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What a day!

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I have a new friend!

October 18th 2006 10:20 am
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I have a new friend, and her name is Maggie! She is a schnoodle (a white schnauzer, poodle mix) and boy is she ever fun! We met when I went walking up the road, she only lives about 5 minutes away! She was out for a pee with her mommy Jennifer, when me and mommy walked up, and she bounded right over to us! Then we rolled in the grass and played and kissed and all sorts of stuff. Mommy was so proud of me, I sure know how to play now! I think it took me awhile to figure it all out, but I am a pro now, after going to puppy daycare 3 times.

Maggie is from PEI too. She and her mommy are sure nice, and she is only 2 months older than me! Maggie's mom said we should drop by after supper sometime to go on a walk, after a little play, of course! It is so great to have a real live friend.

I am very sleepy now. I had a very active play and then a good walk up to our usual spot. Then mommy took me home and I ate some lunch. I will bark to you later!

love Rudy


My first day at Doggie Daycare (or Puppy Kindergarten as- mommy calls it)

October 3rd 2006 3:52 pm
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I had a very BIG and IMPORTANT day. First of all, Mama Deb took me in the car at 8 a.m., and I've never gotten to go in the car that early. Then we were driving and we stopped in an unfamiliar place. I knew something was up. Wait a second. I met this guy before. It's Chris, my trainer!!! Wag, wag, wag. I like him!

WAIT A SECOND. There are other dogs here! Holy cow, there's four more dogs! What is this strange and wonderful place?

It turns out it was doggie daycare, and my mommies enrolled me to go once a week so I could get doggie socialization, since I am shy around other dogs. Chris said I did very well, I even lasted till 4 p.m., even though he wasn't sure I would be okay. I was very brave. I got to sniff all the other doggies, who, by the way, were much much bigger than me. There was even a border collie; I really liked him. The cocker spaniel tried to teach me how to play, but I wasn't sure how to do it, so I mainly just stared at him. The trainer says I will catch on soon enough, I'm just so used to playing only with humans.

Chris took us all on a walk, and I loved it. I got to take a nap and hang out with the big boys. All in all I had a good time. It was a bit stressful, just because I was never in that situation before, but next week I'm going again, and I think I'll get even more out of it, now that I know that Mama Deb is coming back to get me.

I'm the luckiest dog in the world!
Bark you later,


Man oh man, what a great walk!

October 1st 2006 5:06 pm
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I had the *best* walk today. My mommies took me to Pippy Park for the first time! I met other doggies, lots of people, and got to go on a NATURE walk! There was tons of stuff to smell! Ahh, the fresh autumn air, the moss, trees, bark, leaves, dirt, pine trees, I could have stayed there all day! Meanwhile, the mommies wanted to see how long a walk I could do, and I went as long as they did, without getting tired at all! At least mommy Sarah thought to bring me cold water. So all of the little hills on the woodchip trail didn't faze me one bit. Sure I ran for half the time!

On Friday night I had my puppy session with a reputable dog trainer in the area. He said I was a good puppy. I even sat nice and paid attention for most of the time. The trainer said he is going to show Mama Deb how to groom me, and how to learn how to think like a dog, because he said they are still thinking like humans. Silly mommies! Anyway, for some reason, both mommies were very very pleased at how good I was when we had company. Aren't I good all the time?

Anyway, time to go take another nap. I wouldn't tell them, but that walk/run wore me out! I hope they take me there again tomorrow.

love Rudy


Nasty Hurricane Florence

September 13th 2006 4:40 pm
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Today was an odd day. I didn't get to play outside at all, which was really mean of the mommies, but due to Hurricane Florence hitting us, I guess I understand. But there was loads of leaves, small branches and "stuff" that I was just dying to play with! There was even a portion of the next door neighbour lady's fence on the ground! I really wanted to go and investigate, but mommy Sarah only let me do my pee and then I was dragged inside again. No fun at all! And I got all wet. I hate getting wet. And I hate wind. I especially hate wind because it blows stuff all around and then I get distracted from doing my business. I held it in until it stopped raining at suppertime. But I couldn't hold it in any longer so then I was a good little girl and told mama Deb I had to go. I still didn't get to play though.

