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My Woofs

One Stuffed Kitten Can't Breathe

May 19th 2007 4:16 pm
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Lady ate a small red nose.


How Uncouth

March 30th 2007 7:23 am
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Yesterday the kid, Lady, managed to fit herself in the cat door and raid the litter boxes. How she did it, the world may never know. Daddy had to wipe all the litter off her nose. She thinks cat waste is a delicacy. She couldn't be more erroneous. Her squeaky toys are driving me crazy.


I thought all herding dogs were alike, but boy, was I wrong.

March 28th 2007 7:02 pm
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I've been hangin' with this pup, trying to show her a thing or two. Today, I tried to demonstrate how cats are herded. It starts with a gentle nudge, then a little push, until the cats are boxed in. This is how rough collies have herded for generations. Well, Lady, the pup, instead ran circles around the cats until they were extremely agitated and running at high speeds. Not the way to do it at all. Lady said that is how her mom 'Bama Border Collie did it back in Alabama. I told her she should listen to me, Ashley. I am an expert. I am really tired of her trying to bite my nose, by the way.


My Birthday

March 18th 2007 11:44 am
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Yesterday was my birthday, which is celebrated on St. Patrick's Day. I turned 4 years old. I spent the morning of my birthday at the vet. I most likely have hypothyroidism. I have been losing my hair, have brown patches, have a slow heart rate, and have sores. They took blood, and Daddy will probably need to give me medicine every day. After I get better, I am going to have some dental work done. Then I can practically be in a dog show after I get all healthy.

The new kid Lady is actually A-OK. We have been sleeping together, eating together, and playing together. I realized that it is nice to have a friend, even though she is much younger. She can learn from me how to be a good girl.

Mommy and Daddy forgot to get me a birthday present or a card. They feel bad about it. Mommy has been very sick.


Me and My Best Friend

March 16th 2007 5:43 pm
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I added some pictures of me with my best friend Molly. As you can see, I only hang out with the prettiest dogs!


The Kid is Here

March 11th 2007 8:11 am
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Okay, this kid Lady is driving me nuts! How do I get away from her! She just arrived here yesterday.....


My Aunt Sue and My Best Friend Molly

March 8th 2007 7:36 pm
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I was on a vacation at Aunt Sue's. I got to stay over for almost two weeks. I played with my best friend and fellow collie, Molly. Finally, mom and dad came to bring me back from my vacation last night. Today, I missed Aunt Sue and Molly so much that I moped all morning. I was also down this evening, so daddy had to run out to the store and get Lassie treats and a bone like Aunt Sue gave me to cheer me up. He also reminded Mommy, like Aunt Sue did, not to forget to give me my Kong tomorrow when Mom and Dad go to work.

Daddy said a puppy was coming on Saturday to live with me. He said she is a black collie. I am not sure what to think of this. I just miss my friends in the town where I'm originally from, Nazareth.

Miss Kitty ate my Lassie bones tonight. I was going to take them away from her, but I just laughed at her. A cat eating dog bones! Her coat is long and furry, very wintry. Wish mine was. I had a botched haircut. I made sure not to tip the hairdresser that time!



February 15th 2007 6:52 pm
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Daddy was saying he wanted a puppy collie so I could have a friend. Dad was told about a tricolor collie who is in a high-kill shelter in Alabama. How did this puppy end up there? Dad said her eyes look like mine. I hope she doesn't get "put to sleep." Someone was willing to ship her to dad to foster or care for. There are many pets in my family, so I am not sure what dad will do. Mom said she is getting to be an animal hoarder!

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