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What a day!

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I am going on vacation!

April 26th 2007 8:02 am
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In a few days I am going on vacation to my "auntie" Jill's house! She has a husky named Ranger, and she always has other doggies over to visit. It is going to be so much fun! You see, mommy and mama Deb are going south for a vacation for a short spell, and they would never trust my care with just anyone, but auntie Jill loves to take care of doggies, and I love her so it was settled. On Saturday I will get a whole week playing and running with Ranger, and I'll get to snuggle with Jill. I just hope I don't miss the mommies too much. I hope they keep me so busy I won't notice. Mama said something about not wanting to go and leave me, but geez, I think I'm gonna be fine!!!!! What's not to love about playing for a whole week with other doggies?

Aww, I 'spose I'll miss them a bit. :) Don't worry mommies, I'll take care of everything till you get home!

love Rudy


we love Joker

April 17th 2007 4:47 am
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It's been a few days now, seems like longer, that Joker has been at Rainbow Bridge. Mommy Sarah has been sad that he had to leave us so soon, and sad that his daddy Mickey has to try and be strong for Rascal and the rest of the family. It happened so soon, and it doesn't seem fair. Joker was an angel on earth, though, and I know he is an angel up at the Bridge, playing and jokin' around like only Joker can do. We will miss him so much, and we are keeping his wonderful daddy and family in our hearts.




April 10th 2007 2:27 pm
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I got my All Fur Fun official membership card! That means that I got 100 points for playing various games and challenges in the group! You should join, everypuppy, it is *so* much fun! The group is called "All Fur Fun" - just do a search on it!

Bark to you later!


Wow, I am All Fur Fun's Pup of the Week, April 1-7th!

April 1st 2007 8:37 am
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Oh my DOG, I was blessed with such a great honour! Pops (Rascal and Joker's dad) is part of the All Fur Fun group, which decided that I was going to be the Pup of the Week, and then Pops drew me this beautiful graphite portrait! Can you believe it? Mommy is so excited! She thinks it is so true to life (you can see the original photo in my photo book above).

The snow is almost melted here, but we are having another cold snap (see my new weather indicator?). I wish Spring would arrive, I want to smell the grass! A lot of other areas have spring already, I am ready!

Yesterday I had a play date with the huskies Ranger and Spencer, at my dogsitter Jill's house. We had SO much fun! Even though I'm only small, I think I'm big, and I play with those dogs like I am just as tall as they are! We even went off leash on the barrens for a while, and Jill said I was real good!

I got a new "shoutbox" everypuppy, so be sure to sign it and let me know that you've visited me!
bark to you later!


Oh my dog - I got sick!

March 26th 2007 3:48 pm
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Thankfully I'm better now! But it was tremendously yucky - I had uncontrollable diarrhea! My mommies were so worried that they took me to the vet after 48 hours of it, and it was a good thing they did, because puppies are especially prone to getting bacteria in their stomach, which is what happened to me!!! The vet imagines that I ate something bad, like rotted grass under some old snow, or maybe something even more vile like poop! I go to puppy day care a few times a week, and it could have been there that I ate something. They can't keep human eyes on me constantly, bwah ha ha ha ha! Anyhoo, they made me take some antibiotics which mommy mixed up in some yummy wet food for gastrointestinal problems that the vet gave her. Geez, if this is how I get fed (along with chicken and rice) then I should be sick more often! (I barked that to mommy and she glared at me - guess cleaning up after me wasn't so pretty... BOL!)

Anyway, after 5 days of medicine, I am completely better, but needless to say, mommy Sarah won't let me go the length of myself without checking to see if I'm "eating" anything funny. Humph!

Bark to you pups later!


Jack is my valentine!

January 28th 2007 11:44 am
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Check him out - he's the "dog of the week" this week.

We are valentines, which means we are bestest virtual buds, and if we were together in real life we'd hug and play and bark at each other all day long! We even look alike (check out our pics!). It's all in the eyebrows... and the cutesy/bad behaviour we can get away with!

