Jackson 3/11/02 - 7/28/13

American Staffordshire Terrier
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Home:Milwaukee, WI  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Bubba J, Bubbas, Handsome, Baby Boy, Turkey, Goofball, Old Man, Batman

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-purebred-pound dog-dog rescue

March 11th 2002

attention, giving kisses, snuggling, sleeping, sitting on laps, walks, car rides, napping in sunny spots, food, getting his nails filed, going to the vet (all the ladies there just LOVE him!!)

BSL, being ignored, getting a bath, the hose, thunderstorms, fireworks, squirrels

Favorite Toy:
empty soda boxes, squeaky toys, tug of war ropes, tennis balls, sticks

Favorite Food:
Eagle Pack Hollistic Lamb & Rice, watermelon, pretzels, treats of any kind, pig & cow ears, noodles, McDonald's cheeseburgers (no onion!), steak, peanut shells

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around the neighborhood, anywhere I take him he'll go

Best Tricks:
shake, high five, roll over, speak, being charming & looking handsome

Arrival Story:
I was looking to adopt an AmStaff as a playmate for my dog Dutchess since her best friend Tango (also an AmStaff) lost his battle with cancer. Dutchess took the loss very hard, she was very depressed and cried all the time, and she also gained a ton of weight. I had been looking on PetFinder for months when I saw Jackson's bio. He was everything I was looking for, so a friend & I decided to take a 4 hour road trip to meet him. His previous owner had become homeless and so they, along with another dog, were living out of a car until they were turned over to the shelter. He was so skinny and had a dull, dry coat, he was just so pathetic looking. And then he put his ears all the way up. Oh, those awesome bat ears! I fell in love with him right then & there. And he had this look of such hope and excitement that he might have finally found a furever home (after being passed by for so long just because of his breed), that I just couldn't bear to leave him behind. He met my dogs Dutchess & Callie, and everything went well so I filled out the adoption application. And I was approved!! The shelter even let me take him home that same day since I had driven so far to meet him. The shelter staff was so sad to see him go because he became everyone's favorite, but they were so happy that he found a furever home. His transition into my home was completely seamless. One of my cats quickly taught him his rank in the pack...way at the bottom! And he's been totally fine with that to this day. No doggie arguements, no dominance challenges, nothing! He's just been so thankful to have a nice warm bed to lay on and food in his belly every day, and a nice home filled with lots of love. He's truly a happy dog, and he's completed my doggie family.

He's originally from Malibu, CA and was named Malibu when I adopted him. I had to change his name, it was just too girly for such a handsome boy! I still keep in touch with the shelter director from which I adopted him to keep them updated on him, and they are soooo happy to see him doing so well. He's also been featured in their newsletters to further educate people on his breed. He's so silly & charming and such a head-turner! Jackson is now an official blood donor dog!

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Just hold me!

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****Staffies & Bullie breeds forever****, Bully Ed 101, FebrezeĀ® Pet Odor Eliminatorā„¢, Green Bay Packers, Pit Bull Lovers

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July 1st 2006 More than 10 years!

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The Year So Far...

October 16th 2010 4:06 pm
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It's been a long time since I've written in my diary (I know - bad Jackson! BOL), so let me catch you up on what's been going on...

This year I have officially retired as a blood donor dog. My retirement was simply due to my age and nothing else. Those are the rules. I would love to continue donating and the hospital staff agreed they would also love for me to continue donating, but per the rules, I have reached the retirement age of 8 years old. So, with a total of 13 blood donations in my short career, I am officially in retirement now.

Over the months I've really had to step up to be there for Mom. She's had it kinda rough this year so far and has really needed me. Mom has attended 3 funerals so far, pretty much every few months - 2 friends and a family member. The first one was for her friend Steve. Mom said he could light up a room with his smile and his booming laugh. Just his presence alone demanded your attention. Whenever I saw him, he always wrestled with me and was just super fun to be around. Mom and I will miss Steve very much. I asked Dutchess & Callie, who also knew him, to watch over him up in heaven. I know they won't let me down.

