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Mudge's Musings

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New Homes Are Fun!

July 20th 2006 5:43 am
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Well, it's now full day number three with my new family, and I'm lovin' it! I miss my puppy brothers and sisters at night, so I make sure I get Mom up frequently to give me some love. Did you know that Saint Bernards howl? Hee hee hee....Mom didn't either, but I sure showed her! I "sang" for her at 1:00 a.m. on my first night here....there was an encore performance at 4:30 a.m. I thought it was lovely, but all it got me was a trip outside to "go potty" (whatever that means!).

My doggy brothers are still working on getting used to me, but it won't be long and I'll win them over with my puppy charms. Harley (my Yorkie brother) thinks I'm scarey....he runs away from me whenever I want to play. Humphrey (my Shih Tzu brother) is old and cranky, so he growls at me sometimes. But, he's starting to get curious and seems to be thinking about making friends. I hope so, because I REALLY want to play with his curly tail!!!

Yesterday Mom, Dad, and my human siblings took me to the vet. You know, I've heard other dogs say it's no fun, but I really don't see what all the fuss was about. I plopped down on my belly on the exam table and let them see my lovely pear-shaped figure. Everyone was really nice to me and I got lots of pets. Then, the vet gave me a new toy to take home. I'm a pretty healthy boy! The only bad thing was that the vet told my mom I only need about two cups of food each day....Mom had been going by the bag and giving me three (I didn't eat it all, but it sure was fun trying!). Darn vet!

Well, it's off to play toys, nibble the plants, and find the coolest spot on the floor to squash my tummy against!

More musings on another day....

Mudge the Magnificent (...or Mudge the Pudge as Mom says)


The Wee Hourse

July 21st 2006 6:07 am
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Mom was sooo proud of me for sleeping through the night. I didn't get her up until 5:30 a.m. I really don't see why that's such a big deal. Those late late (or early early as Mom puts it) romps in the yard under the stars were lots of fun. Besides, aren't you supposed to get up and go at that time? Afterall, they are called the "wee hours of the morning," so what better time to wee????

Although I'm a very sleepy puppy (during the day anyway), I'm really starting to give Mom a run for her money when I am up. I've learned that the table leg, couch, and...well...anything I can get my teeth on is tasty! Mom doesn't think playing tug-0-war with her shorts is fun, but I sure do! She yelps funny when I catch her skin...but then she says that "N" word that I don't like.

I met my Grandma last night...and a little tiny squeaky toy that actually runs around when you chase it. Grandma insists he's a dog, but how can anything half my size really be a dog? He was lots of fun, though!!! Grandma thinks I'm cute as a button and says she loves the way I waddle. I guess that's a compliment, but c'mon...waddle? Me?

Okay, time to that I can reach!!!

Love and Licks (and some chews, too, cuz I just can't help myself),
Mudge the Marvelous (...or Mudgie Pants, but that's not very dignified)


Bully Sticks and Puppy Friends

July 23rd 2006 7:59 am
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Whew! It's been a busy couple of days around here. My non-furry brother had a birthday party...he's 10! That's one OLD dog! So, Mom spent alllll day Friday cleaning the house because Grandma and Grandpa were coming from someplace called Minnesota (I wonder if they have dogs there, too?). She also said my other Grandma was coming...I was hoping she'd bring Max the squeaky toy again, but she didn't :(

Well, I've decided cleaning isn't cool. I really really wanted to play with Mommy. When she wouldn't play, I decided to amuse myself with anything I could get my teeth on. Mom kept using that "N" word, but what was I supposed to do??? Then, just in the knick of time....da da da da....Super UPS Man showed up to save the day. He had a package with my name on it. was addressed to Mudge Smith. It was from my Aunt Bonnie who lives way far away from here in the land of Connecticut (I know they have dogs there, because I have a cousin named Farley). Inside the box was a couple of boxes of training treats and THE COOLEST toy I've ever sniffed -- a bully stick! Mom says it's kind of gross and stinky because it's a dried cow tendon, but I think it's the best thing since...well...Mom! I played with that thing for a really long time. I barked at it, chewed it, pounced on was GREAT!

Finally Grandma and Grandpa came and I got lots of pets again. I calmly accepted them and went back to my nap on the floor.

