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What a day!

Agility week #3

April 20th 2008 11:02 am
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Today was my third Sunday of agility classes (Mommy calls it school). It was pretty good!!! We did a few new apparatuses today, including the jump through the hanging circle, and the dog walk. I jumped over the bar three times, with just a bit of prompting. I did the dog walk starting at the flat part, and then walking across it with Mama's hand in my collar to guide me. I didn't like that so much. I went down each time though. I really have a problem going up and pretty much put on the brakes real hard and drag my back legs when Mama tries to get me to go up. It is the same for the A-frame, I will not go up, but I will go down. The trainer says that's okay, we just will take our time. (It is the same at home, I hate going up stairs. Mommy is not sure what to do about that! Any hints anyone?)

I did the tunnel all by myself, this week, twice at a short length and twice at full length! I like that one, and the last few times I didn't even need very much prompting.

We did the table, where you jump up on a short platform and have to stay there for 5 sec. with all elbows planted firmly. Well after much cajoling I jumped up, and even sat, but would not lie down. Still, this is a big improvement for me. I did the weave poles once too. That one is hard, and I don't really know what to do!

All my school buddies' moms and dads are saying how much difference they can see in my confidence and that I am obviously enjoying it more now!

So far mommy and mama are saying that they are getting "WAY" more exercise than I am, becaause I have to be convinced and pleaded with to do any of it. Still, everyone thinks that I just have typical schnauzer in me, and that I will do it when I am good and ready!!!!




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