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My new home!

January 11, 2013 - Misha will always be free

January 11th 2013 9:27 pm
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My daughter and I returned to Fort Funston in San Francisco, which was Misha's favorite place (no leashes, lots of fresh air, other dogs, ocean views and vegetation). We put Misha's ashes in the Pacific Ocean so Misha will always be free in spirit in his favorite place.

Misha, we will always miss you and are glad we got to know your kindness and sweetness in the 6 1/2 years you were with us.


The unexpected happened too soon

January 11th 2013 9:21 pm
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December 6, 2012

The day before, Misha vomited three times after dinner and would not take any snacks. He looked tired and when I took him for a walk, he walked hesitantly. I thought it was just a stomach illness and that he would be better in the morning. On December 6, he refused his breakfast which made me realize he needed to see a vet asap. Unfortunately his regular vet was out of the office so we saw another one. He looked at Misha's gums and said they were pale and anemic looking. He kept Misha there for several hours and ran blood tests and said the white blood cell count was high. He did an x-ray and saw that MIsha's heart was round and enlarged and there were lesions all over the inside of his chest. (He had surgery 2 weeks prior to remove a suspicious black mark on his chest which turned out to be melanoma, but the vet had taken it out along with surrounding skin so he thought he got it all out. Little did we know the melanoma was probably an external manifestation of what was going on inside). The vet told me that he was going to have a specialist come in to look at the x-ray so I raced back to see Misha but he died in less than an hour and before I could get there. What a shock. Misha was a noble dog, so regal in the way he sat and so loyal to us -- on unleashed walks at Fort Funston, he would always look for us and kept close to our side. My daughter, who always took Misha on these walks, was coming back from college that afternoon for winter break and it broke her heart to hear that Misha had died before she could see him again. It was the saddest Christmas we have ever had.


It is always Year of the Dog around here...

January 27th 2008 6:12 pm
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January 28, 2008

It's been 1 1/2 years since I arrived and I am still King of the House. (or maybe Top Dog???) I now have a friend named Oliver, otherwise known as Devil Dog. He is small and loud, quite the opposite of me. He wakes me up by barking at trucks or postal workers so I have to get up from my deep slumber to join him, otherwise I'll look bad. He gets a lot of attention which is good and bad...because although I like to be petted, I like to be left alone, too. Oliver keeps me on my toes, so I love him like a brother...from another mother (and father, ha-ha). We fight like siblings too. I like licking him because he's soft and cuddly but it grosses out the humans so they won't let me have my "Ollie-sicle". Oh well....

I am still enjoying the Beltran lifestyle which is eat, sleep, watch TV, and go out when we need more food....

My owners like it when I sit regally, like a king. So what if I cross my legs when I rest?? It's rather comfortable and royal, too.

Love and Licks,

PS I still miss my original owner but I think the new owners are doing a good job. More treats for them!


Starting a New Year with those crazy Beltrans!

December 30th 2006 10:20 pm
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December 30, 2006

Dear Diary,
I haven't written in awhile as it's been a busy 6 months getting to know my new family. There are so many of them (it seems like it!), coming and going, but I always know to look for my "mommy" because she's the one who's home the most, seems to know where everyone else is supposed to go ("schedule", they call it??) and I can count on her to feed me on time and stay home with me. I always let her know when the mailman or UPS delivery driver dare to stop in front of our house and ring our bell. I would be a great guard dog if I didn't like people so much!

Now I will start a new year - 2007 - with my family. I do miss my former owner but he's busy with school and my new owner sends him emails to let him know that I'm okay. I am so lucky -- I get to sleep in a comfortable armchair in the living room and guard the house from there. My chair is even by the beautiful Christmas tree, although I thought it was strange that they brought a bush inside the house.( I sniffed it and thought about marking it, but knew I would get in trouble if I did.) I get to take walks 1-2 times a day and sniff every suspicious bush and mark my territory every 5 feet. I even get to chase geese sometimes, even though there are many of them and some of them look bigger than me! I've discovered the deliciousness of home-made peanut butter dog treats and how many times a day the refrigerator door opens in this house (they sure eat a lot here).

I am looking forward to a doggone good year!

Ruff and kisses,
aka Mishi, Mishka, Moeisha, Mish, Puppy, Pony


One Month Here And Living Large!

August 5th 2006 3:18 pm
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Dear Diary,

I'm like a new celebrity around here....the top dog (aka mom) lets me follow her everywhere and the loud and little ones treat me really special with lots of hugs and nice words. The mom always said the kids are nicer to me than they are to each other (maybe because I don't take their toys or hog the computer or take over the television??). I've already been to the groomer twice and been to dog parks and even to doggie daycare for day visits. I get walked 2-3 times a day (boy, do I like those walks! So much to sniff, so much to pee on!) and I get to hang out in whatever room the humans are in. I even get to sleep upstairs (just please, remember that I'm laying there before you stand and step on me!) I undersand there's more people (relatives, they call them??) for to meet, and I promise I will be really good and not bark too much when the doorbell rings (although I am a good guard a living, breathing security system! Watch out postal service, UPS and Fed Ex!) and will try not to beg too much for food. (Although my mom says she's amazed I can stay within a closed room without barking, so guests who aren't used to dogs hovering by them can eat in peace). I'm also learning more tricks (learned to shake paws the other day, thank you very much!) and there's a few more tricky ones I will try to master.

I'm living large in the Beltran house!



First and second day

July 2nd 2006 7:28 pm
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Dear Dogster Diary,

I am in a new place and although I miss my owner, Jon, I am sure kept busy by these new people! There sure are a lot of them. A mom, dad and three kids and their many friends. They like to pet me a lot and talk to me and they seem to like it when I follow them around. I like to lay down and watch them carry on with their busy lives. When I feel especially comfortable, I will roll over and offer them my belly for my favorite belly rubs. They also like to go outside and play a lot so I like to follow them and listen to their kid noises. Today is my 2nd day and they've already taken me for three walks. This neighborhood has a lot of green stuff and birds and other dogs to meet. I think I will like this new house!


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