The next morning Mom and Dad took me to something called "puppy socialization class." They can call it whatever they want, but I call it FUN! I romped around a ring with six other puppies...okay, Mom just told me I'm lying...I don't really romp because I'm such a sleepy, calm little guy. But, I really did play some. I had to! Every time I went to one end of the ring to lay down, the whole pack of puppies would rush down and wake me up!! I made some new friends and showed everyone what a cute little bark I have. For some reason they laughed at it and said they hoped the bark will grow with me. Hmmm....I thought I sounded pretty fierce.

Mom says I was the "bell of the ball" at that class. The second all the other puppies were off their leashes, they came charging at me and sniffed me all over. I just sat there and let them do it. Then all the people who were standing around the ring or who dropped by to look at the puppies (the class is in this cool store with lots of puppy food and toys) wanted to pet me. They all commented on how darn cute I am. What can I say? They're right!!!

I came home super duper tired and slept most of the day...right through my big brother's birthday party!

Well, writing a diary entry really takes a lot out of a pup, so it's back to my nap and my bully stick.

Sniff ya later!
The Mudginator (pretty cool name, huh? Mom....stop name isn't PUDGE!)


HOW MUCH Paper Towel?

July 26th 2006 7:17 am
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Mom refilled the paper towel rolls AGAIN this morning. She made sure she told me that she's gone through five rolls of paper towel since I came to live with her just a little over a week ago. Sheesh! I'm trying...I do go when I'm outside...I just like to do it again when I come back in! And, need I remind her that she uses paper towel for other things besides my messes?

Hee hee hee...Mom was perusing the Dogster pages this morning and did a search for other adorable Saint puppies like myself. Now, she knew I'd be somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 - 200 lbs when I'm all grown up (the breeder says almost all my fur daddy's pups reach the 200+ lb mark!), but she didn't know just how fast I'd work on getting there. I've already grown since coming to live in this great home, and today she discovered that most Saints reach between 80 and 90 lbs by six months! That's around the size of my cousin Maggie the Golden Retriever, and she's all grown up!

Speaking of Maggie, I visited her house on Monday. She's really really fast! Her dad bought her a Hyper Dog toy that is a sling shot to shoot tennis balls (Maggie's a little obsessed with those balls...she didn't even have time to play with me!). She'd go racing after those balls and I'd try really hard to keep up, but mostly I just tripped over my big feet and waited for her to come back. Maggie's a lucky dog -- she lives on a big farm with lots of room to run, run, run...not that I have any desire to do much of that. My Uncle Larry and Aunt Betsy gave me lots of loves and let me lay right next to the air conditioning vent in their kitchen...aaahhhhh. My no-fur cousin Steph thinks my chubby belly is funny....huh! I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy!! (really, really fluffy....MOM, stop taking over the keyboard!!!)

My new game at home is to sit on the other side of the baby gate and bark at my "big" brothers (they really don't look so big to me!). They're not quite sure they like me yet, so Mom keeps us separated to avoid any problems. She lets them out when I'm sleeping and Humphrey sniffs my toes. I hate it when she's in the kitchen with them! She goes in there and sits on the floor and gives them loves...I yell and yell, "Hey! Those are my kisses! What about me?" But, she just laughs at me and says the big boys need love, too. Geez, they get to sleep on the bed at night and sit on the couch...I don't get to do any of that! Mom says I'm too big to sit on the furniture and besides, she says she already has a 200 lb hairy, drooly thing in her bed -- she doesn't need another one! Is she talking about Dad???? I'm tellin!

Okay, back to my nap so I can grow some more...and some more...and some more! Watch out world, here comes MUDGE!!!

Licks, sniffs, nibbles (and some piddle, any extra paper towels?),
The Mudge Monster (...sigh...Mom says to sign it "Mudgie Wudgie"...what am I gonna do with her?)


I'm Gonna Start WHAT?

August 3rd 2006 9:28 am
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Well, I've been to puppy socialization twice now. Mom weighed me when I went on July 30th and I was up to a whopping 13 lbs...that's over three pounds of weight gain in a week and a half. Yay me! Mom says she can't believe how much I've changed already. I keep telling her to take more pictures so all of you can see how big I'm getting, too, but she's a pretty busy person. I'll keep bugging her, though, and eventually there will be some new Mudge the Magnificent pictures out here.

