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Yappy Barkday to ME!

April 1st 2013 11:01 am
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Oh yes...there WILL be a big ol' blowout at Woodie's tonight to celebrate the day my wee Westie soul hit the Big Blue Marble. My time was shorter than most, but boy did I get every bit out of every minute I had there.

Mommy's leaky today...what is it with Mommies? I mean, she should be laughing and smiling as she remembers all the crazy stuff I did! I miss her, too, but I can see her anytime I want...oh, she can't do that with me, so maybe that's part of the problem. Silly me!

She posted some pics of me on that Facebook thing...people who never knew me are in love with my purty face and Westie-tude...well, duh! What's not to love about the Tig-monster?

Well...I have an appointment at the spa for The Works...I mean, a girl has to look GOOD for her barkday pawtee!

Earth pups & peeps, miss y'all, but believe me...we're watching!

Caleigh & far you're doing a pretty good job of keeping the 'rents on their keep it up!

Daddy...I'm sending you kissies!!! go outside tonight and look at My Star...and know that I'm looking right back at ya, and I'm never far away. MWAH!

Angel Tigs


Five can it be?

October 10th 2012 10:20 pm
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Yes...five years ago, my sweet Tigs...I was sitting here on the bed holding you, watching the clock, knowing it was less than 24 hours left with you in my arms. The Beast cancer was too much for even your strong Westie spirit and you were tired and in pain. I didn't want to let you go, but it wasn't fair to you to keep you here for me.

If letting a beloved furbaby go can be beautiful, then your farewell would qualify. Daddy came home early to be with you...I didn't find out until later that he took you out into the backyard and visited all of your favorite spots.

Auntie Brenda had planned to come down for the evening for a last visit, never imagining it would be "the night". She had the idea of keeping some of your fur...I was so thankful for that, especially during those first weeks when it still smelled like you. Some would think that strange, but I know my true Westie friends understand.

We all took turns holding you while Celtic music played softly, and we told "Tigger Tales" and believe me, there were plenty! You went at life full-tilt...I often wonder if you knew you wouldn't be here as long and got all out of every second that you could.

The vet finally arrived and gave us some time to prepare you can ever be ready. When it was time, I was holding you and Daddy held us both. I knew just when you were gone and wanted you back, but knew it would mean you'd be suffering and I couldn't do that.

I know you had a paw in sending Darby & Caleigh to us. Darby kept us AND Pooh hopping and then Caleigh...well, she's so much like you sometimes it's a little spooky.

Pooh's there with you now, along with way too many LWDs...I hope you get to see Marcia and Grandpa now and then, too. I know you and Pooh visit from time to time...make yourself a little more "known" sometimes, ok?

Just know that we will never forget you...we miss you every day...and we will see you again.

Love and kisses,


The Price You Pay....

December 1st 2010 9:39 am
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This was posted on Mommy's Canine Cancer Yahoo made her leak, but she had to share....

The Price You Pay

You could live your life,
As an island, alone,
Untouched by sorrow, fear or grief.
Fly to a city, go see a play,
Sip on a glass of Pinot Noir,
And sleep alone in a quiet, sterile bed.
Or you could reach out,
To family, lovers and friends,
Human and furry, the strong-hearted pals,
You could open your heart and let love in,
You could laugh, you could cry,
You could fight and play and hope and work and worry,
You could experience joy,
And Joy isn't safe like that aloneness.
Joy is vulnerable,
Joy from loving can be hurt.
Joy needs the valleys so you can sit on the peaks.
And you hurt when you lose, when you say goodbye,
To the one who brought you joy and love,
To that special one who made you smile,
To the one who gave so much and asked so little.
But a life without joy, without that special love,
Is more precious than gold,
And pain in the price you pay,
For having had joy.
It's just the price you pay,
And the Joy, the Love is worth the price.

RKW 11/30/10


Missing you....

October 11th 2010 11:24 am
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Three years? It doesn't seem possible, Tig-Tig. I think of you every day, and Caleigh has so many of your traits...I have no doubt you had a paw in this one, puppykins!

I know you're with the Angels...and that you're keeping Grandpa & other family members company. Just remember we need a little visit from you now & then down here as it makes us miss you just a wee bit less.

Tonight when Daddy gets home, we'll light candles in the memorial garden and talk about the crazy things you used to do...and yes, we'll get a little teary remembering how loving you could be.