The 2nd funeral was for Lia, who is the sister of one of Mom's best friends, Chad. I didn't know her, we never got the chance to meet, but I do know and love her brother Chad, so I kinda feel like I knew her in a way. Lia was starting on a great path in life to better herself and the people around her; her sudden death was truly a tragedy. Even though I hear that Lia was one tough, little lady, I asked Dutchess & Callie to watch over her as well.
Both Lia and Steve were way too young to leave this world, especially so unexpected like they did. They both touched alot of people in their short time here and they will never be forgotten...

The 3rd, most recent, funeral was for Mom's great-grandma, Clara. This one the family was prepared for, but it's still never easy to lose a loved one. Mom told me she was 103 years old when she passed, just a few months shy of her 104th b-day. OMD, that's impressive! Mom said she lived a long and wonderful life surrounded by lots of family and friends. Clara had several grandchildren, great-grandchildren and also great-great grandchildren. Not many people can say that, so she was definitely blessed. I never got the chance to meet her, but Mom said she was a super-cool lady, a very old-school type. I was going to ask Dutchess & Callie to watch over her as well, but Mom told me not to worry about her. Apparently Clara's husband Otto was already waiting for her up in heaven. Mom said he was an awesome, awesome man who died too young. She has a few memories of him from her childhood, but not many. But all of her memories of him are wonderful. Mom is happy that the two of them are together again after almost 30 years of being apart.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite done with the sad news. This time I was personally affected as well as Mom. On 10/5 Mom had a vet come to the house (the same vet that came to send Dutchess to the Bridge) to send Pokey the cat to the Bridge. He was 17.5 years old and has been diabetic for the past 5 years, which Mom managed very well. But, the diabetes took quite a toll on him over the years and it was just the right thing to do. It was his time, as Mom said. I was sad to see him go to the Bridge, he was my pal.
I remember when Mom first brought me home to live with her, he was the first kitty that I met. I sniffed his butt while he was laying on the floor sleeping and he spun around so fast that he was just a black blur of hair and paws coming right at my face. And then just like that - BAM! - a stiff paw to the muzzle. I swear Pokey was part ninja - I've never seen a cat move that fast and with no warning! Thankfully, there were no claws, but I was still scared to death! I tucked my tail as far as I could possibly tuck it and hit the floor as if there was an incoming bomb! Then Pokey hissed & growled at me and I shook like a leaf, but didn't dare think of moving from my spot on the floor. It wasn't until Mom started laughing that I realized my shame and embarassment: I had just gotten my butt kicked by a 10lb. cat. So much for the "vicious dog" rap, huh? I immediately tried to make nice with Pokey, never a thought of trying to hurt him (after all he had ninja-like skills) but he was not having any of it. It took me 3 days before I could approach him without getting assaulted. After he finally let me close enough for a sniff, he and I were instant pals. And not a day went by that I didn't remember the power he had in those tiny paws. Nothin' but love and respect for the Pokey Monster, that's for sure!
So even though Mom and I are gonna miss the old kitty, Mom buried him in a nice, sunny spot in the back yard so that we could both go to visit him whenever we want. That makes us both feel better.

Okay, so I'm finally done with the bad news... thank dog! Aside from the sad times, Mom and I have been trying to have fun and just be as normal as possible. Mom takes me everywhere with her that she can, and I love it! I've been totally on my game, listening to Mom and continuing to impress her with my mad skills! BOL (And for that, I have been handsomely rewarded with a new supply of bully sticks! Yummy!!) Twice now I've caught a possum in the back yard, (probably the same one) and each time I have been very gentle with it and didn't hurt it. Each time Mom told me to drop it, I did. The 2nd time she was still in the house when I got ahold of it, so she had to open the window and tell me from inside the house while she got her shoes on. And both times she followed up with the 'leave it' command, and I did! I rocked! She was so proud of me! After she gave me the 'leave it' command on the 2nd possum catching, I actually walked away from it while it was still right there hissing at me! These little creatures are quite fascinating to me, so for me to listen so well in the face of all of that excitement, even I was proud of me! I was smiling my biggest bully smile after those adventures!