Mom says I start something called "Puppy Manners" class next Wednesday. She found a trainer right here in our town who will do one-on-one training in our home. Mom hopes she can help me and my dog brothers get along, too. She says this lady is going to help Mom teach me all the basics like sit, stay, come, down...whatever all that means!!!

I keep telling Mom I don't need to learn anymore manners. After all, isn't it perfectly acceptable to walk up to someone and chew on their foot? Or sit on it? Or stand on it? And just why can't I take a bite out of the plant every time I walk past it???? Sheesh...I've got all the manners a cute guy like me could ever need! (come on, guys, back me up on this!)

This past week I went and spent some more time on cousin Maggie's farm and I got to play in the sprinkler with my little human siblings. It's been really hot here, so I loved that. Maggie's dad let me play in the hose on another day. Then, of course, it was time to find some dirt to lay in. I had a great time, but it earned me a trip to the bathtub.

Time to find some feet to chew!!!!

Lick Ya Later!
Mudge the Moose (I like being big!!!)


So much to little time!

August 11th 2006 12:30 pm
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Oh my! So much has been going on here!

I've started to figure out that I've got teeth and it feels really good when I bite stuff...the couch and chairs are my favorite, but a wiggling foot will do in a pinch. Unfortunately, that "training" thing started earlier this week. My trainer lady brought her big dog with her. His names is Buck and he was sooo mellow I thought he might just be a statue, but he moved once in a while, so I guess not. That trainer lady was really, really nice and smelled like about a bazillion different dogs. She gave me lots of love, but she also made me mind my manners...that means no biting. And, she taught Mom, Dad, and my two-legged siblings how to stop me from biting. DARN! But, I still kinda like training (shhh...don't tell anyone!), cuz I get lots of cheese and it also makes me really happy when Mom gives me lots of loves for something as silly as sitting or laying down. Gosh, Mom, any puppy can do THAT! Mom insists I'm a genius, and I guess I don't mind letting her think that.

Another cool thing about training (at least my mom thinks it's cool), is that she learned how to handle the disagreements between me and my crabby older brother. (I can't help it he's 12 and doesn't want to play! Those ears and that curly tail look like so much fun to tug on!) The bad news is that it means correcting me and not my brother. The trainer said something about him being the top dog and it has to stay that way. I don't care who ends up on top as long as I get to wrestle!!! Mom says that's not what it means and that I have to learn to, "BACK OFF!" (that's a direct quote from my mom and my brother!)

Then at the end of the training session the trainer lady let Buck show off for us. She said she wanted Mom to see what I'll be able to do some day. You see, Buck is a therapy dog and that's what Mom wants me to do, too. I can't wait because I heard something about lots of petting and kids...I LOVE kids! Anyway, Buck showed us how he responds to either voice commands or hand signals. Then he did this nifty thing where the trainer lady dropped a pen on the floor and asked him to pick it up and take it to my mom. He even took a toy dinosaur to my two-legged sister...he didn't even leave teeth marks (what fun was that? I'd have at least left a couple!). My whole family thought that was the coolest thing, so I can't wait to learn that some day, too. After all, I'm the coolest dog around, right? Mom says I'm not quite ready for that yet, so for now I'll stick to sit, down, no bite (rats!), not tugging on the leash, and not picking on my brother (double rats!).

Back to dreaming of cheese and tugging curly tails!

Wags and Wiggles,
Mudge the Mighty (...or Moosie...thanks, Mom....)


Kitty Pals and BIG Friends

August 21st 2006 6:11 am
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Hey Everyone!

Well, my training is still going very well. I'm really good at sit and down, and now I'm working on heel, stay, come, watch, leave it, and stand. Whew...that's a lot to work on, but Mom keeps taking me for walks (which I love, except that she won't let me run up to greet everyone we see---including the people driving by in cars!) and working on heel. We're pretty sure the neighbors all think we're crazy because sometimes Mom stops in the middle of the block and makes me sit or just turns around and then turns back. (I kinda think she's a little weird, too...why can't we just keep walking??? And why can't I lag behind or head off toward a good smell or some interesting looking person?) I learn pretty fast, so my trainer says that if we keep at it, in 6 weeks I'll be ready to make a visit with her and big Buck (her therapy dog) to a rehab center near here that doesn't require certification--just a well-behaved dog with current shots :) (That's me!!!)

