A Diary of Chopper's Adventures while Growing up

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Halloween and My Birthday

November 11th 2006 11:17 am
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Halloween was very exciting. We had lots of people visit our house. I greeted all the visitors & loved sticking my head inside their bags of food---but they didn't have any milkbones in there....My Aunt Maureen sent my birthday gift---a football and a Frisbee. I just adore the frisbee---I can even whirl it in the air and catch it by myself. I don't even need mom or dad to help. Well, Daddy carved a pumpkin in my likeness and all the kids loved it. Mom put the picture of the pumpkin on my website. Mom is scheduling my appointment with Santa Claus at the local Humane Society. I have to think about what I want to ask for Christmas, since I have been extremely good this Year! Bye for now---I have to go play .


Fall Arrives and No Shoes are Safe!

October 19th 2006 4:47 pm
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Chopper is maturing into a healthy, active boy with teeth that are forever searching for a target. His favorite shoes are Dock Siders----Daddy's shoes. He loves to take one and run outside with it. This will then start an immediate game of chase. Our neighbors all know our dog's name---Since we are usually yelling it at the top of our lungs---"Chopper, bring that shoe back!". Well, he usually brings it back in a little worse shape, but still intact. Mommy thinks this is all funny, until Chopper starts eyeing her Land's End shoes. Now, all shoes are placed in the closet and at a very high level!


The Summer of Chewing.....

July 12th 2006 9:43 am
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July has been an interesing month. It started with me licking the toads that often appear in our yard. I didn't like licking the toad very much, and Dad had to come outside and wash my entire head with water. I have discovered the yard water sprinkler. If I time it just right, I can get my teeth on it just before it entirely douses me with water. Yesterday, Mom left her underwear on the bed, and I promptly retrieved it and brought it to the living room. She wasn't pleased..........To get rid of all my excess puppy energy, I occassionally go to Doggy Day Care. I go to a really nice place and they treat me like royalty. I get to go swim in their pool and get lots of playtime. They put me in with the large breed dogs, because I like to run with the "big dogs" even though I am only 70 pounds. I am totally exhausted at the end of the day, which appears to please Mom & Dad. Well, I must find something else to chew now, in order to keep Mom & Dad on their toes.

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