You and Pooh Bear keep watching over us, and if you could help Caleigh with the housetraining I'd appreciate it...LOL!

Love you always and miss you terribly....



Two can it be?

October 11th 2009 12:15 am
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My sweet puppykins,

Today it's two years since we set you free to fly with the angels at The Bridge. Not a day goes by without thoughts of you...with time the pain has eased but I don't think it will ever go away completely.

This past year has been especially hard since I lost your Grandpa in June of last year. I hope you're entertaining him....and letting him know how very much he's missed and loved back here on earth.

I know you pop in to check on us. For one thing, now and then someone slips and calls Darby "Tigger". I finally decided that when that happens, you're near. Darby is so much like you it's amazing, but she's also her own nutty self. You sent us a "good'un", sweetie!

You visit others as well...your Auntie Brenda says her kitties get "skittish" sometimes, just like they would when we'd visit her. And when Fred takes your guy DT out for his evening "constitutional" there's often a splash in their neighbor's pool, but no one's there...and we all know how much you loved to swim. We won't get started on the Yapple Balls that "go off" by themselves...too many instances to count! I have to admit I was glad when the battery failed on was a little strange to hear a cow moo or rooster crow at 3 am!

You have powers I never realized. Like the solar spotlights I have in your memorial garden. There are multiple lights plugged into the same solar panel, but the one aimed at your picture in the memorial garden frame is the very brightest. And, when the others are dimmed and finally dark by the wee hours, when I look out the window, there you are....almost glowing like the star you've always been.

Dobsey's there with you now....and Ben....Iver.....Vito....too many pups wearing wings, but at least I know you're in good company.

We will light candles for you tonight, and reminisce about a very, very special furry soul that graced our lives for too short a time.

We love you.....we will always love you....and we miss you every single day.

"And now....I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end....the way it all would go. Our lives...are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss The Dance"

With much love,
Mommy & Daddy


One year....

October 11th 2008 2:31 am
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My sweet I sit here typing, I can't help but think about what I was doing exactly one year ago. Your daddy and I made the decision the evening of October 10, 2007 that it was time to let you go. You were so weak and obviously ready to rest...Daddy went down to the family room to sleep so he could get up for and I spent the entire night together on the bed. You slept some, but you were uncomfortable.

During that last day, I watched the clock as the hours passed, knowing that each minute that went by meant I was that much closer to losing you. I selfishly wanted you to stay, but it wasn't fair to you. As hard as that last day was, I cherished every moment because you let me hold you as much as I wanted. The best times were those when I held you on my chest and I'd look down to see you staring at me...we just looked into each other's eyes so much that day. You were my "heartdog".

Your daddy came home early from work and we made a pawprint as a remembrance. Your Auntie Brenda came to see you one last time and you gave her some kisses. Then we took turns holding you as we waited for the vet to come to the house. You hated the vet's office so much...we didn't want you to be afraid. We lit candles and played Celtic music softly as we sat and told "Tigger stories". Then the vet arrived and it was time.

She let us get ourselves as ready as we could possibly be, then we all sat on the floor. I held you and your daddy had an arm around me and one around you. First you slipped into a deep sleep, and then it was time....I knew instantly when your soul was set free...I was the last thing you saw on this earth and that's what I'd hoped for. For a moment I wanted to scream "NO! Bring her back!" but then all I felt was a beautiful sense of peace...we looked at you and saw that at last you were free of the pain and discomfort the evil cancer beast had caused you.

I miss you so very much, but I know you're around from time to time and that you visit others (please keep watching over Dobsey!). When I saw you that last time at the crematorium I whispered to you "When the time is right, send me a Westie with 'tude, like you" and you took me at my word. Little Darby is so much like you sometimes it's definitely had a paw in her joining the family. She can never take your place, but she fills some of the hole you left when you took a piece of my heart with you to The Bridge.

I know that Marcia was there to meet you when you crossed, and that you were there to meet Grandpa when he came in June. Recently Daisy joined you there and I pity the Gatekeeper (and the squirrels) with the "Four Westieteers" running wild there.

I wear the medallion with an image of your paw print and I kiss it, just like I used to kiss your paw...when I get the urge to kiss it, I know it means you're nearby.

On this "anniversary", I just wanted to say that we love you....we miss you terribly....and we know we'll see you again someday.

Fly with the angels, my sweet Tigs....



Happy Barkday at The Bridge, my sweet Angel....

