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Tails of a lead dog

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August 31st 2012 12:03 pm
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I write about Dad a lot, but this time I want to write a few words about Mom. I love Mom. She is a great person. She always pets me and talks to me. She lets us out of the kennel almost every morning. When Dad is sick or sometimes when he's tired Mom puts us to bed. She usually puts some gravy or broth on our food. I love Mom. Mom doesn't usually scooter with us, but sometimes she goes for a ride with us. I try to be a gentleman when Mom goes. I won't get in the truck until she's saftely in. If she follows us in the truck I make sure she is following ok and doesn't get lost. I love Mom.



Busy Snowy Days of Winter

January 15th 2012 7:03 pm
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I have been really busy leading the team. Yesterday Kelsea, Dad's Granddaughter brought some friends over. The team and I gave them all scooter rides on the street in front of or house. I tried to tell them to wait till today because snow was coming, but they wanted to ride.
Today I lead the team up and down the road giving Dad and others rides. I hate going back and forth on the road. We only do it because we love dad.



A Wet Muddy Run With Dad and His Grandchidren.

December 30th 2011 6:47 pm
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Last Monday night when dad fed us and put us to bed, I knew we were going to go for a run in the morning. I didn't even need a crystal ball to know. I knew because dad fed us home made turkey and rice soup. I love Dad's turkey and rice soup.
When we got up on Tuesday, dad loaded us in our truck and drove us to Lake Sylvia. Yuki and Cassidy and my 3 boys, Levi, Nick and Jordan were there. Yuki pulled Cassidy's scooter, Nook pulled Levi and sometimes Nick, Kia pulled Nick and sometimes Jordan. Sasha and I got to pull Dad. It was wet and muddy. I love to pull dad when it's wet and muddy. Sasha and I either stop so dad has to put his feet down in a deep mud hole or we pull him thru them as fast as we can so he gets all covered with mud... It's great fun....


Training Yuki

December 30th 2011 6:39 pm
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Dad has been making me train Yuki. Yuki is a cute little Siberian bitch that lives with Cassidy, Dad's granddaughter. I enjoy training new sled dogs and really don't mind. In fact I like training Yuki cause dad stops after the run and buys us ice cream. I love ice cream.


I'm a model.....

December 9th 2010 4:51 pm
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Last Saturday Dad brushed me, put some cologne on me, then took me in the house and tried different Christmas hats and a scarf on me. Then we went and picked up my friend Yuki and went toa place where Dad said Santa wanted to have his picture taken with me. It as fun, but I think Santa should have paid me a modeling fee or something. I did make him look pretty good in that picture. That's the second modelling job I've had and didn't get paid. The last one was with Dad for a calendar. Well actually dad did give me treats. He said the calendar was a fundraiser for our mushing club. Hey, how about a fundraiser for me?


I'm so excited......

October 25th 2010 12:25 pm
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In fact the whole team is excited. For the last year or so we have been worrying about Dad. He obviously has been having some physical problems. Lately he has been going to the vet a lot and he is obviously feeling better. That's reason #1. Reason #2, Dad says the long range weather forcast shows we could have a lot more snow this year, I could'a told him that, our undercoat is getting a lot thicker than usual and huskys just know.. Wow that means Dad will take us sledding a lot more.


Almost perfect weather

December 10th 2009 11:30 am
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The weather lately has been great, well at least as great as you can get without snow. Dad told me it was 6 degrees the other day. A few degrees cooler and it would be perfect.....well as perfect as you can get without snow. I do love snow. Dad says it's going to snow in a few days, duhh I could of told him that. We huskies know a lot about the weather. The only problem with good weather is the water in our water bucket gets really hard to drink, Dad calls it ice...but he does bring us fresh warm water several times a day....



We're going to school again....

November 3rd 2009 11:25 am
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When dad put is to bed last night he told us that we are going to school on Thursday. I love to go to school. He told me we would be in the second and third grade. Hmmm... I thought I already did those grades. I was hoping for 5th or maybe 6th. At this rate I'll never graduate. Well I guess it's whatever dad wants. He is the boss. This time we are going to meet Meeka and Midas at school. I always have fun when they are around. Isn't it great to have friends.



We went to school again....

January 16th 2009 4:10 pm
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While I'm on the computer, I'll tell you what we did today....We went to school again today. Dad took us to Emerson School to show the kindergarten classes how we have learned to pull him. He talks about reading and how he trains us and about safety and then he shows how he harnesses us and let's Nook and I demonstrate how well we can pull him and how well I follow his commands. He even lets the kids give me the command to hike. The kids really like it when we take off' pulling Dad as hard as we can.

Now I have been to kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth. I should be able to graduate soon......



Dad gets hurt....

January 16th 2009 4:01 pm
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I'm writing this kinda late, cause I've been too busy to get on Dad's computer, but the week before Christmas it snowed here. It snowed a lot, I just love snow. Dad loaded us all up in the truck, did I tell you we got a new truck, it's really nice, my favorite color, red. It has a lot of windows in the place where we ride and they are nice and tinted so we can see out really good. It's quiter than our old truck too, and Dad says it has something called 4 wheel drive. We really like our new truck....Any way back to my story. Dad took us out to a place where we go to run. There was a lot of snow on the ground and we were pulling our sled. We left from the truck and went under a gate. I think we took off too soon and Dad hit his head on the gate, but we didn't know that till later. I noticed the sled was harder to pull than usual and Dad wasn't standing on the runners. Oh no we were dragging Dad. Dad told us to whoa so I stopped the team right away. Then Dad told me to turn the team around. That was strange because we didn't go very far. I turned the team around, my sister Sasha was mad about turning around so soon, she was growling. I wish Dad would take her to anger management counseling. I think she has a problem. After we turned around I thought Dad wanted to take another trail, but he did want us to go back to the truck. When we got back to the truck I saw that Dad had blood on his head, a lot of blood. He loaded us up and took us home. I heard Mom say she was going to take Dad to see the Doctor. Now I know a Doctor is like the Vet, so I knew Dad musta got hurt pretty bad. When Dad got home from the Vet he didn't have blood on his head, but he had some shiny metal stuuf on his head. We didn't go for a run for a couple of weeks....But Dad's OK now.

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