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I am a Queen

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July started with a bang....

July 5th 2012 1:41 pm
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Mom and Dad stayed home this 4th of July with us pups. I am so glad they did!!!! The neighbors were letting off fireworks and I was scared to death. Last year mom said when she got home from seeing fireworks that I was stressed to the max and this year she decided not to leave me:) Mom just set on the sofa with me and we watched a movie while all the bangs were going off. I heard the end of Tanglewood Park's big finale fireworks and it was sooooo loud to me. Cyrus is not afraid he just goes into guard mode and barks and low growls.
This morning we got up early and mom and dad took us to the walking trails out at Tanglewood. So many improvements to the park. The swimming pool now has a lazy river. The campground has been revamped. The dog Park has almost reached its goal and will hopefully begin construction very soon:) The campground is right beside the walking trails which have now been paved. Lots of park benches to rest along the way. The walking trail even has a trail that cuts to the right that leads to the bathrooms at one of the likes that...bol. We saw several deer and it was peaceful early this morning. Only a few dogs were out walking and lots of runners trying to beat the heat. It got hot by the time we were wrapping up our walk and the humidity was 70% so it took me a long time to get cooled down. Mom took the water hose on mist setting and let me get under it when we got home:)
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!!



December 10th 2011 8:28 am
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Mom and I were having a little talk this morning. Mom is a bit under the weather with a cough and cold and she did not feel like getting up early today but she did so I would get my insulin injection on time. I could see it in moms eyes...she started to cry. She said; "Kiara, 2011 has been a very hard year. Many of our doggy pals are now angel pups, so many doggies have been sick and several have had surgeries, and some of our pals are just growing old and tired. She also reflected on a couple of human friends that have passed away as well. Then I licked her face and she said... but we have so many many blessings. I think I am one of moms blessings...she just hugged me and I let her cry on my fur. She felt better after our talk. I am planning to help her today with Christmas Cards and continue to be one of the many blessings for my mommy. (((Hugs to all the hearts out there that are hurting.))))

Stay warm pups....



Morning Coffee with Mom...

February 26th 2011 6:45 am
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Mom was reflecting on years past this morning while drinking her coffee. She read some of my old diary entries and laughed out loud at some of the entries and then she would cry at others. I gave her kisses and decided to lay my head on her feet that she has curled to the side on the sofa. The diary entries took mom back through heart felt journeys as she read them. She decided that she needs to spend more time writing diary entries for us so she can always have memories to read in years to come.

Last night the girl came over to visit and she brought Salem their newest pack member. Mom had to measure the girl for a bridesmaid dress order for a friends wedding. Salem is very little. She and I played tug with the rope. She was excited to get up on the sofa's and give mom and dad kisses. She liked to lick water from my mouth after I would go drink. Mom said I was a good girl and always accomodating all the newest memebers of the NC Pack.
We were all chilling on the sofa's and listening to the humans chat away. Cyrus the Great, decided to join in on the conversation with the humans. Cyrus has a VERY DEEP loud talk that then changes and he gets a low talk that sounds like he is the Godfather talking. Salem was sitting beside her mom on the sofa and she became very nervous while Cyrus stood in the middle of the den giving his views about life as the girl egged him on to talk. The next thing I know the girl said oh no what the heck!? Salem saw the television reflection in the glass door while Cyrus godfathered us with his gift of gab and she was so frightened she expressed her anal glands on our sofa!
Mom and the girl were freaking out and then dad took over and brought out the upholstery cleaner. Thank God mom keeps large quilts on our sofa's to protect them. They rushed all of doggies to the hardwood floors and cleaned up Salems mishap. Mom was not happy while it was all going on but she laughed about it afterwards.
I guess Salem has a lot to learn about Cy boy and his loud verbal bark and his low godfather talking, and shadow reflections from the big screen tele...just wait until I tell her her about the wind and the sky falling....bol;)
Well mom's coffee is cold so I need to get off her feet so she can grab another cup. Big hugs and golden smooches to everyone.
Queen Kiara



February 3rd 2011 4:11 pm
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This morning mommy sung Happy Birthday to me then left for work. Then dad came home at lunch and hung out with us the rest of the day. He has some procedure tomorrow according to Cyrus at the people vet. He had to drink this nasty stuff that made dad stay in the bathroom almost all day off and on?!? Mom finally came home and said it is was time for my Birthday. Poor daddy tried to help sing and take some pictures of me but he was not looking like he felt much like singing. Mom got Cyrus and I special dog cookies from the pet store. We each had one bone cookie decorated with xoxo...and a SOCK MONKEY cookie. Cyrus was not sure if we should eat the sock monkies but I immediately inhaled mine being the Queen I am:) I got some new training treats and a new purple collar too. I love birthdays! Mom has to work a half day tomorrow and then she will take dad for his procedure...she said dad will be very hungry when they leave the people vet. Maybe dad will get a sock monkey cookie too. I have enjoyed my Birthday but now its time to cuddle with dad and make him feel better.