On Saturday I got to go to puppy class. Mom says I was a beast! Hey, I can't help it I knew what I was there for and those new puppies didn't! Mom said I scared the little schnoodle and the sheltie mix by running up to them and barking. Then she tried to hold on to me to settle me down, but I just wanted to play, so I thought I'd play tug with her hand (oops...sorry about the blood, Mom! I'm still working on "no bite" and my teeth really hurt sometimes!). She put me on my leash for a little bit and made me settle down. Then I played much better.

After that we went to Aunt Betsy's farm for the day. I got to go outside with furry cousin Maggie, which is always fun. Uncle Larry was building stalls in a barn. Mom says they're just the right size for me to live in cuz I'm gonna be a horse when I grow up!! I'm sorta confused about that...does that mean I'm going to grow a long nose and hooves??? Gosh! I hope not!

Speaking of horses, we went out to the stable where one of my skin cousin Steph's horses is boarded. Wow! There were lots of BIG friends in the field...a couple of them are biiiigggg draft horses. Maybe that's what I'm gonna be--a BIG DRAFT HORSE!!! I stood outside the fence and grazed with them for a few minutes, but I was real nice and didn't bark and scare the baby.

Then it was back to Aunt Betsy's to play with my very bestest friend in the whole world--Nemo the little orange kitten! He's lots of fun and likes it when I chase him around the house. He walks under my legs, but sometimes I sit on him. He also likes to get up on a chair and bat at my head. Mom worries that I scare him, but he always comes back for more, and most of the time he starts it!

Oh, and Daddy bought me a whole bag of bully sticks!!! I love my dad :)

Back to slobbering on the floor!!

Big Saint Slobbers,
Much Loved Mudge (awww..thanks, Mom!)


Sneaky Mommy

September 1st 2006 11:11 am
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Hee hee hee...Mudge is snoring on the floor like a truck, so I (Mudge's Mom), thought I'd take this opportunity to commandeer his diary to tell you the truth about our Mudgie.

Okay, the truth is...he's a FANTASTIC little guy and we couldn't be happier :) Oh, he's not perfect (and it's a good thing he's sleeping, cuz he'd tell you his is!), but he's pretty darn close. He's now a 25 lb bundle of love, licks, and those sharp little puppy teeth. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out that he's too big to play rough, so we're really working on that issue. He can be a little scarey when he comes flying across the floor at you and lunges for your arm/leg/sleeve/whatever he can get his teeth on. But, I must say he's getting better about biting when he plays. It's been a really long time since I've had a puppy...his older brother is I had forgotten what little stinkers they can be.

Mudge's "obedience" (that's such a funny word to use...I don't know that I'd call it "obedience" so much as "wanting to please" or "willing to partner with" or maybe just plain old compliance!) training is going pretty well. He's excellent at "heel." He doesn't pull on the leash at all and is great at staying right where he should, except when he starts to get tired, then he'll lag behind a bit. He remembers most of the time to sit when I stop. I can't believe how easy "stay" has been with him. That's usually a hard one for dogs, but he'll stay without breaking for quite a while when his leash is on (haven't tried it without yet). "Sit" and "down" are a piece of cake for him :) He's just a really smart little guy...too smart...

Lately he's decided that he can sometimes use his size to his advantage. When he knows he's about to be put in puppy time out (tied to the bathroom doorknob for not listening), he'll stage a lay down strike. He flops on his side or back and absolutely refuses to get up. Well, right now while I can still lift him it's not a huge issue...but pretty soon HE will be huge, and it will definitely be an issue. I'll have to ask my trainer what to do about that neat little trick.

Anyway, that snoring is getting quieter, so I'd better end this entry before he finds out I was in here :)

Snuggles to dogs everywhere,
--Mudge's Magnificent Mom (...uh oh....he's up...caught red handed!)


Mommy's Soooo Proud!

