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What a day!

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we are going on vacation!

April 21st 2012 4:17 pm
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Guys! Guys! WE is goin' on BAYCATION! Mommy and Mama are going to Cuba for a week to get some MUCH needed sunshine, so me and the Izz get to go to our bestest dogsitter, "Auntie" Jill. Jill and her hubby Ed let us sleep in the bed, and they have a big retriever, Cody and two shelties, Scotty and Gus, who stay with them all the time. So we are going to have a big dog pawrty for the whole week! We like Cody, Scotty and Gus, and we get to go for big long walks in the woods twice a day with Jill. She lives on a big lot of land, and she even has chickens and turkey, and a rooster named Fred. Mommy says Fred is scary, but we can bark as loud as he can caw, so we are not afeard!

Mommy says that her and Mama are going to have a way better time than me and the Izz, but I don't think so!

Bark to you all in a week!
love Rudy



February 1st 2012 7:58 am
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Oh. My. Dog! So much snow fell yesterday (21 cms/8.3 inches in six hours) Mommy and Mama had to shovel and snowblow for 2 hours so that we could clear the driveway. The snowplow must have come up and down the street a dozen times. Mama was so good to make our little roads with the snowblower in the backyard so we could do our business. Of course with all of the wind from the blizzard, we have big snow drifts 3 feet high and when we are going along our little roads, Mommy can't even see the tops of our heads! And we are supposed to get more by the end of the weekend, they are calling it a "monster" storm. Oh. Joy. So for all you pupses complaining that you don't get to play in the snow, come here, we've got plenty!!! Playing in the snow is a lot of fun except Mommy makes us wear our jackets cause it's minus-a-million outside (not really, it's -9 celsius, windchill -21 (for you fahrenheit pups that's 15 F/-5 F windchill). That is too cold for us!

No wonder Mommy and Mama are going to Cuba in April. They need a warm beach, pronto!


oh WOW!

November 18th 2011 6:31 pm
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Thank you dogster for makin' me a Diary Pick today! That's good, cause I always got lots to say, according to Mommy. I Arrroooo-rooo-rooo out the window all day long!

On Sunday I had a bit of a setback with my allergies. Mommy and Mama saw that I had thrown up on Saturday night after my supper, but didn't think that much of it because sometimes I do throw up. BUT, I didn't look that good, I was lethargic, and I ate my breakfast the next morning and threw up again. Then I threw up again and again. I threw up so much there was no food in my belly and I was just barfing up bile. It was NOD good. I wouldn't take any water, and I just lay down on the kitchen floor, which is not normal for me, I usually lie down on carpet. Mama called the emergency vet. She knew I was real sick.

Well I went to the emerg vet on Sunday afternoon, luckily they were able to take me, and I got some fluids right away cause I was dehydrated. I also got an anti-nauseant shot. It wasn't too pleasant, but I didn't feel well so I knew Mama and the lady vet was trying to help me.

We have since determined that I had an upset stomach from the Atopica medication, which is normal (throwing up), even though I have been on it for two weeks. Since I am on such a limited diet, we know I didn't react to anything bad, UNLESS I got into some yucky mess in the backyard, but Mommy doesn't think that was the case.

After I came back from the e-vet, I had a good nap (the anti-nausea worked like gravol), and then I was the best kind again. It was a very scary episode for Mommy and Mama and me, but I perked right back up after those fluids. Sigh. I have cost my Moms a lot of money, I am sure glad they are able to take care of me and my health issues. I am such a lucky dog.

Anyway, this week was much better, no barfs and much more like myself. I am still a bit itchy, but I'm getting a bit better, now that I'm not allowed any treats, chicken or anything else. Humph. At least I've lost 1.5 lbs, and am now closer to my ideal weight (although still a little heavy)!
love Rudy


OMD, I'm Dogster Dog of the Day!