And finally, I saved the best for last... Next month is looking to be very exciting. Mom says I'm getting new doggie sister! Yay!! Her name is Tasha and she is 11 years old. She's currently in a foster home in Utah. Mom didn't think she stood a chance of adopting her because we live in WI, but she emailed the foster family anyway, and it turns out that Tasha's foster mom is originally from WI and will be coming here next month to visit family! What are the odds of that?! So, Tasha's foster parents are just going to bring her with when they come to WI so that Mom and I don't have to drive out to UT. How cool is that?! We're both super excited about this and can't wait to meet her! Mom said her foster mom described her as being just like me, but female of course. I LOVE the ladies, I'm so excited!! After Mom emailed with Tasha's foster mom, she said she got a wonderful feeling about this, that everything is going to work out. She said it feels really right to make Tasha a part of our family! YAY!! Good things are coming our way, I can feel it.

Well, I've talked enough in this diary entry so I'm gonna go now. But I'll be back.

R.I.P. Pokey Monster, you were one cool cat. Till we meet again someday...

Wags and Licks,


I Was A Good Boy!!

January 1st 2010 2:28 pm
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Well I must've been a super-good boy in '09, 'cause I got some really good loot for Christmas! Of course, Mom and I celebrated Christmas a little late since she was working long shifts all week, but I didn't mind.

On Sunday the 27th, Mom took me with her to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner with them and I played all day with their 3 doggies. I had soooo much fun!! As soon as we got home, I ate dinner, went out to do my business, and then fell fast asleep. Mom was going to give me my gifts when we got home that night, but I was too tired so she decided to wait until the next day. Mom was originally going to give me my gifts on Saturday after work, but she got home kinda late and ended up having to snow blow, and while she was finishing up with the snow, a friend stopped over.

So, finally on Monday I got the goods. I got a really big beef marrow bone from the butcher shop, a reindeer squeaky to replace my favorite one from last Christmas (which I promptly ripped wide open.. sorry, Mom), a stuffed Christmas bone that crinkles instead of squeaks, a new stuffed squeaky duck, and a giant box of all sorts of different kinds of bully stick chews. There are bone-shaped ones, pretzels, braids, tendons, beef tracheas, regular & thick bully sticks and even a curly one. Yuuuummmmy!!! I can't wait to eat them all!!! Plus there were some free treats thrown in the box, too. Two are kangaroo meat treats, one is salmon & veggies and the other is chicken & veggies. I told Mom she could give my pal Hera a kangaroo treat bag and a salmon & veggie treat bag since she's allergic to chicken and has to be on special food and can only have special treats (Mom made sure to ask Hera's dad if it was okay for her to have the treats first and those were the two kinds that he picked out for her).

Oooh, I also made a new friend. I just wish I could remember his name at the moment. We've only seen each other 2 or 3 times thru the fence, and I don't remember his people saying his name all that much. But then again, I am a dog and I really only care about my own name being called out. But I'll ask Mom later when she gets home from work. Anyway, he's about 11 weeks old and he lives right behind us. He's a husky mix and mom thinks he's so cute!! His people are really nice, too. They come up to the fence now to say Hi to me when they see me outside in the yard. I've officially won them over, they're now puddy in my paws!! BOL!!
I can't wait until they introduce us without the fence between us. Mom said that'll happen really soon. But Mom has been battling the flu so she isn't really up for playing outside in the cold right now. No worries, though. I'm a patient guy, I can wait...

Okay, well, Mom is going to be home soon, so I'm gonna go warm the couch until she gets here.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2010!!

Wags and Licks,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

December 25th 2009 9:15 am
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I want to wish every pup a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and safe) New Year!!

I hope Santa Paws was good to every pup this year. Mom said that I was a really good boy this year and promised that even though I didn't get to have my picture taken with Santa Paws when he was visiting the local pet stores, he would definitely be stopping at our house on Christmas Eve to bring me gifts. But, since Mom has had to work all week, today and tomorrow included, I won't be getting my presents until Saturday night after she gets home from work. That's okay, I can wait. I think. I hope. Ya know, come to think of it, I am all alone in the house today. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take a little look around and see what I can find. I'll be right back...

Okay, so I'm back. I looked everywhere in the house that I am allowed access to, which is every room except for the basement and the back bedroom where the cats' food is kept. So what did I find? You guessed it. NOTHING! Not even a scent! What the heck is going on here? Mom & Santa Paws must've hid those presents really well! They must know me too well by now!! BOL

Well, since I have no presents to look for now, I may as well take a nap to pass the time until Mom gets home...

Christmas wags and licks,

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