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Tails of a terrier

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Update on the white dog

December 1st 2011 9:07 pm
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Well it looks like all of the great thoughts that everyone has been sending Joshy's way has been working! After a night with some tummy trouble (no pooping in the house though!) he had his best day of the week! Not giving him dinner & a little bit more pepto seemed to help, we gave him a small amount of rice this morning and when I got home (still no accidents! Wooot!) I gave him some more. He even perked up and started acting a bit more like his normal self which was really nice! He still spent most of the evening on the couch sleeping it out. Just gave him a bit more rice & his stomach doesn't seem to be rumbling and causing him issues like it did last night. If this continues then we are going to try mixing a tiny amount of his kibble in with the rise tomorrow morning.

Though we have decided that if he doesn't get any better then I will bring him in with Saturday morning to get checked out by one of the vets, though hopefully he will continue to get better and we won't have too.

Thanks again everyone, it really means a lot!


Needing your thoughts & prayers

November 30th 2011 9:02 pm
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Josh's human here, so sorry we haven't been around much. Busy busy busy! Am just stopping by to give you guys a quick update and ask for you to keep my little white boy in your thoughts. Somehow a can of cooking grease that my brother had put in the outside trash a few days before ended up in our backyard & little white dog got into it. We have no idea how it eneded up there, & the dogs have not way at all of getting into the trash but Josh sure enjoyed it & ate half the can.

We of course knew this was not a good thing & kept a close eye on him. He woke me up at 4am Monday morning with diarrhea & was feeling a bit of the rest of the day. Though he slept all through that night & was acting like his normal self up until Tuesday night when the diarrhea returned. He woke me up at 2:30 this morning & with the same problem but just worse. We gave him some pepto & let him out for a while and headed back to bed with no issues. Later that morning he was a bit better but super tired. His poop problems continued the rest of the day & his behavior was different as well. My usual happy, spunky, outgoing boy just wanted to sleep and was very reserved. He has yet to vomit though & is still accepting food fine (It is Josh after all it would take a lot for him to refuse any food!). We have been monitoring his water intake & have didn't feed him dinner tonight and he will be getting rice and maybe some chicken for breakfast.

If he doesn't improve he will be going to the vet, and since I work at an animal clinic I may just bring him in with me Friday when I go in. Please do keep my sweet boy in your thoughts though, it breaks my heart to see him like this. And since he is still having his poop problems we will have to set him up in the bathroom tonight but I will most likely end up sleeping in there with him. I just love this little goofball, I mean I am willing to sleep in a bathtub for him after all ;)

Thank you!

Also: A new friend of ours, Ziva, who was helping us & giving advice got into some bad turkey grease tonight and is not doing well. Her owner just rushed her to the E-vet, please keep her in your thoughts as well!



July 8th 2011 10:07 am
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This sure has been one crazy summer! We start it off with watching 6 little kittens, then cousin pup Baxter, then neighbor dog Baxter, then one of the kittens that got adopted, then cousin Baxter again and then Lacey the pug! And the peeps found another little kitten yesterday that they have decided to keep as a work cat, and brought her home to give her a bath. So as you can tell I have been one busy pup, I mean today has been the only day in a long time of just Murph & I. I have also been very very tolerant, only growling at neighbor Baxter & Lacey pug once or twice and my attemtps to eat a kitten were very few! And how does mom & the rest of the peeps repay me? By going on a vacation and leaving me home!!

They leave for the Lake of the Ozarks tomorrow morning and won't be back until later Tuesday. Everyone is going, except brother man Carter & the man in charge. Man in charge has to work & Carter is working at a camp all summer and is only home on Saturdays. I am going to miss everyone but I think a few days of quiet will be nice, especially with all the hustle & bustle I have had to deal with lately!

Though the way things have been going I bet when the peeps come back from the Lake they will probably have a kitten with them! I swear every several weeks we seem to find one or one finds us.


Dog-n-jog 6/12/2011!!

June 21st 2011 11:29 am
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You know what I just realized!? I never told you guys about dog-n-jog! We have been so busy, I haven't had a chance.