So, then I ran around the house twenty or thirty times to get out my energy. Ha ha, Hurricane Flo has nothing on me!

bark to you soon!


sticks, sticks and more sticks!

September 7th 2006 1:04 pm
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Yippee - I love sticks. Really, I do! There was really long one that broke off our tree and I was smart enough to catch it before mommy Sarah did. Ha ha ha, and boy did I run! It's so much fun to dart in between her legs and try to get her winded. But today was even more fun than usual. Somehow the stick broke into TWO and then I had TWO sticks! I didn't know what to do - I already had the first half in my mouth, how could I get the other one in there? So I dropped the first one and picked up the second one. But that didn't fix the problem either! So I ran around with the second one for awhile, and then I ran back to the first one. Somehow I kept the first one in my mouth and picked up the second one!!! But then mommy Sarah was afraid I'd choke and she made me stop. I don't get that human - just when I succeeded in my quest!!!! Tomorrow I will try again.

love Rudy


So, I got this haircut...

September 1st 2006 5:02 pm
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Whaddya think? Mommy Sarah added some pictures - see above and tell me what you think? That's Mama Deb in the picture, holding me.

love you all and thanks for the great advice on ear hair!


I got a haircut!

August 31st 2006 10:25 am
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hi, my name is Rudy, and my two moms are mean. They made me go to the nasty dog groomer and get groomed like a schnauzer. I do not like them anymore and have decided to withhold all affection for the entire afternoon. I have no idea why they would put me through something like that, having to get used to that nasty buzzing instrument called a razor, and geez, getting my ear hair plucked was AWFUL! My two moms at least had the decency to look horrified, even though they said it was for my own good. I'm pretty sure I wasn't bad, so I'm not sure what I did to deserve this. The only condolence was that I got to hang out with other doggies, and get to meet a new person. Then I got a cool puppy bandana to wear around my neck, so I suppose that was okay.

I've been shaking my head and ears a lot since I got home, I think that's normal. Mommy Sarah sure feels bad though. Good. I gave her one kiss to let her know I don't hate her.

At least that's done for another two months! Mommy Sarah will post pics soon of my new 'do!

Love Rudy


I have a visitor!

August 16th 2006 3:31 am
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My two moms have a really really nice girl here, her name is Kerry and she's mommy Sarah's friend from university. She loves and plays with me so much I don't think I'm going to let her leave! My favorite game is "give me my toy", although I had my very first game of fetch the stick, in the backyard a few days ago.

Since mommy is taking Kerry sight seeing a lot, I get to see some great places in Newfoundland! We already went to Signal Hill, Cape Spear, and the Colony of the Avalon, in Ferryland. Soon I will post some action shots that mommy took of me. I even have a smart looking Newfoundland tartan bandana. I got many compliments!

Talk to all you dogs and cats soon!



August 1st 2006 12:09 pm
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The past few days have been great. I even went on a few short walks on the pavement sidewalk! It was very exciting to get all those smells. I hurt myself though, :( when I jumped out of control and banged my neck on a water spout. I think I'm okay now, but my two moms were so worried. I can't help it, I just get so excited! Luckily I am fine, and did not hurt myself too seriously, I just got a fright more than anything.

In two days I go to the vet again. I'm getting needles and I'm nervous. Mommy Sarah wants to know what to do to soothe me through the process!

licks and kisses!


I am 9 weeks old today!

July 27th 2006 7:17 am
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hi pals!
Well, being just a baby, my two moms are going easy on me, but you know what, I'm learning anyway! The pee-training is coming along nicely, I even whined to go out this morning, instead of doing it on the floor! The only times I have accidents now are when I'm really excited after playing and mommy Sarah doesn't get me out in time!

Today I feel very smart. Mommy Sarah took me into her office at the university. There are so many books! I'm a little sleepy though, so folklore studies will have to wait.

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