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Nice Day in Chicago

January 19th 2006 2:38 pm
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Today is such a beautiful day outside -- near 50 degrees in CHICAGO in JANUARY. This never happens. Mom was so happy that she took us for a walk around the block in the middle of the day (she took a few minutes off from work). Buster and I walked down the midway and sniffed the entire path. There weren't any other dogs out there which was a bummer. Oh well. I am sure it will snow tomorrow - that would be my luck.

Oh well - back to my blanky on the couch to watch some TV until Mom and Dad come home.


Happy 2006!

January 1st 2006 11:44 am
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It is New Year's Day and I haven't done much of anything new. Since my mom is pregnant, she is too sick to do much. She and dad went to bed early last night. I feel sorry for my mom. I have been resting with her and I hope that she feels better soon so we can get back to going outside more. She keeps telling me just a few more weeks and she should feel better. In the meantime, I will harrass my brother Buster and wait for dad to come home to take us for our walk. I gotta go now - Buster is eating my bowl of food! Woof!


Lounging Around

November 9th 2005 2:12 pm
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Mom and dad recently moved me from my daytime location of the living room couch to the bed in the bedroom. My brother Buster likes to bark sometimes and if we are in the bedroom together, he doesn't bark as much. I miss watching TV all day long, but I do admit, I get much better napping done while on the bed. Mom recently purchased me a Kong and so each morning before she leaves for work, both Buster and I get to enjoy peanut butter from our separate Kong toys. I didn't used to like peanut butter, but now I love it!

The weather is kind of strange these days -- unseasonably warm which I don't mind. However, the sun sets here in Chicago at 4:30pm so Buster and I don't get to see much daylight except on weekends. Mom and dad take us out to the yard at night and we run and wrestle for a while. I wish it was light out though -- Mom only lets us take our frisbee out in the daylight because the field is so big, we often lose our toys and as mom says -- we always manage to lose the expensive ones!

Oh well -- that is about it for me. Mom should be home soon from work and that means we can go outside for a while and then eat our Nutro. Hopefully, she puts our favorite Iams gravy on it.....


My typical day!

February 4th 2005 8:18 am
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Today was another good day.... Mom and Dad went off to work and I chilled on the couch on my flannel blanket. I could hear Buster barking in the other room - he's still in a crate. I spent some time watching TV and every once in a while I went to the window to look outside. Then I drank some water and thought about chewing up a pen Mom left on the coffee table. Hopefully, tonight I will get to play with my friend Basie. Basie is a giant schauzer and we love to play together. We haven't gotten to see each other that much lately because the weather here in Chicago has been really cold and my paws hurt from the salt and cold. That is about all I have today. I really want the summer to come because Mom and Dad take me to the dog beach and we spend alot more time outside. Even though I like to eat snow, I really hate the wind and the cold. Oh well - back to my blanket - and that pen is starting to look pretty good!

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