November 12th 2011 8:35 am
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Nov 12, 2011, I am Dogster's Dog of the Day! I can't believe it! For five years Mommy has been saying I should be Dog of the Day, I'm so cute and adorable, and today I was chosen! Yippee! This calls for a celebration! Since I can't have any special treats, I'm getting more than usual belly rubs, head scritches, and a long walk in the sunshine. It's cold, so I'll have to wear my sweater, but I don't care, cause at least it's sunny!!!

Thank you to all my special pals who have been sending me messages and rosettes, and congratulations on mommy's facebook page. You all mean the world to us! We love you Dogster family!

love Rudy
Dog of the Day!

p.s. if someone wants to make me a special Dog of the Day graphic, we would love that, Mommy doesn't really know how to do it.


Rudy's dermatology visit in PEI (epic diary entry)

November 7th 2011 7:14 am
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Sorry for the late entry, but it literally took Mom a week to get it all straight in her head, plus she was emotionally and physically exhausted from the trip. We have been back a week, and we are finally starting to get back on track.

We flew on the airplane to Halifax (Mom doesn't recommend flying with dogs unless you can get liquor for the humans to drink before, during and after), then we got the rental car and drove to Charlottetown, PEI (another three hours). It was a long trip with two nervous humans and two nervous dogs. We finally got to the Holiday Inn, and it was a nice place, good sized room, clean, and hooray, we weren't the only dogs there! There were lots of doggies cause Charlottetown was having a dog show that weekend! Mommy said she was glad that we wouldn't be the only ones barking. It was very exciting to be there, lots new to smell and pee on! We slept Thursday night and got up early Friday to go to the Atlantic Veterinary College where Rudy's dermatology appointment was.

The appointment itself was not too bad. The vet dermatologist and two associates were very nice and treated us like gold. They loved me and gave me lots of hugs before they took me in to get sedated. They asked Mommy and Mama a bazillion questions about my environment and food intake. Then Mommy and Mama took Izzy out for a walk and to look around while they did the testing on me. The appointment all in all was about four hours. They sedated me, and did an extensive scratch test with 51 common allergens, and then did a serum test to look for more allergens. They had to shave quite a large spot off my side to do the scratch testing, but they were able to get the results for it on the spot, which was good. The serum and blood tests had to be sent away to a lab in the U.S., so it will take a few weeks for those results.

The results of the environmental tests came back okay, there was an allergic reaction to some weeds and some trees (like pine), but none of the results were obviously bad. The dermatologist told us that means it is mostly food allergies, which makes sense, since I itch year-round and it is getting worse. So now I have to be on an elimination diet to figure out what it is. There are no conclusive tests for food allergies now! The dermatologist said there is a blood test but it is so inconclusive that she doesn't even get it done on her patients anymore!

My symptoms are very like food allergies too. I scratch my ears and scratch, bite and chew spots on my back, as well as lick my paws excessively. The two weeks before the dermatology appointment were pure hell, cause I had to be off the prednisone and I was just miserable. They two days before the appointment I maybe got 2 hours sleep. As soon as we left the dermatologist I was able to start the /2 of a 5 mg prednisone daily (again), but the nice vet also gave me antibiotic for a month as I have a bacterial infection on the skin of my back and paws. She really wants to make sure I get better from it. Since we don't want me to be on prednisone long-term, we are starting a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory called Atopica, which is slow-acting. Eventually we will be able to decrease the prednisone. I also got ear drops for my ears which were infected, and weekly ear wipes. Don't even ask Mama what this cost, but considering the flight, the car rental, the specialist visit, the hotel stay, let's just say I must be worth it!!! BOL.

