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What a day!

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May 30th 2011 6:26 pm
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We have had some exciting past few days. First of all, we are getting new siding on the house, so we have had to go to Nanny's in the day. All that banging, knocking, scraping, and more banging is very unnerving for us and Mommy, so the bodka-dwip (TM) has been on high gear for Mommy. Mama goes to work so she doesn't hear all the demolition sounds!

Secondly, we had the nicest day of the year (so far) yesterday! It was 21 degrees C, sunny, and just wonderful. We had a great walk, and it was so neat, we saw a DEAD MOUSE on the side of the road!!! Mommy was no fun at all though, and didn't let us sniff it. :( She just doesn't know the value of a good sniff. Not only that part was exciting though. OMD, Izzy peed on my head. AGAIN! She insists on leaving pee-mail where I go, and she gets so excited, that sometimes she jumps on top of me (or on a little slope of a lawn) and PEES right on me! How Rude! Mommy laughed and said she was gross, and then had to wipe me off with a tissue, cause I was literally dripping!!!

Thirdly, my allergies are bad again. I have sore ears, itchy skin, and parts of it are inflamed, including my pwivacy-pweese (TM) lady-bit areas. So, I am on antibiotics, and the vet and the mommies are thinking seriously about getting me allergy testing, so we can find out what it is. We are thinking I am allergic to grass! OMD, what a pain that would be!! If you have been following my diary, you know I have had a lot of allergy issues, and we have been narrowing down as lot, but still are not sure what it is.

If we get this allergy testing, we would go to Guelph to the Veterinary University there, where there is a vet dermatologist! Zaidie has been there and he says they are nice. We would all go, because both Mommy and Mama would want to go, and we couldn't leave Izzy, even if she is a PEE-BAG. If we go, we are going to visit Zaidie!!! OMD, that would be so pawsome!!!!!!!


Holy cow, I'm FIVE today!

May 25th 2011 7:09 am
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I am five years old today! Happy Barkday to me! I woke up real early with Mama, and she gave me a special breakfast of my regular kibble with some "Blue" brand turkey casserole wet food on top! It was delicious! Izzy got some too on account of that "share and share alike rule" we gots going on in the house. Phooey on that. :) But I got seconds! Tonight we are going to Nanny and Poppy's for a bbq, and I've got high hopes that Poppy will accidentally drop something. Hee hee. So far I am having a very relaxing birthday, but later we are going to go on a nice walk on the trails, cause it is beautiful and warm and sunny here!

Thank you all for the rosettes. You are all such great pals.
love Rudy


Houston, we have a problem!

April 12th 2011 7:37 am
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We have somethin' serious to discuss here, pups. I have gained weight! My trim figure is not as trim! I have been on a low-dose of prednisone (between 1/2 and 1/4 pill every day for a few months, because my skin was freaking out so much. Now Mommy says I am too big, and we have got to wean the prednisone down. I don't want itchy skin, but I don't want to be heavy either! Now before anyone gets any ideas, I'm not going to be on "Biggest Loser" or anything. I am 19.2 lbs, so I should lose 2 lbs. to be my regular weight. What to do, what to do? Mommy is walking me more now that the WINTER FROM H-E-double hockey sticks is over, but that's not enough, she says. She says she is going to enroll me in flyball or agility again! I hated agility, so hopefully it will be flyball.

Also, no more treats! Only low-cal/low-fat treats. And NO chicken! Or cheese!

Mommy's plump, why can't I be?!
love Rudy


Dis r NOD appropriate behaviour, Izzy!

March 13th 2011 1:48 pm
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Today is Sunday, and it was the second sunny day in a ROW! That might not be a big deal to some pups, but we have had a very grey and yucky winter, and sunny days have been far and few between!!!

Anyhoo, I digress. It were a beautiful day and both days we got big huge walks - yesterday in the park, and today in the neighbourhood. The snow is melting nicely and there is much more room to go walking. Mommy is very pleased about that. So today we took our walk up the street, and down some side streets, to look at the sights, bark the bark, walk the walk. It was PAWSOME. We were being great little pups, trainin' for our speed-walking and sled-pulling combination trial (Mommy needs exercise anyway, BOL!), when I stopped to pee on a pole. Izzy, the little rascal extraordinaire, hopped over me to get a higher position on the grass, and peed too. ON MY HEAD. Mommy was laughing hysterically, and there was pee everywhere, and I had to shake it off once I realized what that little rascal did. Honestly, Izzy, you are almost three, going on three months! NOD GUD.

When Mommy stopped laughing, we went home and had a leg bath to get all the salt and sand off our legs, and Mommy made sure to give my head a good wash too. That Izzy (shakes head).