A new pack member...

January 9th 2011 7:18 am
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Mom told Cyrus and I that Joe and Kaylee have a new fur girl named "Salem" at their house. Their mommy has been volunteering at the local animal shelter. They decided to rescue 2 yr old Salem who was picked up at the post office. We doggies have not met her yet because she was just spayed and we need to wait until she has healed. Mom and dad said she is such a sweetie...we could smell "SALEM" on their clothes after they visited. Mom will have to make her a dogster page when her mom and dad take some good pix of her:) She is brindle color on her topside and black, gray, and white on her underneath thinks she could be a mix of pitbull and maybe cattle dog:) She is bigger than Joe and smaller than Kaylee. We are so glad she has a good home.


Goldens smiles to everyone...

June 1st 2010 6:46 pm
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I hope that all our friends on Dogster had a very wonderful Memorial Day Longggg weekend. To all the Troops...we love you, we support you, and we thank you!
To start our memorial weekend off we had a very nasty storm Friday night. The huge maple in our backyard snapped a rather large limb from the strong winds, which made a very loud big crash onto the wellhouse before bouncing onto both mom and dads vehicles. BOY WAS I SCARED!!!!! Cyrus felt sorry for me after the storm because I stayed on the sofa shaking; he brought my ball up onto the sofa and laid it at my snout...guess he thought that would comfort me. The vehicles were actually spared other than two large dents on moms old Honda and dads SUV got a few small looked much worse than it was:) Moms car went to the body shop today for repairs. Saturday brought lots of loud noises too from what the humans said was a chainsaw to remove the limb from the vehicles. Sunday we celebrated moms birthday...I learned moms age...25 x 2 = shhhhh do not speak it, bol:)
I am on a rather strict diet after Cyrus went to the vet last Friday before the storms. He has lost all his winter couch potatoe pounds and is 2 lbs of being his ideal weight....UGGGGG! I still need to loose about 10 pounds before my vet yrly check up in June.
Just wanted to drop in say hello to everyone and tell you that I wuv woo all so very much!
God bless...Golden smiles always, Kiara

"Dogs are forever in the Moment. They are always a tidal wave of feelings, and every feeling is some variant of Love."
C Heimel. Taken from Town & Country Dogs


Happy Easter to All

April 2nd 2010 10:41 pm
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We have not been on Dogster very much so I wanted to take time and say hello to all our pup pals and friends. I am looking forward to Easter. My mom and dad are in charge of Easter this year so they will be cooking for family. Lots of nibbles and attention for me and Cyrus:) Mom has been super busy cleaning and shopping for the meal. Today she and dad worked outside in the yard and planted some flowers and put out new mulch. Mom says she might not be able to get out of bed in the morning.
I went to be groomed on Thursday and mom let Sarah the groomer cut me shorter than normal...she said I get so hot so she is going to see if I like this for the summer. Mom likes my hair cut except my bum looks like a poodle bum...bol. I am so curly that my hair curled up even more being shorter. I heard mom tell dad she misses my bum feathers...all I know is that it feels so much cooler, and it will grow back in no time. I was a very good girl this time at the groomer. Sarah told mom that I was less nervous, so mom took me to the pet store and let me pick out a new stuffie before coming back home. I was so happy:)
Cyrus got a bath too and he smells really nice. Mom took care of him because he has very little hair...bol. He was so happy when I came home. Mom says he always sits at the back door and looks for me to come back home. He is my goober brother that I truely adore but do not tell him that! I have to keep the upper hand on him and make him bend and bow to my every wish; like giving me his bone when I scold him...bol.
I am off to bed now but I wanted to tell everyone that I love you all much and wish each of you a very blessed Easter.

Love always,
Queen Kiara


All of a sudden one of the darn fingers just fell off....