The treatment at home has now started too. I have to have a bath twice weekly with prescription shampoo which is to help take the inflammation down. I get my ear drops, ear wipes and pills. And I'm on a special food. The vet suspects that I am allergic to multiple types of grain and protein, as Mommy has tried all kinds of food with me. So, I am on a hypoallergenic kibble, called MediCal Vegetarian, which has potato protein in it. It was important to find a food that had a rare (to me) protein (not chicken, beef, liver, lamb or duck). If that kibble does not give me any relief in my itching in the next two months, we will try another food. The vet gave us a list of four. The four foods the dermatologist recommended were Purina HA, IAMS KO, MediCal/Royal Canin Vegetarian , or MediCal/Royal Canin HP. There is also the home-cooking option, but Mommy says she has to do a lot more research into it before she tries it.

The worst part of this is the diet. Mommy and Mama are not allowed to give me any treats of any kind. No table food, no scraps, no treats. Just kibble. So Mommy said she was going to give me a few piece of kibble for treats. The vet said that was okay. I think it's kinda mean on the vet's part, but I know she just wants me to be well.

That's all Mommy can write for now. BUT, there will be more ranting on her part later, I'm sure. If anyone has any allergy/food testing experiences, Mommy would love love love to hear them.

love always, I'm STARVING,



September 30th 2011 9:09 am
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Izzy pees on my head at least once a month when she gets over-excited on our walk, and jumps on top of me on a mound of grass and squats right over me. She usually gets me right in the beaner. It's humiliating. The little pipsqueak just won't learn though!

Well, last night Mommy walked us and I was peeing on a really good spot. It was prime real estate, I tell you. Do you know that fool Izzy stuck her nose right under my "little area"!? So she got peed on. Right on the snout. I am not evil like her, so I didn't *mean* to pee on her, but still I am vindicated. Maybe that will stop the peebag...

love Rudy
p.s. Mommy can barely stop laughing to get out the baby wipes to clean us off when this happens!


Mommy is a slacker, Izzy is a peebag, and other news.

September 3rd 2011 7:05 pm
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OMD, it's been forever since I've written! Mommy says she was busy with camping in the mutt hut, and trying to do this stoopid thing call school work, and trying not to go insane from thesis writing. What-EV. She has been super slack on my diary typing. I have lots to say Mommy, you know that from the roo-roo-rooing I do out the window every day!

Here is the break down of the past month or so.

We have gone in the mutt hut (5th wheel trailer) lots. It is pawsome. We get to go to Terra Nova National Park, Pippy Park, and other nice foresty places in Newfoundland, where we get to see, smell and bark at lots of critters like squirrels, bunnies, mice, shrews, etc. We even saw a silver fox and a moose!

Izzy is still a peebag. She peed on my head AGAIN when we went on a walk. I just don't know what to do with her! I usually just shake it off while Mommy laughs at me, and then I get a wipe down with one of those good wipes Mommy gets at the Pet store.

Yesterday we got groomed. We even got a Pawgress report from the groomer. The nice lady there said I was a pleasure to groom and that I had the nicest colour fur she had ever seen on a schnauzer. And she said I had the prettiest eyelashes she had ever seen! :) Mama treated us to the "top dog" spa special, so we got upgraded shampoo, conditioner, breath spray, teeth brushed and all sorts of other stuff. Of course me and Izz promptly came home and rolled in the grass to get all that smelly stuff off us!

Today I ate a grasshopper. It was hopping around, so I pounced a few times until I got 'em. He was kinda crunchy. I don't see how it's a gourmet delicacy though.

That's about it!
love you all,


It's official, I am going on a trip!

July 16th 2011 8:05 am
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Mama is taking me to P.E.I. to see the vet dermatologist! Right now we are playing this up as a FUN and EXCITING adventure, even though when I get there, I have to have a 3 hour vet appointment (they are kinda glossing over that point, I feel). This is a big deal, because there are very few vet dermatologists in Canada so we have to go on an airplane in October to see the one at the vet college in PEI. Mama and Mommy are really hoping that the vet can figure out my allergies so we can do something about them! Right now I've got really sparse hair on my side because of my scratching, and I am on 5 mgs of prednisone a day, plus omega 3 fatty acids in my food, and no human foods.

