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when i finally got out of bed

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June 23rd 2012 1:44 pm
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Before i came to live in my forever home my momma and her parents had dog name moe joe he was not the most lovable dog but momma still loved him after all the bites and scared she got. When he passed away her niece and nephew were visiting it was july 4th and they cried and cried for him even said he went to heaven but some say different but all pets go to heaven the kids said. They thought that day they wanted to do something special for my grandparents give them a dog they could really love and kiss. So momma niece look in the paper and made alot of calls found a ad for a brown female chihuhua. She gather all her money she had bought with her hoping it was enough to buy that special little chihuhua for my grandparents. She told her momma to take her to his house were i was at she said to her momma psssssssss momma do not says were we going ok its going to be surprise. ok her momma said and winked. They went to look at me and first thing they said was oh my she sure is huge for a chihuhua they lady said oh she a special breed they get huge not many around. They said humm chihuhua suppose to have ear standing up she said oh no this kind there ears do not stand up. they said can we see the parents she said ohhhhhhhhh no the parents not here they far far far away. Neice and her momma though something not right cause this chihuhua sure is big and funny looking but as they was thinking they saw my big big sad brown eyes i have say please take me i will fill your heart will so much love and joy. At the moment they seen that they broke down in tears and said we will take her. When they took me to see my grandma and grandpa they said WHaattttt have you got there my neice carrying me and hardly moving cause i was so big and heavy said grandpa its a special chihuhua nothing like her in the whole wide world. He said i think you are right about that but soon he too seen my big brown eyes and i gave him the biggest kiss it could. He laughed and said this dog is name Odie after my momma best friend and my grandpa thinks of odie as his daughter too. He said i have the said color eyes and hair color just like my godmother odie. Year have passed now my fur on my face is no longer brown but has turn white with age. But one thing that has never changed is the love i have for everyone including the whole nieghborhood as i have turn into the nieghorhood dog. I bring joy and happeness to all the house around here if a child is sick or sad and they see me outside they will come and call me and i will go give them a kiss and even play in there house. There is an elderly care home here too i have been known to step on the mat and open the door and come to visit them too the joy it has brought to some of the patients there is very special to me. Please everyone if you looking for that special breed of dog do not turn a pup away cause they are not a full breed dog remember that there are lots of mix pups out there in recuses and shelter that need a home too. i am grateful to momma neice and aunt for taking the chance on me and i am repaying it back by putting a smile on everyone face



April 28th 2010 12:24 pm
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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Maxi what you wake me up for time to eat no Oh ok i can tell you about my adoption. All i really remember was getting up from my nap i think i was 4 months old and a little gal said her name was allison momma niece picking me up. Said she wanted me so bad she got all her money she had to spend on her trip to visit my momma and my grandparents. We got in the car to come to my forever and ever home i fell asleep again when i woke up i was there. Allison carried me boy she strong cause i was a heavy already. Said look grandpa i gots us a puppy. Grandpa said WHATTTTTTTTTTTT is that. She said grandpa its a chihuhua he could not stop laughing cause i already weighed 12 pounds said it was the biggest chihuhua puppy he had ever seen. They took me in the house they was surprised that i did not chew up anything or run around i just sleep sleeep sleep. Hummm it almost time to go back to sleep now. Since i have come to my forever home i have become the nieghborhood dog i bring smiles too the kids faces when they are sad or people are lonley and need a hug and kisses i am there to give it too them. I have gone across the street to the elderly people home too and have given them kisses too. As you can see i love everyone. Oh time for me to go to sleep now
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


oct. 2l, 2007

October 21st 2007 4:40 pm
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I've been tagged by Hedwig
This is such a fun game!

If you have been tagged by me, here are your directions:

If you have been tagged, write 7 pawsome facts about yourself in your diary! Once you have finished, pmail seven of your pals to play along!

l. My boyfriend is hedwig
2. I have over 100 milkbones buried in the house
3. I love to sleep
4. My birthday is april 5
5. My brother is maxi pad
6. I am a chiwiennie
7. I love to give kisses

l. Mindy, phobee, annie
2. miss dixie
3. Rosie
4. molly
5. nikki
6. samson
7. Noah


i have been tagged

July 19th 2007 2:49 pm
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Doggie Love Tag Game
July 19th 2007
Here's where ya pick three good pups ya like and tell why. I got tagged by Willey Tucker

I'm taggin Miss Dixie, Molly, and Phobee, mindy, and annie. I have to tell about why they're great and then send them a message to tell them they're tagged next...(and to read my diary fur the rules) Oh yeah..or send a rosette .

