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The Adventures of Jelly

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Calling All Pups

February 18th 2015 12:14 pm
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Help! I have been gone from Dogster for a very long time. Are any pups still here?


Calling all pups!

May 22nd 2014 8:38 pm
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Are any pups out there? Mommy and I took a break for the months of April and May. Now I am back sniffing around but I am not seeing many pups. Please answer if you are out there.......


Hi Pups!

February 6th 2014 4:27 pm
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Hi Pups! I haven't been around for a few days so I thought I would come and sniff around here for awhile. The activity here seems to be slowing down. I always loved reading the diaries and that has slowed down too. Some of us pups now have blogs. Today I posted some baby puppy pictures of me on my blog. Go check it out at:

You will see a pretty pink page with my little face in the top right corner. While you are there check out the other blogs that I am following. All these pups have been putting lots of effort into their blogs and Mommy and I really enjoy reading them. Check them out! Consider writing a blog for you too. You don't even have to write much and can do it mostly through pictures. It is great to be able to add pictures to our blogs. If you do start a blog or something let me know because I would sure like to visit you.


I am still here!

January 25th 2014 9:07 am
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I am still here pups! I thought I would come and sniff around this Dogster place this morning. I think it is going to get very lonely here the closer we get to March. Don't worry, I will be here to the end.

As much as I am committed to being here to the end I also have to plan for the future. For this I have set up a blog and you can find it at It also works with the .ca at the end instead of the .com Please come and check it out.

Please set up a blog for yourself so we can stay connected and please, please let me know where your blog is. I want to come over and visit you! I don't want to loose any of my friends. New friends are always welcome too!


A Blog

January 20th 2014 11:56 am
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Since this Dogster place is closing down I just had to find a place so I can do my barking. I now have a blog set up. It is at:

and it is called "The Affie Princess". Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Boring and Beds

January 13th 2014 4:05 pm
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Not much happening around here these days. The weather has been warm with a high of 4 C today. It was 7 C on Saturday with rain. It is still cool but warm for this time of year. The snow and the ice are melting. Mommy has gone outside the last few days and chipped away on the ice on the driveway. Today we had a boring afternoon. Mommy worked on computer work and I napped in the bed beside her. I think we need to get some excitement in this place!

Mommy says I am a spoiled pup because I have so many beds, at least one in every room except the human bathrooms. In the kitchen I have three beds - my day bed, my kennel and a regular round dog bed. In the living room is a regular dog bed and my chaise lounge, in the big bedroom is a Princess dog bed and in the computer room is a regular dog bed. Every room I go to I have a bed and that is the way it should be. A Princess like me needs her comforts. It goes without saying that I also share the big bed and the reclining chair with Mommy. We haven't set up anything in our basement rooms yet and I will insist on having beds there too.



January 9th 2014 8:27 pm
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This afternoon there was some good barking at my place. A couple of peepoles came to our house and brought us a dining room table and six chairs. Mommy said the name of the table is "Antique". This just means it is real old, about 80 years old. Mommy wanted a table to go with our china cabinet and buffet. She had been looking for awhile and finally saw one on the IPad thingy on Kijiji that she thought was close to what she wanted. It had been refinished and to top it off it was only a few streets away from us. The peepoles brought it this afternoon. I barked at them as they made trips bringing everything in. Then they had to put the table top back on. More good barking! Mommy says the table is beautiful. After the peepoles left I sniffed at it and I say it is boring. Mommy said it is a special table where we will have yummy suppers. I am all in favour of yummy suppers so I guess I like the new table.


Car De-iced

December 24th 2013 2:28 pm
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Mommy deiced our car yesterday and I just have to bark about it. We have never seen so much ice before. The whole car was completely coated with about 3/4 to 1 inch of ice. Mommy looked at it and shook her head. She figured the secret was to get inside and warm the car up. Out she went with the hot blowy hair dryer and worked on the drivers door. The driveway cleaning guy was around and showed Mommy how you bang on the ice. Eventually she got the driver's door open. She then started the car and put the heat on high. It took 2.5 hours of running the car before she got all the ice off and all the doors to open. While the car was running Mommy was using the hair dryer and doing the banging thing on the ice. At the end she got big slabs of ice off. She lifed a 3 ft X 2.5 ft slab of ice off the roof (3/4 inch thick). She worked and worked and worked. OMD, was she ever tired last night!

Mommy said this has convinced her that next spring she has to build a storage shed in the backyard. We have a one car attached garage but we can't get the car in there because of the things being stored in there (gardening tools, snow blower, lawn mower, lawn furniture etc). She said next winter our car will be in the garage. You may remember we didn't move into this house until November so it was too late to build storage sheds. I can see lots of barking in my future with this storage shed building project. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!


Looking Up

December 22nd 2013 9:56 pm
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It looks like the freezing rain storm is over. We have been fortunate and have not lost our power or at least to this point we have not lost it. Over 380,000 homes in the Province are without power with many not getting power back for a few days. One lady on the news said they will barbeque their Christmas turkey if the power is not back. Communities have opened warming centers for people to go to warm up if they lost their power. Even though the storm is over all it would take is for a tree branch to fall and hit a transformer and our power would be off. We are in a new subdivision so we don't have many mature trees around so we didn't have the trouble that other neighbourhoods had. Everything is solid ice. The driveway cleaning people came today and just did the basics. They opened up the approach that had big windrows from the plows coming up and down our street. They shoveled the steps and put paw friendly deicer on them and they chopped out the ice so Mommy could open the garage door. They are coming back tomorrow to do the rest of the driveway. Mommy shoveled out the back deck and steps. All the snow is solid ice so I can walk on top of it which I think is lots of fun. Tomorrow Mommy has to try to get into our car which is coated in ice. She thinks she might have to use the blowy hairdryer to thaw the doors so she can get in. We will see........ Anyways this is lots of excitement for me. Mommy said that is not how she would describe it, I don't know what she means.



December 21st 2013 9:39 pm
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Mommy wouldn't let me go down the deck stairs tonight to do my potty. She said it is too slippery and I might slip and hurt myself. She is worried if I hurt myself in the yard I won't be able to come back up the stairs and she wouldn't be able to go and get me. She put me on a leash and said I had to do my potty on the snow on the deck. Mommy opened the patio doors and stood in the house while I walked around the deck on a long leash. I didn't want to do my potty there but I understood her and finally did my pee-pee. I don't like this freezing rain very much!

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