I wonder will the plane be scary? Last time I was on one I was only 8 weeks old, so I don't remember it. Maybe nice Dr. Marshall can give me some gravol so I don't urka-gurka all over da plane.

Mommy is sad cause she can't go with Mama and me to PEI. It would be too expensive for her to go and besides, if she went then we would have to bring Izzy, cause Izzy might be confused and scared if we all left. And two dogs on a plane is a lot of stress and work. So Mommy will stay home with Izzy. Although Mommy is worried about that too, as me and Izzy have never spent a night apart, and she wonders how Izzy will be with that. Sigh, lots of decisions to make, cause of my stoopid allergies.

When we get closer to the date, we will contact the breeder where Mommy and Mama got me and Izzy, as they live in PEI, and hopefully Mama can take me over for a visit so I can meet my furdad and furmom! That is one bonus, at least, for this trip!

love always,


car sick!

July 12th 2011 7:36 am
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Mommy and Mama just love to go in the mutt hut (trailer) to Terra Nova National Park. It's about 3 hours away from us by vehicle, which was never a problem until this year. On two different occasions now, though, I have gotten car sick! And not just a little urka-gurka (TM). A big, Imma-throw-up-everything-I-ate-in-the-past-few-days-urka-gur ka. Mommy sits in the front passenger seat of the truck while Mama drives, and me and the Izz sit in the back seat. There is loads of room, we got our blanket, and our seat protector (thank DOG, Mommy says). Anyway, Mommy looks back to check on us every few minutes, and lots of time we just sleep, or Izzy looks out the window and I just sit there. Well, Mommy looked back and told Mama that I didn't look so good. The words weren't out of her mouth and I spewed. Geyser-like. Izzy barely even noticed. Sheesh. (By the way, even though I don't love driving, and am not that excited to go into the vehicle, only lately have I gotten car sick.) Mommy thinks it's strange since I never did it before.

Mommy was real nice, and we stopped at the nearest stop so she could clean it (and me) up. Then I urka-gurka'd again in the grass and in the parking lot of the rest stop. Mommy felt real bad for me then, and let me sit in the front seat on her lap, with the air conditioning on bust, so I could cool down. She also gave me a drink of water, and that all seemed to help. I never barfed after that, and Mommy was glad, because cleaning up puke is one thing, but cleaning up being puked "on" is a completely different thing.

Mommy says next time we go out with the trailer, she's calling the vet first - maybe there is some sort of motion sickness remedy she could give me?!

love always,


My oh my, bad tummy again!!!

June 21st 2011 6:50 pm
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Well, I had a 'barrassing accident today. I did my poopy on the carpet. I had some urgent moments yesterday, and Mommy suspected I was getting sick, and sure enough, I got her up at 2 and 4 a.m. to let me outside to do my business. So when I got up again at 7 a.m., she let me out again, and I didn't do anything. But then her and Mama went to do an errand, and when they came back there was a mess on the floor. I was 'shamed. Mommy din't make me feel bad at all, in fact, she was real nice about it, considering it was white carpet. She said I couldn't help it, and she knew that I had colitis again, cause I have only had an accident in the house twice before, and both times was cause I couldn't hold in the dire-rears. :(

So Mommy called Mama at work, and then called the vet, and we went over this afternoon. Yup, I gots the colitis, which is a fancy word for inflamed lower intestine/bowel, with lots of dire-rears. I get only a little bit of food, with my antibiotic, and plain rice till I start to feel better. I had a good check-up all over then, and Dr. Beth gave me compliments as usual. Other than her doing something REALLY rude to my backside (she said she had to to make sure!), it was okay. I am home now and getting lots of love and pampering from both Mommy and Mama.

The vet did mention something about since my stomach was SO sensitive that there should be no more "dietary indiscretions". That means no human food at ALL! This is going to be tough for all of us, but it is for my own good. Le sigh.

Anyhoo, I'm okay, not dehydrated or anything, just got the poops. I will write again soon and let you know how I am.
love Rudy

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