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My Diary

I luv summertime!

June 11th 2008 5:52 pm
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I luv summertime. It's still pringtime, but it getting closer to summertime. I luv being in mine bakyard in da sunbeem and going for walkies. :o) It makes me happee.

I wuz in mine bakyard today (6/11/08) and I did crazee puppies wif mine girl, Manda. She iz onlee 3 yeers old but she likes it when I do run run run wif her. I call dat crazee puppies.


My First Diaree Entree

January 10th 2008 5:39 pm
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Deer Diaree,

Today iz Januaree tenth 2008 and I did a walkie to mine frend Hoover's howse. Hoover iz a wite bishon who iz abowt mine size dat lives down da street. He wuz owtside in da frunt uf his howse and saws me coming wif Mommy and Manda. Manda wuz riding her trisikle. Hoover and I were sited to see eech uther. It nise day owt and not too cold today. I getting fuzzyish again so I no need cote today. Hoover had hiz new swetshirt on tho. He looks nise in it. It wuz blew.

We sniffied eech uther and had a pee pee contest. Hoover wun cuz he did more pee pees dan me today. I wuz emptee pretty much by the time I gotted to hiz howse.

I luv, luv, luv doing mine walkies. I glad sunbeem wuz owt today.

It pozed to rain rain again by me. I tired uf rain. I sleepyish now. Maybe I rite more again later dis week.



My Tail of Devotion for Bubbles

August 21st 2006 5:37 pm
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If it weren't for Bubbles, my life would not be the same today. Because of Bubbles, I have a wonderful husband, nice kitty, and a beautiful daughter. In 1999, I adopted Bubbles, and he changed my life. I finally had someone I could give all my love to. With our daily walks, I began to talk to people in my apartment complex. I met another couple, who we became friends with, and through them, I met my now husband. When my husband and I got married, I became step-mom to a black kitty cat, who is very sweet. Now, fast foward to 7 years later, and I also have a gorgeous baby girl to show for it. So, as you see, Bubbles is responsible for the life I have now. If I never adopted him, I wouldn't have experienced the chain of events that caused my life to blossom as it has. I may have a daughter whom I love very much, but Bubbles, is my son. I may not have given birth to him, but my heart loves him just as much as if we were biologically related. I love you, Bubbles!

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