1. Miss Dixie is our oldest and dearest pal. She is the most caring and loving person we know. She so nice to let us hang out at her club and let me sleep on the couch.
2. Molly is so sweet. She has been a great pal to my brother maxi. We are praying that her momma get better soon.
3. Phobee, Mindy and annie are our cousins. We like playing and talking to them. Our new mission is to find the boyfriends on dogster.


i have been tagged

May 25th 2007 1:21 pm
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Here are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or send them a Rosette announcing they've been Tagged
l. i love earthworms
2. my boyfriend is willey tucker
3. i love to sleep
4. my brother is maxi pad
5. i like to ride in my red wagon
6. favorite thing to do in the summer is sun bath
7. i love to give kisses

dog i have tagged
l. pistol pete
2. turkey
3. pistol pete
4. spanky
5. skye
6. miss dixie
7. willey tucker


august 26, 2006

August 26th 2006 9:26 pm
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It has been along time since i wrote. Maxi is still the same crazy little brother. I got a new pretty pink dress i kind of tight but it is still beautiful.
Maxi got so scared will i first put it on. He did not know what to think. He is jumping up and down he heard he finally won his shirt. He wants to go trick or treat on halloween. I do not know about that i requires excerise and i am not to excited about that. Maybe i can use grandma"s wheelchair and they can push me around. These i just sleep and sleep more than usual. When i get up i just fall a sleep again. the days just fly by or do i just sleep through them. You think someone would come and get me up after awhile but they just let me sleep. Maybe they try and i do not hear them. while i been up to long now i am tried got to go back to sleep.


august 2. 2006

August 2nd 2006 9:15 pm
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I bet everybody thought I forgot about them. I did not forget. I have been busy with all my new pals. I met a special pal named annabelle she has been helping find a pink dress just like hers. We found it and it is so pretty my favorite color pink too. We will be twins I am going to send her a picture when I get the dress. I found so much fun things to do when I get up and do not sleep. I chase maxi and oscar around the house. When I go for a walk I give all my boyfriends kisses. Maxi gets very upset he runs home and sits on the couch mad. I have not been sleeping that much. I mad up for it today I slept all day. I went to pee at 8 in the morning and did not get to pee again until 6 in the night. After that i ate and then went back to sleep. I just up to write you and now i am going back to sleep. Good Night


july 28, 2006

July 28th 2006 9:38 pm
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would you belive this weather it is so hot i feel sorry for maxi pad he is black and it is very hard on him because he gets more hot. I am so excited we have so many pals. Pals from around the world alot of them email us and tell us about their country. We feel so lucky to be loved by so many dogs big and small. They have taken time in their busy schedule to email and become our special pals. A long time we were sad because not to many dogs were answering our request to be our pals. Now we are very happy to have so many dog pals. We want to thank all our pals. Odie and Maxi


july 28, 2006

July 26th 2006 7:42 pm
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it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I wonder when is it going to cool off. Its so hot i can not go to sleep would you belive it. I just sweating and sweating i am soaking wet all the time. It not lady like to so sweating i stink too. I tried to get the sweat smell off my rolling in dead earthworm but it did not work I almost got cooked on the sidewalk. Oh what can i do to cool off. I think i will try to go to sleep and dream of a nice cool place by the ocean with the breeze blowing on my face. Why is the breeze blowing on my face so hot. Stop that maxi quit blowing on my face your breath is hot and stinks. You need to brush those teeth why are they so yellow. I got to go now and tell someone maxi teeth look ugly. Bye odie


july 23, 2006

July 23rd 2006 7:40 pm
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maxi pad was so bad he jumped in a big water hole in did not think it was deep. He slipped in head first and almost did not come out he was so lucky.
After that he was crying and shaking real bad. Everyone was mad at him because he was wet and smelled bad. We finally got our bath because of it. We are just glad he is alright. I hope he learned his lesson. I sat out in the sun yesterday because i was so cold I got sick and got all sweaty. I did not think it was 112 degrees outside. I am going to look for all kinds of new pals tonight by the time i get done i hope to have more than my cousins they thousands of pals i have only 255. I hope everyone that reads my diary will help us catch up with them and e mail us. Please Please oh Please help us break the thousand mark. Well I have to go start making pals. Thank you Odie

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