September 9th 2006 9:14 am
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The 6th was my last official doggy manners class with my trainer. I got to go out to her house where she lives with Buck and all her other labs. There were LOTS of doggies there and puppies, too! I was a really good boy and my trainer was totally impressed by how well I did with all the distraction. I walk so nicely on my leash :)- I even went in to where the puppies are and got to sniff them. I was a little freaked out at first by the puppy smells, but Mommy and Daddy and my furless siblings went in, too, so I figured it must be okay. Mom oohed and aahhed over how cute the puppies were, but she says I'm still the cutest.

I've been walking the kids to school every morning. It's really fun to hear so many people say, "What a cute puppy!" every single day. Mom says she's getting a little tired of hearing, "He looks just like Beethoven!" She says I don't look like Beethoven because I'm cuter!!!! Besides, I look just like ME -- 110% Mudge.

Mom's amazed at how many people around here own Saints because we've only seen one other one in our small town. Even my furless sister's teacher from last year has one and we never knew it! Mom says that's because we're so big when we grow up that people don't take us too many places. Huh! Not this pup! I'm going everywhere with my family :)- Of course, that may mean they have to get a bigger car...but I'm okay with that (Dad's not too thrilled, though!).

One awful woman actually walked up to Mom and told her she's going to hate me when I grow up. Mom was shocked to say the least since she doesn't even know this crazy woman! This woman says she has a Saint and she hates it. When Mom politely told her that it wasn't even possible that she could ever hate me, the woman kind of backed off and said, "Oh, well, I don't hate the dog. Just the hair." Yeah, whatever! That poor dog...I wouldn't want to live with that terrible person. Mom told her that's what vacuums and hardwood floors are for. After all, why on earth would you get a big hairy dog if you aren't willing to deal with the hair? People can be so awful to us dogs sometimes...I don't get it and neither do my people....

Another new development in my life is "the sit down strike." Hee hee....I'm getting really big now and I've figured out that if I plop down on the floor or ground, it's pretty hard to move me! So, when Mom tries to take me to time out, I plop! I think it's hilarious, but she doesn't (party pooper!). Mom admits it's kinda funny now because she can still pick me up, but she says that pretty soon she won't be able to, so the strikes have to stop. She doesn't seem to worried about it, though, because I'm getting to be so well trained that I listen really well.

Okay, back to my nap!

Love, Licks, and Sweet Puppy Eyes,
Mudge the Mush (Okay, Mom, that name's okay cuz I do like to give and get loves!)


I Went On Vacation!

September 26th 2006 1:56 pm
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Okay, Mom says that I didn't really go on vacation, they did, but it sure felt like a vacation to me!!!! Mom, Dad, and the furless kids went away for the weekend to a place where they couldn't take me, so I got to go spend the weekend on cousin Maggie's farm :)- (Aunt Betsy and Uncle Larry keep trying to say it's THEIR farm, but we dogs know the truth, right?) I had lots of fun there. The humans were putting in fence for the horse pastures, so Maggie and I got to play outside all weekend long. I also spent some time in a horse stall (there was no horse in it, though...just me!) because they needed to put me someplace safe while they were working in the barn. Mom thinks that's funny and keeps teasing me that those stalls Uncle Larry is building are really for me and not the horses. Huh! That's not very nice. I happen to like laying on the carpet and taking up most of the floor :)- Mom says I shouldn't's the inside life for me and she wouldn't really have it any other way.

While I was at Maggie's, Uncle Larry took lots of pictures of me. (What can I say? The guy's got good taste. I'm cute and I know it!) Look at my new primary photo. Can you believe how big I'm getting? Mom also added a funny picture of me and Maggie. I think I was saying something like, "Psst...after this picture we'll make a break for it and steal all the tennis balls!" Uncle Larry says I just look possessed. Hee hee hee!

Last night Mom and Dad and the kids took me out to the local pumpkin patch where our town's "celebrity Saint" lives. His name is Samson and he's HUGE! Well, to me he is. His owner says he weighs about 160 and rumor has it I'll be bigger than that as an adult. We'll see! I barked and barked and barked at him. Mommy says that was kinda mean and I was wasting my breath because Samson is very old and couldn't hear what I was saying anyway. Sheesh! Then I saw donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and a calf. I didn't even try talking to any of them, though. But, I did almost get my nose bitten by a donkey!

Okay, time to find something to slobber on!

Mudge the Marvelous

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