April 1st 2008 4:15 pm
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Oh, Tigs....I can't believe that a year ago I was cooking your birthday hamburger and arranging your pressies so they were all ready for your official birthday portrait. Just a day or so earlier you were diagnosed with the evil beast that would take you from us just six months later.

We had hoped for more time, but it wasn't to be. I think now that you somehow knew that you wouldn't be here as long, so you put as much as you could into every minute of life! Your daddy and I always said that you lived life "with joyous abandon" and it was so were our "shark dog", always on the move when you were in the backyard, making the rounds and starting over again right away because something might have been there in the minute since you checked it out! You could be WAY out in the corner of the yard, and if you heard "Mommy's home!" or "Daddy's home!", you would FLY across the yard, fur plastered against your face...then you'd run through the door and HURL yourself at the object of your affection. :-)

We had a special bond, you and were definitely a Mommy's girl. In the mornings, you and Pooh always got a biscuit with some p-nut butter on it...but you wouldn't take yours until you had some "Mommy-love". I'd go sit in the chair, you'd run over and jump up into my lap to give me some kisses and get some ear-rubs...after a couple minutes I'd put you down and THEN you'd run over and grab the biscuit.

You were my snuggle-bug...I loved how I would hold you and you'd rest your head on my chest or shoulder. That last day, I held you as much as I could, and sometimes you'd lay there looking up at me and we'd stare into each other's eyes....I cherish those moments so very much.

I know you're with us....sometimes more "vividly" than others (I'll take another dream like the one where you were kissing me anytime!) and I know you're going to send us another furbaby to love when the time is right.

You will always have a special place in my heart....those memories are in the place of the piece of my heart you took with you.

I love you, puppykins....



Today I Go to The Bridge....

October 11th 2007 12:45 am
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The day is finally here....yesterday Mommy and Daddy realized that I'm just too sick to stay here with them. Auntie Chris told Mommy that she needs to remember that this is the greatest gift she can give release me from this sick body so I can run free and healthy at The Bridge.

I will miss Mommy and Daddy a lot....and even Pooh Bear :-) but I'm so tired...I plan to visit and let them know I'm still watching over them. Mommy and Daddy are very sad right now, but they know it's time.

I want to thank all my Dogster pals for the prayers, rosettes, stars and good wishes over the months since my cancer was found. You've all helped us through this long, hard battle and I know you will be here for Mommy and Daddy once I'm gone, to help them leak less and less each day.

Mommy wasn't sure, but then she said it was okay for me to say this....CANCER SUCKS!!!!! She also wants me to remind all the pup-parents to hold your babies close because you never know....

I love you guys!!!! I promise to say hello to Woodie, Billy, Paris, Isis....oh, just all the puppers at The Bridge. Billy and I will chase squirrels in Daisy's honor and I will help Woodie sneak past the Gatekeeper (I'm not called the demon spawn for nothin'!) for the pawtees and other naughtiness you earthly puppers find to get into. And DT....when you feel a little breeze brush your cheek, that will be me giving you an angel kiss.

Love, hugs and Westie kisses,


Love Tag

July 28th 2007 3:57 pm
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I will love tag 3 special pals.

1.Tag 3 friends

2.Tell your friends to visit your diary for directions on how to play the game.

3.Then write in your entry of a reason why you tagged each of your 3 pup friends.

My tagged friends

1. DT because he's my guy!

2. Jade....she's one of my best pals!

3. Furby....he's a good friend who's always there for everyone on WU!


TAG -- You're it!

May 23rd 2007 10:47 pm
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The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary about 7 random facts and the rules! You need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your dairy! So here are 7 things you may know or don't know about little me :o)

1. My barkday is April Fool's Day
2. I love to swim!
3. I don't like to have my tail touched...especially when I'm sleepy!
4. I can't be off-leash because I'll chase any critter!
5. I love it when Mom puts the car window down at a stop light so I can pop my head out and check out the smells!
6. If I'm out of my crate when Mommy comes home, I do a "happy dance" at the top of the steps until she lets me kiss her
7. My lovey is my stuffed penguin...aka Pengie!

The pups I will tag are:
1. Digby
2. Lady Gidget Newbury
3. Louis Vuitton
4. Miko
5. Princess Cookie
6. Buffy Angel
7. Sir Gizmo Winthrop

Dogs I have been tagged by:
1. Furby
2. DJay
3. Nola

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