BOL! Aroooooo!


a snowstorm!

January 26th 2007 6:41 pm
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Well puppies, I think I have done some pretty spectacular things, like travel in the car, on a plane, get groomed, and (gasp!) get a spay. I have even gotten training and gone to puppy camp. But the worst, oh the worst, has got to be these darn snowstorms. I can't believe there would be such a cruel thing for a puppy like me, just minding her own business, trying to do her business. All of a sudden, wind blowing up my jacket, whipping my beard, white stuff coming out of nowhere, and it's wet! I *hate* being wet. Not only that, I can't even find my normal place to do "hurry ups". It sucks.

Tonight there was a big snowstorm, my third if you can believe it! Anyway, I was being REALLY good, mommy said, but Mama Deb wasn't here (she flew to Ottawa for business yesterday) and that threw me off somewhat. Between missing her, and that nasty wind howling, the lights blinking, and that snow stuff hitting the window, well, I peed. On the white carpet in the bedroom. Mommy said it was okay though. She thinks I was a little scared, since I haven't peed in the house in 3-4 months. Anyway, she bundled me up in that big snowsuit she has and took me out in the blizzard. I did another pee then, and she praised me, and then I did my OTHER business and I got LOTS of praise. We are inside the warmth by the fire now, and am I sure glad.

This snowstorm stuff is for the birds. Actually, it's not even for them!

love Rudy


Doing much better!

December 17th 2006 5:36 pm
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hiya everypuppy!
I am doing much better from my spay. On Friday I went to get my stitches out, and the vet said I was doing perfectly. That's good news! My mommy has noticed that I have my full energy back, and my appetite is getting back slowly. I am now up to almost 1 cup of food a day again, which is a relief. I am now up to 14 lbs if you can believe it!

Today my moms put up this weird thing called a Christmas tree. It has 1000 lights on it, and it's really bright and interesting. I tried to chew on the bottom branches, but mommy Sarah got really mad and ran at me yelling and spraying that yucky spray bottle. I didn't like that ONE BIT. So I did what she calls "puppy skitz" where I run around the living room in circles over and over. Ha ha, that taught her. :)

My nan came over for the weekend and I got lots of cuddles and love. She is nice. And she always has kleenex in her pockets which I can easily steal. It's great!

bark to you later! Happy Holidays!
love Rudy



December 5th 2006 6:15 pm
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Owie. I am just writing to let you all know that I had my spay surgery today. I am very sleepy but I am okay. My mommies are taking such good care of me, they are so attentive! They even brought me my dinner in bed, and fed me water from a spoon so I could reach it. That was pretty cool, because I've never had dinner when I was laying down before. I think they were really worried because I saw Mama Deb get teary-eyed, and she's the tough one! Mommy Sarah had to hold the pack together. I am now lying on the couch between the two mommies and I have mr. Hippo with me so I am alright. I will write more tomorrow when I feel a bit better.
Love Rudy


letter to Santa!

November 7th 2006 2:04 pm
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Hi Santa Claus,
My name is Rudy and I am a Very Good Girl. I only ate mommy's slippers once, and that toilet paper roll thing is too tempting to ignore! It's not my fault! Other than that I have been Very Good. I let mommy rub my belly and brush me and I am going to advance to obedience school soon after doing great in puppy socialization!

For Christmas I would like some toilet paper rolls, some of those great venison and hoki fish jerky treats, and a new stuffed toy to play with. I also want all the doggies in the world to have loving homes. I love other doggies so much, and I always hope they are as lucky as me!

Santa, today I saw my first snow! It was really cool! I got to sniff it and taste it, and I think I liked it. I need to see a bit more of it though, just to make sure. Maybe you could bring me some muttluk booties, since mama Deb says we get snowstorms, whatever they are.

Take care Santa and I will be waiting with milkbones!
love Rudy

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