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Izzy ♥

February 26th 2008 12:10 pm
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Izzy ♥,
You are the pup of my dreams,
We make the pawfect team,

I will always stay with you,
I will love you, too,

I will buy you a ring,
And more fancy things,

Al ♥


HaPpY fAmIlY dAy

February 18th 2008 10:02 am
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HaPpY fAmIlY dAy all you canadian pups!!
What are you planning to do today?
Well, Momma and me are planning to have fun adn play outside!! And we did, so pawlease go take a peep at my new pics and video!!
Thanks a bunch!
P.S. I got a girlfriend! IZZY! ILY


It's Official Snow

November 9th 2007 12:05 pm
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Dear Diary,
It's official. It snowed. It snowed lots. It snowed big, white, fluffy flakes last night. But's all gone! I was getting so excited, for this morning so I could go in my little ski jacket and run around in the white, deep, fresh snow. So this morning when Mom opened the door, I ran outside as fast as I could...and we were both very surprised. It was all gone. All of it! The white fluffiness....gone! Well, oh well. I guess I'll play with the snow another time.



It's Been Hard....and Weird

August 27th 2007 7:25 am
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It's been hard....and weird this week. My Family just randomly crying and stuff. But now, it's all over.
Everything is back to normal....sort of. It's still very weird without C.J. around. Even though we never really got along, I am still acting a little strange and sheepish.

Well, that's really it!


Paws for a Cause and Cottage Life

July 30th 2007 7:14 am
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Dear Doggy Diary and all of my Doggy Pals,
I have not posted in my diary for ages!
Well, this is whats new with me. We all rented a cottage. (me, momma, grandma, grandpa, aunt laura, and diesel). Next door there was two dogs, Breyer and Odie, and now they are on dogster too! It was so fun being there for a week, I went swimming in the lake, sunning on the dock, boating in my life jacket, and I even sat on the tube (with my life jacket on, of course) with Momma and we went really slow, but then I jumped off and started randomly swimming in the middle of the lake, and Momma jumped in after me.

We also (me, Diesel, Momma, and Aunt Laura) went to a dog walk for Paws for a Cause. It was so fun! We met lots of new doggy friends, played doggy games and won prizes and treats, and there was a raffle table, and we all in total, won three of the things! This is what we won.

Diesel and Aunt Laura won a gift certificate for a $100 portrait of Diesel, four dg shampoos, and a collar and a leash! It was so cute!

Me and Momma won a blue bucket and pail, with two highliters, two pens, a pad of paper, a squeaky bone, a collar, a blinky light for the collar, playing cards with dogs on them, and a mat for my dog dishes. But that was just one thing, we also won another package!! We won a bone shaped bag, with a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste (momma brushed my teeth, and she will again tonight, and she'll take a video and post it on dogster!), Paw Rub (for healing, or mousturizing cracked or sore paws), a dog tag with my name on it, another little bone charm for my collar, a big chewy bone the size of me, a poop-pouch for carrying my little poop in, and three rolls of zebra-print poop bags for putting in it, a sample of a shampoo, we used it, and boy and we buying more of it, BOL, and I'm pretty sure that;s it...we won so much!

We had so much fun!
Al the Happy Shmiez

(P.S. Don't forget to look in my doggy photobook and my page for new photo's!)



June 6th 2007 3:43 pm
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Dear Confused about Dogster love ,
Yes, I do have a girlfriend. If you look all over my page and all my pictures, I definitely do.
But...I have two single brothers, Marley, and Hudson. Tell her about them, and get her to pawmail them.
Hope this helped!


Just a Little Something...

June 5th 2007 2:16 pm
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When your feeling low,
Don't ever forget,
I'll always be here,
From the day that we've met...

I'll always be here,
Whenever you need a friend,
I'll tell you, baby,
I will fight and defend...

For you I will stand,
All by myself,
Watching and waiting,
For nobody else...

Dogs may love dogs,
Cats may love cats,
Geese may love geese,
And those are true facts...

But baby who cares,
We are two dogs in love,
To the ones in our way,
Please move or I'll shove...

Just letting you know,
This is just something I wrote,
But we'll always float together,
On our little love moat...

Tasha, baby,
I love you so much,
I'll buy you diamonds, houses,
And such...

I love you so much, Tasha, and I always will!


(if you would like to sing it in a song, it's to the tune of Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne)



May 25th 2007 6:47 pm
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I've been tagged twice by Benny Blanco from the Bronx, and Bandit. My sister, C.J. has been tagged twice Bobbie-In Loving Memory and Hershey.
So here is how the game will go!
Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary about 7 random facts and the rules! You need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list there names. Don't forget to leave them a a comment that they have been tagged and to read your dairy! So here is 7 things you may know or don't know about me!!

I am supposed to be "teacup" Yorkshire Terrier.
I love being outside, and always have.
My pawrents have now had me for one year.
I love my frog (stuffed animal/squeaky toy). And I mean love BOL!!
I am in love with Tasha, the girl of my dreams.
I have many great Dogster and Catster pals. (well, not me in Caster but yeah, you know what I mean.)
At first I never got this contest *blush* but now I understand!

I tag....
Lord Pippin
Jerry H
Roxie Doxie


Yesterdays Adventure

May 20th 2007 7:05 am
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Dear Doggy Diary and all of my Doggy Pals,
Yesterday, we drove mostly all day, and we went to a store and I met a little girl doggy! She was a black toy poodle/Yorkshire Terrier, and a bit smaller than me. We did the butt sniff dance in circles, until our Momma's leashes were all tangled up, and my momma was holding an ice cream, BOL!
Then we went to look at a cottage, and we'll be renting it in July. (I'll so put on pics of me there!!) They had a fourteen year old Bichon Frise, but she was very grumpy and old and never played with me...:(
Then we went to visit my great-grandpa, and I just played froggy with Momma and ran around in their backyard mostly the whole time.
It was very fun!
P.S. Make sure you sign my guestbook!


New News...♥Tasha♥

May 1st 2007 4:36 pm
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Dear Dogster Diary and all my Dogster Pals,
How is everything?
Well with me, I now have PLus, and have been on many dates with all wonderful girl pups. But none were just like my new girlfriend...Tasha! Tasha is the sweetest, nicest, most kind pup I've met.
If you do not know her and her family, you definitely should!
Yeah, so that's mostly it!

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