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so called life

What now...

January 1st 2007 3:42 pm
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Heard master's takin Pepper back to her nephews'.

I am feeling a bit strange.

Don't know what my days would be like without her.

This half dalmatian, half piranha has become my ally.

And she's learned to be mannered somehow... she's still

a biter...takes a lock of my hair whenever she gets playful...

But she's so ok...

It can get really sad staying home alone.

I wish she never had to go.

I don't understand.

But I'm trying to....(bacground music..."All by myself...don't wanna be...All by myself....anymore...." )


I am lovin Pepper now!^^

November 29th 2006 8:36 pm
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It's been a week and we're gettin' along now.^^

I like it that I have new playmate.

I'm always bored alone in the house but nowww...

I got PEPPER!^^

Don't want her out of my sight...she's still very aggressive but
well, I'm bigger and when I attempt to bite her, her whole head fits right
in my mouth.^^ Of course I won't really hurt her...

I feel sorry though that she has to go through some tough training...I mean she gets a lot of "No!" and "Sit" and "Stop!" but she hardly gets them yet.
Well, I comfort her when she gets shout at. She hides where I used to...under the sofa!^^

I hope she gets bigger soon.
She's so tiny sometimes I think I might crush her...

Well, off we go run around now!^^


This polka dotted pooch is drivin me nuts!

November 19th 2006 4:29 pm
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Wahhh...there's this little creature my master brought home she calls my sister, and she makes me crazy!

I can't believe my master...

the pooch behaves like she's the boss and I hate it!

I tried to get closer when she took a nap...

She's so tiny! How can she be my sister! She totally looks like a dalmatian to me!with a twist...

Goodness... I wish she won't stress me out...

But I think my master got really tired of our freaking each other out so I'm sensing she'll be gone tomorrow...^^




July 31st 2006 7:40 pm
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I am worried my master's getting all too stressed out with the hotspot I have now...
But I like it that she's there with me more...keeping me company and soothing it with some mixture I am not exactly aware of. But it's nice. ^^ Pampering sure feels soooo goood!^^

She got me this kind of harness too...I think I know what this means....I'm going some place soon!!!!

Tells me it's gonna be ok too all the time...and I know it.^^ master is just so awesome...


Is it really raining cats and dogs?

July 11th 2006 10:43 pm
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Cause if it is...why am I so alone?...

Really longing for a pet friend...
something that moves...
or something that can keep up with my energy...

Maybe not anything.

So sorry humans need to go and
earn a living everyday...

But surely it wouldn't be so great if we dogs did...^^


Longing for long walks

July 9th 2006 10:25 pm
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I look out the window everytime.
Sometimes unexpectedly.
And I wish they would take me out.
But the security's keen on us all these days...
I wish i could let them know I'm cool somehow.

And I am happy when I send masters off to work...
and when I welcome them home...
and when we play games...
I just hope I make them as happy.

And they say:
Don't worry...
We'll sneak out one of these days...^^

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