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Tails of a Sled Dog Junky


September 8th 2012 10:53 am
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Mom and Dad have a fenced in area in the yard. We are not allowed in there. I went in once and Mom got upset with me. They call this area a garden. I call it Heaven. Dad gives me stuff out of it he calls them peas, green beans, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage and corn. I call them delicious. I love this place.

Esky's Nanook of Kahn, WD, SD ( Wheel dog, Sled dog/scooter dog)
Don't ya just love that name?



August 31st 2012 12:08 pm
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I love fresh peas. Dad grows them in the garden. When he picks them he always gives me a few. They are wonderful. Sometimes I get in trouble I make a bit of a nuisance of myself begging for peas, or even worse I pick my own and the vine comes up with them, Dad gets really upset over that one. Did I say, I love peas? Wonder what else in the garden is good?

Eskys Nanook of Kahn


A really fun scooter run...

November 3rd 2009 11:14 am
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As you know, or should know by now, I'm a registered Siberian Husky. My job is to mush, pull sleds. Sometimes I pull other things besides sleds. Dad has a thing that has 2 wheels, he calls it a scooter. I pull it when there is no snow. A couple of weeks ago Dad took us for a run. He took 2 scooters and a thing with 3 wheels. Dads 2 grandaughters, Kelsea and Cassidy went with us. We met Meeka and Midasfor a morning of running. I pulled Kelsea, she's really light and easy to pull. Meeka and Midas pulled their mom. Kia pulled Cassidy and Buster and Sasha pulled Dad. I took off really fast with Meeka and Midas right behind me. We left Dad and Cassidy behind. Wow what a fun time we had.

Esky's Nanook of Kahn


A run all by myself......

August 29th 2008 12:51 pm
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Dad and Mom took Buster, Kia, Sasha, 4 of his Grandchildren and of course me camping.....

I am the greatest you know. I am the only one in the family with papers...

anyway enough about me (as if there could ever be enough about me), well anyway back to the camping trip.

When we got to our camping place, which is a really lovely place in the Olympic National Forest. Not crowded at all. There are never any campers near us, and very seldom does a car go by. Any way, when we got there Dad came to the back of the truck to take us out like he always does, only my sisters Sasha and Kia started fighting. I have no idea what they were fighting about, Sasha just jumped onto Kia for no reason I saw, sometimes Sasha thinks she's the boss.

Where was I?

Oh yes Dad came to let us out, the girls started fighting and Dad was trying to stop them and wasn't paying attention to Buster and I. We jumped out. Hey who could blame us we don't want to get involved with the girls fighting....Buster went right to Dad's grandchildren, he calls them his boys. I on the other hand saw a perfect opportunity for some much needed exercise, oh, and a perfect chance for some solitude and sniffing....I started running down the road. I figured I would run the same way Dad took us last time we were here. Mom followed me in her car, but I can run much faster than that car. I heard Mom calling my name, but, I was having a lot of fun..... Finally Mom turned around and I came to the place Dad turned us around last time so I turned around and started chasing Mom. I caught her, went right past and decide I better lead her back to camp. I wouldn't want mom getting lost in those woods. She's really nice and when she feeds us she puts something real good on our food and she always saves the chicken parts and cooks them for us..... I couldn't let Mom get lost in those woods now, could I??

I would have led her right back to camp, but I met Dad in our truck. Dad got out and I ran right up and said hi to him gave him a kiss and jumped into the truck. Yep...right in the front seat with Dad. I never get to ride in the front seat with Dad...Hey ya think maybe he'll let me drive next time? It really looks easy.

Esky's Nanook of Kahn...

Isn't that a great name? Wish they would call me that instead of just "Nook"


School is fun

November 2nd 2007 4:22 pm
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I went to school today. Dad took us all to Emerson School in Hoquiam Wa. We demonstrated our mushing skills. I got so excited I'm afraid I may have made a bit too much noise. Dad told the children in the first grade how I love to pull. He also told them about my warm coat and how it has two layers. Dad pulled some of my under coat off and let them feel how soft it is. I had fun at school today. The children were nice.



July 5th 2006 5:24 pm
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For the last week I have been hearing loud bangs. It was really bad last night. I hide under Mom's car, or in my house because it scares me. Dad says it's fireworks.... I hate fireworks.......They hurt my ears.........My sister Kia really gets scared. She tries to get out of our yard. She told me it scares her so bad she just wants to run and run.........Buster, my big brother, and Sasha my other sister aren't scared of fireworks. They are pretty brave......


I'm a junky, A work Junky

July 5th 2006 12:33 pm
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Yes I love to work.....I figured that out right after I came to live with this pack. It was just before my 2nd birthday. Dad and Buster took me to a place in the woods. I didn't know what we were there for, but Buster was happy, so I didn't think it could be too bad. First Dad put a thing on me that he called a harness. I didn't know what he was doing so I wiggled a lot. I just didn't know if I liked that harness. Then Dad put me beside Buster, hooked a rope to the harness and a rope to my collar and Buster's collar. I was a bit nervous I didn't know what was going on, nobody ever did this before. Dad said something and Buster started going, so I went with him. This was strange. I looked back and something was following us. It was Dad. Hey! we were pulling Dad. Then I realized we were running...Wow.. we could run, and we were going fast too. I think I like this......It's kinda fun...Wait, what's that ahead? Buster sees it too....I think it's a deer!!! Let's get it!! ..........Drat it got away, but we'll get the next one. Come on Buster, let's find another. This is a ball. I Love this.

That's how it all started. Now every time we go to the woods and Dad takes me out of the truck I really get excited. I get so excited I yell at dad to hurry. Dad tells me to be quiet, but I'm too excited. One time I got so excited I nipped Dad, He didn't like that. I better not do that again. Another time I was so excited I chewed my harness and Mom had to fix it. I better not do that again either..........Yep I think I'm a work Junky.....I get to run next to Sasha. She's a really good puller. I love Sasha......

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