Well on June 12th mom & her mom get up pretty early and even though Murph & I were a bit confused we still went about our morning routine. When they started pinning paper numbers to their shirts & putting on their shoes Murph & I started getting really excited because we knew what was going to happen! After a few minutes of dancing around & whining they were finally ready & we happily jumped in the car! We made a quick stop for breakfast & soon arrived at the plaza.

We were still a bit nervous about the weather, that morning the chance of rain went down but was still there. And when we arrived Gary the weather man who is the MC of the event told us that there was now chance of rain! It was a little chilly but the sun came out a bit & it was even nicer then last years!

We walked around for a while, checking out booths & making some new pals. We got a lot of great stuff likes treats, dog food samples, bandanas (we looked quite dashing in the red Petco ones, toys & some coupons for local pet stores. Murph & I had a lot of fun sniffing around & meeting new pals, and the peeps even met some friends too. Some of our favorites were a uoung maltese pup, a 9 week old mastiff (sooo cute!) & a pair of super sweet huskies! One of the best parts of the entire day was meeting my fantastic dogster pal Rudy & his family in person before our 1mile walk!! Our moms talked for a bit, while Rudy & I sniffed and said hello. Rud & I really liked each other & had a lot of fun! We did get seperated when the walk started but we might try & meet up another time, they were all so sweet & nice!

When the walk started it did start to rain, but it was only a little and luckily didn't last long. We stayed in the front of the group and finished at a pretty good time. I was super tired after though! We took a break & got our yummy free vanilla "puppy cones"! YUM! With ice cream I hardly ever just lick it, I like to take big giant bites so I finnished mine in no time! Murph took his time & I kept trying to steal his, as well as a few other pups! LOL! After our break we watch the costume & cutest dog contests and then headed home.

Murph & I had such a wonderful time but boy were we tired! We got home around 10:30am & slept all day long and most of the next day.

Can't wait till next year!


Dog-n-jog tomorrow!

June 11th 2011 8:49 pm
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Well tomorrow is the big day! But we still aren't sure about the weather. Everyone is saying there is a very good chance of rain during the event but every channel is giving us a different percent and a different severity, so they aren't very helpful. We are still planning on going though, rain or shine! Mom has got the bag packed with ponchos & dog treats and she just popped our big water bottle into the fridge. She is also making sure we have a few towels in the car too, which is good for me because I hate getting wet and I feel the compulsive need to to dry myself. Mom thinks it's pretty cute, I think it is quite the serious matter.

I am still keeping my paws crossed that it stays nice for just a little bit so Murphy & I can meet some new pals and have some real fun like every year! Plus if it is rains less people will come & join which is to bad because this is one of the humane society's biggest events.

Well I am off to bed, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow! I need my beauty sleep.


Rain rain go away you can come back after Sunday.

June 9th 2011 10:09 pm
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So today the pug's people came home so the house is just a little bit more quiet, no snorts or snoring and even though I do miss that little tater tot it is nice to have her back home. The youngest kiddo, who went to the lake with the pug's furmily, came home as well and I was sure excited to see her! I had just gotten a bath too so I could show her how white and fluffy I was. She was quite impressed. Baxter the "aussie-doodle" is still hanging with us but he is a bit of a handful so he spends most of his time next door at his house, but I do like going over with mom sometimes and sniffing around their big backyard. The kittens leave tomorrow, and the peeps are a bit sad over it but it is time for sure. They have been here too long and need to go off to their new homes! But they sure did make the peeps happy so I guess that's all right.

The weather man has been giving us some sad news too, their is a 70% chance it will rain Sunday. Why is this so bad? Well dog-n-jog is Sunday and we would prefer for it to be rain free! Last year it was a bit cloudy sprinkled a little bit but luckily it didn't rain till the very end but boy did it pour buckets!! We were just about to leave when the rain started so we had to huddle under a covered area with several others before heading to our car & at first it wasn't bad because there was a really kind lady who kept cooing over how cute Murphy & I were and I was just eating it up! But all those pups & people grouped close together in the rain wasn't the best situation and before we knew it Murphy got in a huge fight with a big 80lb chocolate lab! Oh it was scary, and it took several minutes to get Murphy away from the lab (he only got a few tiny wounds on his neck, not even bad enough to go see the vet) and the owner wasn;t very nice too. So we are hoping that this year will end a lot better. Other then that we had a fantastic time last year & met several new pals and got all kinds of great goodies. So keep your paws crossed it won't rain this year!


