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What a day!

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Kerfuffle at Schnauzers Rule!

February 29th 2008 6:57 am
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Mommy went to bed safe and secure in the knowledge that all was right in the Dogster world. When she got up this morning and checked, all heck had broken loose! T-Bone was thrown in the kennel for a picture that was on his page (deemed inappropriate), and his page was locked for a while. And on Schnauzers Rule, one of my favorite hangouts, Sam's Stinky Dog Cafe, has been shut down! Why, you ask? I don't know! I don't know what could have been posted that was inappropriate for a child to read. And they won't tell us what it was! It was a nice place to hang and shoot the breeze, and it's an injustice, I tell you! I think the admin should have just removed the offensive post with a warning, not shut down the whole thing. Still, I guess the admin have to answer to Dogster, and it must be hard shoes to have to be in.

I still miss my morning Starbarks coffee at Sam's cafe though. Maybe it will re-open soon.

love you all,


Squirrels and birdies!

February 25th 2008 10:03 am
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Mommy and Mama took me to Pippy Park again yesterday. It is a beautiful walk on the snowy trails, and especially nice on Sundays because there are lots of other people and doggies walking there. There is so much pee-mail to smell, and lots of humans that give me attention! But the funniest thing happened this time. Mommy brought a bag full of seeds and nuts, and was feeding the birds! She held out her arm with seed in her hand, and the birdies were LANDING on her hand! Holy moly, the NERVE of them! I mean, I understand being hungry and all that, but to land on MY mommy? Sheesh! I barked my head off at those nervy little birdies, but they didn't care at all. Mommy said they are tame, and that lots of people feed them in the park. She said they were black-capped chickadees and finches. I don't care what they were, nobody touches my mommy without permission!

Then I saw one of those fluffy brown squirrels. It squeaked at me, taunting me. It got just high enough so that I couldn't do anything but stand at the bottom of the tree, with my paws outstretched on the trunk, and bark at it. Those squirrels sure are pesky! Mom said next time she'll bring them some peanuts. WHATEVER!

I am proud to say I am also nominated for the Schnauzers Rule 1st Pawcademy awards for best diary. This is a huge honour, and I am so happy. Mommy sure is nice to type my words out for me. I am nominated with some wonderful company, and I will be happy no matter whatever pup wins! Me and Mommy had a lot of fun picking our choices on the ballot, and can't wait for the awards ceremony tonight. My boyfriend Skeeter is going to pick me up, and I am going to wear my pearls!

hope you are all having a pawsome day!
love Rudy


Someone got mad at mommy!

February 19th 2008 11:14 am
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I was on a lovely walk in the rain. Mommy was so nice to take me out, even though she knew she would have to bathe me after. I LOVE going on walks. Well, we were minding our own business, when I had to "go". You know what I mean. Well, I never "go" on the sidewalk, I always find some nice grass or snow, and well, it takes me a few minutes, I have to circle and find just the right spot. After I did, mommy picked it up in a dog waste bag, mommy is a responsible dog owner. Do you know that a lady saw us and came out of her house and got mad, saying that she would prefer that the dog (me!) not do *that* on her lawn? Well mommy, showed her the bag and assured her that she picked up after me, and she said "that's not the point, I've got young children!"

Well, I never! Mommy was pretty offended too.


it's hard work being nurse Rudy

February 14th 2008 9:40 am
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Both Mommy and Mama have really bad colds. Mama is taking pills for her asthma on top of having the bad cold, which is viral. Neither mommy or mama have been very energetic, and I have had to watch over them sleeping. I was worried the first day, because Mama had to go get a chest x-ray, and when she came back, she didn't look too good. She didn't smell too good either - the hospital has a funny smell. I decided I wasn't going to leave her side. She said I was a really good dog for keeping her warm and nuzzling her in bed. But then Mommy got sick, so I had TWO humans to take care of! Phew. What responsibility. What work! We have had some nice family time through it all though, watching the Westminister Kennel Club dog show, and snuggling a lot. And it does seem like the two mamas are over the worst. I sure hope so. I have never seen so many tissues in my life!

Happy Valentines everydoggie!
love Rudy


I smelled rabbits!

February 10th 2008 11:38 am
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Mommy took me on a winter walk in the woods around Kent's Pond today! It was fabulous. We walked and ran a lot , which is great, because Mommy is not much of a runner. Because there was about 5 more centimeters of fresh snow, I got to see lots of unusual tracks, rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, and birds. I traced the rabbit tracks around and around, but I never got to see one. They sure smell great though! I dragged Mommy through parts of the woods that didn't even have a beaten down snow path, just so I could keep tracking them. Mommy says she didn't know that schnauzers were like that, she says I remind her of a bloodhound or something. I told her, "Mommy, I'm a ratter!" which means I can track any small vermin! I did come face to face with a squirrel though, who had the decency to look terrified of me), but then it took off up a tree. I stood there with my front paws on the tree trunk, barking up at it. I showed him!

