with it, I didn't scratch too much today. As for my meals, I ate my breakfast and supper today, and took some good drinks of water. So no wheat, corn or grains right now. After a while, Mommy will slowly start introducing other foods back in, but for now I am going to get home-cooked meals, absolutely nothing manufactured! Mommy said if she had to go get moon rocks on the moon for me to eat, she would (or at least make real good friends with an astronaut!)

Whether or not it's a food allergy is debatable, however, because it seems I have periods of itchiness and allergies, and am only extremely itchy in the summer. Could it be that I am exacerbated by heat or warm weather? Am I allergic to grass or weeds? Right now we are playing the waiting game to see what happens. Mommy and me thank you all for your POP's and love and support.

I forgot to tell you, that little sis Izzy is a pest, but I was sure happy to see her and vice versa when I got out of the vet yesterday!!! And boy the hugs and licks I gave Mommy and Mama. Mommy leaked something awful yesterday, but I told her to cut it out when I got home! BOL.

love you all, and thank you again,


I'm sick

August 26th 2010 7:20 am
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Mommy is writing this for me, as I am in the Avalon Animal Hospital getting an IV. I am dehydrated, and I haven't eaten for a day or even drank very much water. I am very itchy and have been scratching non-stop. Mom thinks I am uncomfortable from the intense itching, and that's why I'm not eating. Mommy and Mama are absolutely out of their minds with worry. Please send prayers, loves, hugs, power of the paw. We will let you know as soon as we find out something: the vet thought she would only have to stay the day for the IV.
love Rudy and mommy Sarah


Goin' in the MUTT HUTT tomorrow!

August 12th 2010 8:30 am
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Whoo-hoo! To borrow Zaidie's famous phrase "Not DIS day, but da next day" we are going in the mutt hutt for another vacation! Dis time we are going for longer than a week and we can't wait!! We are going in our trailer to Terra Nova National Park again, so we will be out of the internetz loop for awhile. NOBODY BETTER do anything TOO EXCITING while Mommy are gone, and NODOGGIE is 'llowed to get sick either. K? Mommy wants to come back to dogster and have it jus like it was when she left. And dat's an order, pups!!!

Rudy and the Izz



July 22nd 2010 2:48 pm
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I have been scritching and scratching my skin like crazy! I had to go on antibiotics, prednisone and speshul shampoo three weeks ago. Well it worked to clear up all the pimply spots and scabs, but as soon as I stopped the medicine, the spots came back. They are worse this time and I have made myself bleed. This is different from Izzy's allergiez, cause she gets hot spots and I don't. Mommy is at her WITS END trying different foods, to try to figure out what I am allergic too. Now the vet wants to try me on Z/D or D/D vet hypoallergenic diet, but she said that she heard real good things about the K/O kangaroo diet!!! Aroooo! My friend Zaidie pup is on that stuff! So there was none left at the vet, but there is some coming in next week and Mommy thinks she will pick it up and hope that my skin clears up. There is no allergy testing in this province, it has to be sent away, which is real expensive, and some of those tests (as I'm sure you know) are inconclusive, so we are going to try different diets first, before putting me through allergy testing.

I hope I'm not allergic to chicken.
love Rudy


We has it mostly figgered out now

June 7th 2010 4:56 pm
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Our friend helped us figure out the new dogster to get the main page looking more like the old page. First, sign in, then click on the orange community button. The first option in the drop down menu is"community homepage", click on that. Then on the left side and down a tad is a box, that you can check, which says "Make this my Dogster Homepage", click the box. Says Shaylee and Angus's mom, "it makes it sorta like the former dogster homepage (sorta) the lettering is orange on a peach background but it shows who did what ie. diary entry, even shows what groups we belong to."

So, that was a big help. Now I just want to know how to search for a specific dog (like one of my pals, and I can't remember their number)!

love Rudy


my mommy's sick - I'm on duty!

June 3rd 2010 8:02 pm
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My mommy has the chest cold/sinus infection from H-E-double hockey sticks (that's how my uncle Adam used to explain it when he was a kid - BOL). So me and Izzy have been trying to take care of her! We are helpfully eating all the tissues that she drops, therefore cleaning the floor! Who needs maid service? Izzy is personal bodyguard for mommy while I am on lookout duty - after all, you can never tell if those youngsters on the street could be dangerous. I bark at all of them, just to be on the safe side! And that flyer delivery guy is just EVIL, so I bark extra hard at him. Mommy need not worry, I will protect her! Mama says I am doing a great job of taking care of Mommy while Mama is away on business. I think there might be a treat for me when she gets home.

love Rudy
p.s. happy 7 year anniversary Mommy and Mama!!! xoxoxo


what a nice poem

February 22nd 2010 7:34 am
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Jennifer's mom found this poem, and Mommy thinks it's really sweet!

Hope all your doggie dreams come true
All day, may people pamper you.
May your snacks be really yummy
And may someone scratch your tummy.
May you find a cozy place to snooze
And may you do just as you choose.

Author Unknown

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