Another V-E-T appointment

January 21st 2011 4:14 pm
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Mommy feels pretty bad cause I am sick again!!! Yesterday she found somebody's poopy in the house, and she was pretty sure it was mine. Then I had to go out urgently in the middle of the night. Then again this morning. Then I threw up a treat Mommy gave me. And then I poopied in the house again :( it were an emergency, and Mommy was gone for three hours! In hindsight, she said she would have put me in the crate, but oh well. She cleaned up my mess (I felt real bad too), and then called the V-E-T. Our super sweet vet squeezed us in, and we went this afternoon. Yup, as Mommy suspected, I have another case of colitis. This is the third time in a year, and Mommy and Mama are really careful with my food, so it's apparent that I am not reacting well to something, or I'm just super sensitive. So, time for another food change. This time we are going to try Medi-Cal Gastro. My poor belly makes lots of gurgles, and Mommy hates to see me with the dire-rears. Hopefully this will help. Mommy feels like she has tried so many foods with me! Anyway, I got antibiotics (unrelated - my ears were slightly inflamed too!), and probiotics to take as well, to help build the healthy bacteria in my stomach.

Mommy knows it's not really her fault, but she still feels that she should have been able to figure it out before I got too bad again. Please send POP that I get better soon, cause it's not fun having a bad belly.

love always,



December 29th 2010 6:48 am
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There is an intruder on my page, and he has a very suspicious nose. I think he has an "in" with Rudolph. GET him!!!!


I scored B-I-G!!!

November 6th 2010 7:51 pm
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OMD! I caught a MOUSE!!!! There was a big commotion when Mommy saw it hanging from my mouf, by one paw, dangling all fragile-like, and she screamed bloody murder. Sheesh, you would think someone died or something!!!! Anyhoo, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning!

We had a freakily warm day in Newfoundland, it got up to 16 C, and the sun was out, and it was just beeyooutiful. So Mommy decided to clean up the deck outside, and we were playing outside in the leaves that Mommy is still in the process of raking up. There are a LOT of leaves due to the maple trees between ours and our neighbour Terry's yard.

Well, me, Izzy and Ben were sniffing and rooting around, playing and having a jolly time. Then I saw Izzy rooting at something under a big pile of leaves. I even saw Mommy go over to investigate, but with her inferior human eyes, she didn't see anything, so she went about her business. Well, as soon as she left, I ran over there to see what Izzy was tryin' to show me. Well, holy mother load, it was a mouse!!!

Here is where the commotion started. I grabbed it, and ran up to the deck to Mommy. She started screaming and hollerin' and saying very unladylike words. The mouse looked dead, but she's not sure if I killed it or it was already dead, and I'm not sayin' a word.

Let's just say it's a good thing for Mommy that Terry was next door puttering around in his shed. He heard her scream, and came to see what was the matter. Izzy and Ben protected the frontier while Terry let himself in and went to see. Mommy was hollerin' about a mouse, and he started to LAUGH!!! As if catching your big first kill is funny! Harumph! Mommy didn't think it was funny either. Anyway, he came up, and I dropped the mouse on the patio. Terry determined that it was dead, then PICKED it up with his BARE HANDS (these are Mommy's caps lock letters, by the way), and threw it over the fence!! OMD! It was terrible. There went my big prize, sailing over the fence to a new land. Terry laughed and told me I was like a cat, bein' a mouser. He obviously doesn't know or appreciate the history of terriers. Neither does Mommy.

Needless to say, she had to go lie down. Now she's chasing the memory away of my furry little prize with that Mexican beer. Hmm, wonder if there are mice in Mexico?!

love Rudy


This is Rudy's Diary - a letter to HQ

October 31st 2010 5:36 pm
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Dear Dogster HQ,
we have been big fans of dogster since we first joined four years ago. We have made lots of new friends, and contacts, and learned lots of information. We would have even said that Dogster was one of the best sites on the internet!

Some of the changes you have made recently have been challenging for us, your regular users. A lot of pups and their pawrentals have been saying how hard it is to navigate, and how the old site was better. We agree with that, but we got used to it. But the newest changes are the most confusing! The way the list of your pup pals activities comes up is not easy to understand. For example, if you click on where someone responds to a diary, the pup who actually wrote the diary does not come up, rather the commenter, so you can't actually tell whose diary it is! This is very confusing and annoying. If you had to change just one thing about this new process, could you at least change it so we can actually see what diary entry our friends have commented on?!

Thank you!
Rudy (and Mommy Sarah)


I'm in a video!

October 29th 2010 6:31 pm
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Mommy made a video in response to the "It Gets Better" Campaign, about anti-gay bullying. The message is especially to those who are being bullied, and those who have the position to stop it. If you would like, take a listen. I'm in it! A few pups have mentioned what a good girl I was in the video. If you listen real hard you can hear Izzy's collar jingling in the background.

Rudy and Mommy

love Rudy


Vote for me!!!

October 10th 2010 5:39 am
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Mommy entered me in the dogster photo contest! I am in the category, "Best Costume or Shades"! Please vote for me, I would really appreciate it!

Vote for Rudy

thanks pals!

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