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What a day!

oh dear!

July 7th 2008 6:58 am
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Allergies, allergies! Mommy noticed I was not comfortable the past few days, and I have even scratched myself under my chin and made it bleed in a few places! I was licking my paws a lot too. Mommy took me to the vet, and it's a good thing, as a few spots of skin are starting to get infected. Nice Dr. Beth put me on antibiotics for my skin, and gave me some special shampoo to bath in, to get rid of some of the crusties that has built up under my fur. I also got eye and ear drops because my ears are inflamed and my right eye is red and leaky. And I got a prescription of hydroxizine for my allergies. The vet (who LOVES me) said I will start to feel better real soon, and that we are going to continue the allergy medicine all summer, cause we don't want this to happen again!

Mommy cried. Sheesh, she's such a worry wart. I'm gonna be fine, ma! It's all that rolling around in the grass with Izzy that got me so allergic; I never had anyone to roll around in the grass with before!




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