House guests

June 8th 2011 10:03 pm
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So it looks like the dogs are making a come back here. See with these 6 foster kittens we have been out-numbered but we are catching up now! Tuesday morning some good family friends of ours that live a few houses up from us went to their lake house and normally they bring their 2 pups but there was no room in their car this time so they are staying with us until tomrrow! Loue, the golden retriever, is a a pretty cool guy though he can get a little too excited for my liking at times but since he is such a big boy (and he gets pretty anxious here) he stays up at his place mostly. Now their little 2 yer old pug, is a different story. She is a bit high maintenance so she has to spend her time at our house & even sleep over. I was never her biggest fan but the little snorty booger is growing on me & we are finally starting to become buds. Now we are also watching the neighbor's one year old "aussiedoodle" Baxter and he is a bit of a different story. Sure he is nice in all but by dog why can't he sit still! He is just all over the place! It might take some time for me to get used to that one, but I have until Saturday to work on that.


Diary of the day!?

June 6th 2011 9:26 pm
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I am one happy little westie! Dogster decided to pick me as diary of the day on June 3rd! I had my picture on the community homepage and my sweet pals helped me celebrate with lovely comments, gifts, and pictures. It really ment a lot to me and made my day extra special! Thanks again everyfur!

And sorry for writing this so late we have been busy busy! Plus with all this nice weather I have had a lot of rabbit chasing and sunbathing to do and that can be quite time consuming. The kittnes also get to stay another week (no surprise there) but I am starting to get used to the little squeakers and don't get too intense about them anymore.

Mom has been trying to get me out on more walks, because she says I am getting "chunky" and need to get in shape for dog-n-jog on Sunday. Now I don'r agree with the me being chunky part (all muscle baby) but boy do I love my walks! And I cannot wait for dog-n-jog! The treats, the smells and even all the dogs. I usually get a bit annoyed with some other dogs, especially wild excited pups, but I never even let out a growl at the jog! I am just having to much fun to care!


Did I mention!?

June 2nd 2011 5:16 pm
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You know with all of this kitty crazy-ness, I forgot to tell you all about the sweet pup that gave my family & I dogster plus! Several weeks ago we got a an email from dogster saying that the lovely Jasmine had given us a plus subscription. We were blown away, it is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for us! Thanks again Jasmine! And if you aren't pals with Jas yet, make sure to send her a request! She is a great friend to have!

In other news, those squeaky little kittens that mom still won't let me touch are to go back tomorrow afternoon. But of course they want to keep them longer, so now they might stay another week. Oh dog! Though I guess mom is making it up to me by taking Murph & I to the 2011 Dog-n-Jog on June 12th! Wooh! This will be our 4th year & it is always so much fun, though I won't be dressing up this year. My costume last year (Carl, from Up) was the best & the peeps had a hard time topping it plus they have been pretty busy. I am sure we will think of something really good next year!

And all of you KC pups if you are in town that weekend you should try & join in ! It is for a great cause and so much fun! There is even a chance I might meet my westie pal Rudy! So paws crossed.

Woofs & Wags



May 31st 2011 11:22 am
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So you guys remember that untouchable treat I told you about many many moons ago? Yeah now he is 17lbs of claws & fluff who fights back and enjoys picking on little white dogs so I don't want him anymore. Sometimes I chase him but the cat chases me back! Crafty little guy.

So I get over my obsession with cats and guess what my mom does? She brings home 6 chimpunk like little squeaky fuzzballs that will stay with us until Friday. Yup kittens. SIX! And she expects me to leave them alone? Crazy lady....

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