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What a day!


May 17th 2008 6:25 pm
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1) I am doing well at agility. There are two more sessions left, can you believe it? I went from skidding and digging my heels in to not have to approach the weave poles and the jumps, to doing the weave poles for fun, and ALMOST getting up the A-frame. After this session is over, I am going to take a break, and restart in July or August. Mommy and Mama want to do a bit of travelling on weekends in the summer, so it only makes sense to take some time off, since agility is on weekends.

2) Mommy and Mama have put in for a SISTER for me! Yikes! It will be from the same breeder, and we will find out soon when we are getting her. I can't believe it! I won't be the Princess anymore! Mommy says not to worry, cause I'll be the Queen, and the new one will be the Princess. I don't know about this. I will reserve my affection until I'm sure it won't steal my thunder (or my treats)! I will be calling the sister "it" until Mama/Mommy bring it home and it gets a name.

3) Mommy is super excited because Ellen DeGeneres and Portia deRossi are getting married! She wants to go to the wedding. I'm sure they would love to have a Newfoundlander there, wouldn't they? Mommy thinks she would be a fabulous addition, seeing how she is such a proponent of same-sex marriage and equal rights and stuff. Plus, Mommy wants to be married herself someday, and going to Ellen's wedding would give her some great ideas. :)

4) A great friend in Schnauzers Rule, Velvet passed away a few days ago. We will miss her, and are sad to see her leave, but trying to think of her, happy and pain free at the bridge.

5) There are only 7 days till my birthday! I wonder what I am getting!?! Mommy says I will get a new toy or two. Mama says that the new backyard fence will cost enough! But Mommy says that if the fence doesn't go up this week, Mama will be single (!), so Mama went and got the materials, and started digging the holes for the posts today!!! Whoo-hoo, Mommy will stay! She was joking... I think. BOL :)

love you all,




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