It was a great walk. When Mommy and I got home 45 min. later, she shook all the snow balls off my legs and beard. Mommy is so nice. I think I'll nap now.

love Rudy


If I had a job

February 1st 2008 5:00 am
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My friend Jelly asked what kind of job I would get if I wanted a job. Well I think that I am very good at two things, and so there was not contest to the jobs I would get! I would definitely be either a security guard - I can spot bad guys a mile away, or a personal alarm security system, because I can sound a deafening alarm! The security guard might be harder because I think you would have to be a bit quieter, in order to catch the bad guy in the act, and I don't know if I could do that, because I would get so excited, I would want to "arrooooo!" really loud. I think I would probably be a better personal alarm security system, sounding the alarm as soon as there was a potential intruder. For instance, when anyone walks up the street, I know instantly, and sound the alarm as soon as they get within walking distance of our house. And when those darn deliveries come, sheesh, Mommy even lets them in! I sound the alarm anyway, because she might realize the danger!

What a cool question. What would you be if you had a job?

love Rudy


Mommy the surgeon

January 23rd 2008 4:07 am
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Mommy tried to do it while I wasn't looking, but I caught her stealing my toys and taking them into the study where she was performing surgery! She said that my toys needed surgery since I disemboweled the stuffing out of them! Then she took out a WHOLE BAG of stuffing for toys. It was so exciting. I sat like a good pup and wagged my tail while she sewed up Hippo #2, Hippo #3, and Hippo #4 (Hippo #1 is not saveable, she's said). She also fixed seahorse, mouse and monkey. Now I have toys that are stuffed like new! Sure monkey and mouse had to have amputations to their legs, but they are still good. As she finished sewing up one, she would throw it to me and I would play with it for a bit, but then go back and watch her sewing up another one. It was very interesting. Mommy is so talented.

bark to you later!


Valentine's Tag

January 20th 2008 4:52 am
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I have been tagged by my good pal Jelly in a new Valentine Day's tag. This is just so much fun!

If you have been tagged by one of your pals , then you should create a diary entry that lists 5 of your special wishes for Valentine's Day! Follow that with the names of 5 of your Dogster pals. Then, go and "tag" each of these 5 pals with either a p-mail or rosette! Gotcha!!!!! Sure a great way to share
Valentine Fun!

My 5 Valentine Wishes are....

1. I hope that we don't have that big snow blizzard that is forecast, because then I have to wear my booties when I go out
2. I hope all my pals have an extra nice Valentines Day.
3. I hope that the mommies don't spend too much time on that darn Wii, because for something named "we", I sure am not included!
4. I hope that nanny comes over soon so I can get more cuddles!
5. I hope that I get some more toys for Valentines Day because I've destroyed all my Christmas ones!

My Five Pals that I'm tagging are
Tater Tot
Skeeter (okay, that's six, I can't help it!)


I have allergies, just like my mom!

January 18th 2008 3:53 pm
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A weird tick, resolved!

I was making a weird action, sort of like a tick. I did it from the time I was 5 months till I was about 10 months old. I would be fine, then swing my head back quite fast, and sniff the air. It would be like bending my head toward my back. It would last a few seconds, but I would do it repeatedly, multiple times a day. Mommy got concerned and took me to the vet, but we couldn't figure it out. First we changed foods a few time, because we were concerned that I was allergic to my food. But that didn't stop it.

What did we figure out, you ask? Well, around the time the seasons change was when it got the worst. My vet suggested that maybe I had POST-NASAL DRIP and that's what was causing me to swing my head back in such a weird way. She prescribed me antihistamine oral pills that I take every twelve hours, and they work. I stopped doing it! The dripping was making my throat itchy, and that was causing my weird behaviour. The vet thinks that it is because I am allergic to grass and hay. I was the worst in the spring and summer, and then again in fall turning to winter.

Mommy puts the pill in my food, and I am usually too smart for that and spit it out. She then catches me and throws it to the back of my throat and massages my neck until I swallow it. It really is small, so not a big deal. But it stopped the tick!

I still hate pills, but mommy is glad that I am feeling better.
bark to you soon!


Why I love my moms

January 17th 2008 6:11 am
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I love my mommy and my mama. Ever since they picked me up, I knew that mama was alpha, the one who led the pack, and that I could trust her. I knew that these humans were my moms, and that they were going to love me as much as my puppy pack and furmom loved me.

Mama plays rough with me, and I love it! We horse around when she comes back from work, and as soon as I see her pull into the driveway, I start to wiggle my tail and whine for her. I can't wait to see her! She's not home a lot, so I have to make every minute count. Even though she works a lot to put kibble in the bowl and food on the plates, I know that she is always coming home, and that I can snuggle into her at night.

Mommy is my primary caretaker. She is the one who feeds me, walks me, and cleans up after me. She is also the softer one, so we play fetch and do training instead of rough housing around. I like that just as much though, as a pup can't be wild all the time!!!! BOL. Mommy stays home and works on her thesis, and is only gone to teach one course at the university, so I spend a lot more time with her. Mommy lets me curl up in her lap after a good play, and I will fall asleep while she is reading her coursework and drinking her coffee. I have to put up with coffee-smelling kisses, but it's worth it, because her lap is really padded nicely, and it is SO comfy! Mommy also takes me on long walks and makes sure I'm socialized with other doggies, so that's really great.

I love my moms. They are the best family a doggie could have.

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