February 5th 2010 6:34 pm
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I had a wonderful 4th Birthday this week. My mom works with children and she made me a birthday Crown with some of the schoolage children. I liked it and thought it was neat to smell all the little hands on my crown that helped with the design:) I also had Heart Shaped cookies instead of real people cupcakes this year. Mom said I have to loose some weight so that is why she opted for the dog cookies instead. They were yummy. Cyrus and I both inhaled our cookie. I also had a birthday party on one of the groups this week; it was very sweet of all my pals to celebrate my Birthday...thank you all so much!

Not sure what the age of 4 is going to bring but mom says I am becoming a snoop again in the house. The night after my birthday, while mom and dad went out to eat; I found one of moms gloves on the hall tree. It was so pretty; fushia and super soft. I brought it into the den where I teased Cyrus with it and it became a tug toy. All of a sudden one of the dang fingers just fell off. CYRUS yelled now look what YOU DID!!!! I politely collected the glove and stuffed in under my chest as I lay looking innocent on my bed. When mom and dad came home she immediately saw the ripped fushia, cashmere finger of the glove, laying in the middle of the floor. She asked US what happened to HER glove!?! I looked guilty as sin; Cyrus tucked his tail and whispered; "see, I told you; we are in trouble!' Mom scolded us in a matter of fact tone she gets sometimes with dad when he forgets something important, then she saw me laying on the glove!!!! Mom swiftly picked it up from under my chest and quicker than lightning she opened the trash can and threw it away. THEN SHE SAID...KIARA that was BAD...Naughty girl! I felt so bad about what had happened. I spent the rest of the evening trying to smile at mom and make up for the glove. Mom never stays mad too long. I have to control myself better on my snoop missions.

Hope everyone is staying warm. Going to snuggle a bit with mom and then its off to bed.
Sweet dreams...


My Boots the cat made his journey last night to the- bridge...

December 24th 2009 5:20 am
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My cat brother Mr Boots left for the bridge last night. Yesterday was very emotional for mom. Boots started to shut down slowly three days ago and had made his spot behind the door in the computer room for his special place to make his journey to the bridge. He was not in any pain but slept non stop for two days with just a few sips of water when mom and dad offered him...yesterday morning he drank a tiny bit of milk for my mommy. She let him have that since he loved to drink milk from pops cereal bowl as a kitten. Mom and dad decided to let nature take its course since he was not in any pain and avoid stresssing him out with a ride in the car to the vet..he really did not like riding at all in the car, and mom felt strong that he would not make the ride. I am glad that they made that decision for him so he could go peacefully at home wrapped in his favorite blankie.
Boots made his journey last night to the Bridge and mom said that was his gift to us for Christmas. She told me that Boots was very old and that he knew we were all upset. He did not want to make that journey on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and so he went a day early; he wanted to join the Christmas celebrations at the bridge with all the angel kitties and pups. Mom said he did not want us to continue to be upset.
I will miss you Mr Boots my friend but mom told me that you will be in our hearts forever.

Mom found this poem yesterrday and she really liked it when she read it:

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.

Author Unknown

Merry Christmas to all our friends...we love you all much...and I know all the angel kitties and pups are taking good care of my kitty brother Boots:)

Kiara and the NC Pack


Boots the cat with many many lives....

October 17th 2009 8:56 pm
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Well this weekend started off wth a lot of sadness. Our cat Boots is very old... (not sure exactly of his age because when he came to live here the vet estimated him between 3 and 5) He stopped eating on Friday and was sleeping non pain... just sleeping and hiding as if he were trying to go off by himself to die. Mom cried a lot Friday night and did not think he would make it through the night. This morning he perked up and ate some tiki cat food...although he has made his new sleeping spot under the computer desk in dads puter room. Mom thinks he is really ready to go the bridge but since he is not crying or showing any signs of pain she is planning to just let nature take place and see what each day holds.

Mom prays that he will just go peacefully in his sleep when it is time. He might just fool mom and dad again...we had this scare twice now and its like he gets a new life:)

Last night I made dad let me go into the puter room to see him. I just layed down and looked at him. He raised his head and we touched noses. Even Cyrus has been showing interest in him and lays outside the puter room on the floor looking into the room to see if he is ok...they do not get along...Cyrus refers to Boots as the ole' Cuss. Boots scares Cyrus and Cyrus is not much of a cat lover. I love Boots very much.

I think Boots will go to the bridge when he is ready...and if he gets in pain my mom will know that she will have to take him to the vet to help him to the bridge...I pray that he goes peacefully right here at home under the puter desk...that way he can be with all of us when he decides it is time to journey. I keep telling him not to be afaid that it will be ok. He looks at me and tells me he is not afraid and that he will make the journey when he is ready:)

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