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Am I a redneck puppy?

August 28th 2012 6:58 am
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About two weeks ago Mom brought me to the vet because she noticed that a few of my teeth were greenish-grey and loose. The vet said they were rotten and needed to be removed to avoid infection... Gasp! Mom left me at the vet all alone!!! The next thing you know, I wake up and I have a really sore mouth and am missing 7 teeth. That includes three right in the front (incisors); Dad calls me a redneck puppy!
I am feeling back to normal now, and it's great because I get to cuddle really close to Mom and Dad and they don't gag because my breath doesn't smell anymore. Woof!!


oh jeez it's been awhile!

May 13th 2011 2:29 pm
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Hey there pup pals!
Just wanted to drop by and tell you that we're still around. Mom's been pretty busy with all sorts of stuff and hasn't had much chance to hang out on Dogster these last months. She misses it though! Hopefully she can fit in a few minutes here and there to keep in touch.

take care!
yips & yaps



My ordeal...

June 26th 2010 6:55 am
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Well! We've been pretty busy around here for the past few months. Mom and Dad are getting the full monty with us four legged kids... First: Layla and Zeppelin got sprayed by a skunk, then I hurt my back, and now Zeppelin's got sores on his hind legs because Layla nibbles on him too much. Don't tell him, but Mom said he has to wear the cone of shame (shudder) because he licks his sores too much. Poor Zep.

On to me! Something happened Wednesday April 28th, and I was in a lot of pain. Mom and Dad couldn't figure out why and what had happened. I’ll let Mom explain:

We were camping at my fiancé’s family’s place in a small village and we were sleeping in the VW van. Layla and Zep weren’t with us; they stayed home with my sister. So, I got up one morning to let Jagger out to pee, and I found he was walking a little funny. He peed and came back, as if he was walking on his tippy toes. When he tried to jump back into the VW, he just fell backwards, it was very strange. So I bent over and picked him up, and he screamed the worse possible scream I’ve heard from him. I immediately teared up and put him on the bed in the VW. I tried to check him all over, but he was shaking and obviously in pain. So, it was still very early, and he seemed to calm down pretty fast. I brought him under the blankets and he curled us and fell asleep. For the rest of the day, he was very calm and would yelp any time we tried to touch him or pick him up. We couldn’t see a vet that day for personal reasons, but we got an appointment for the very next day.

We saw a new vet named Dr Chong. We went to this new place because our usual vet couldn’t see us that day and a good friend recommended this vet. Needless to say, I do not regret seeing her, she was fantastic. She checked him all over, but couldn’t tell if he was tense in certain areas of his back since he was so scared he was shaking all over. She flipped his feet to the inside and he would bring them back, except one. This is when she started to tell us about slipped disk. She got an xray of Jagger’s spine and showed it to us. She explained that he had two disks that had possibly ruptured and she pointed out some arthritis in his spine as well. She also told us that it was difficult to tell from the xray if the disks were ruptured/herniated/displaced. The treatment is the same, so we opted not to get any more tests done. Dr. Chong gave Jagger a prescription for Prednisone (anti inflammatory) and Methocarbamol (muscle relaxant and pain killer) with hopes to wean him off quickly enough, although some dogs require medication permanently. She instructed us on how to pick him up properly and rescheduled a recheck a week later.

Once we got home, the challenge was to teach Jagger not to jump up onto the couch and the bed, as he was used to doing. The first few days were easy since he was still very sore and stiff. Once the medication kicked in though, he felt better and would try to jump. We’ve been back to the vet a few times (they don’t charge for rechecks!!!! :O ) and we’ve tried to wean him off the Methocarbamol. However, it was obvious that he was very stiff without it, so we kept him on both medications. Finally, at the last visit Dr Chong told us she was very happy with his progress and that we should try to stop the medications all together and give him some Glucosamine. The Glucosamine will help with the arthritis, but probably won’t do much for his disks, but we will try.

Fast forward to June 26th: Jagger is back to his old self, which is great but also makes it even harder to limit his jumping. He is very tall for his size and used to be able to jump pretty high, and since he is feeling better he thinks he still can! Oh well, it’s a work in progress. Dr Chong told us to finish his prescriptions and start the Glucosamine right away. He is currently taking a Prednisone every four days and a Methocarbamol every four days (so one pill every two days). I’m finding that in the last two weeks he is showing very little discomfort between his “pill” days. Obviously, we would rather not keep him on medication, that is our ultimate goal. We’ll probably see Dr Chong again in a few weeks when we finish the pills. Cross your paws for us! Jagger is a tough little guy and we just want him to be healthy. :)


A quick note

June 1st 2010 5:22 pm
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A big THANK YOU to all my friends who've given our family gifts! We think you are great!! Sorry it took so long to get back to Dogster, we've been pretty busy, and it'll be a little while until we make it back with time to spare. And it may take a bit until we get used to the New Dogster. Wow!

Thanks again! We love Dogster!

Jagger and family


Hmm what's new now?

February 14th 2010 9:39 am
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Well, since Mom took a flyball class with Zeppelin, she is thinking of taking me to a clicker class. I think I would like that, because I really LOVE the clicker. I'm still learning "Touch", and we're working on "Bow", AND we just started loose leash training too. Wowza! That's lots of thinking.

On top of that, we've been doing lots of walking, which is really fun. Mom and Dad have found some really awesome places to walk, and Zeppelin and I can be off-leash as long as we listen to Mom and Dad when they ask us to come. I'm REALLY good at that, Zeppelin, a bit less (but don't tell him I said that). Haha!

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day! :0)

Mister Jagger


Awesome forum discussions

January 22nd 2010 7:23 am
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To all the pups who've been posting in the thread,
We'd like to say "way to go!". There've been so many really interesting threads, we just don't know how to keep up anymore. There's some good debate going on, and many pups are posting links to references and articles, which leads to more great reads!
Thanks everyone! We LOVE Dogster!!

Jagger and family


It's been too long!!! :o)

January 15th 2010 4:07 pm
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Hello all my pup pals!! I gotta apologize for being away from Dogster for so long. Mom's been tied up with work, and as you all know, we dogs can't get on the internet by themselves. Too bad, eh?
I want to thank all the pups who've given us gifts and Pup Pal Requests! You rock! Hoping everyone is well!



Another hair cut

December 2nd 2009 5:53 pm
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I just got back from the groomer and she gave me another haircut. Mom as proud of me, because the groomer said I was really good; I stayed there all afternoon. I feel so hyper and cuddly without that fuzz! Mom said she needs to get me a good coat for the winter; I hope it's one I like. Hmmm, maybe I should help her pick one.



What a busy summer!

August 26th 2009 3:10 pm
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Hi everypup!
Sorry it's been so long, we're having a crazy but fun filled summer! Did ya see my new pictures? I got a haircut! Mom says she never wants my hair to grow long again, uh oh! (really I'll get my coat back in time for winter) I feel so lively without all that fur, and I'm more hyper and happy than ever! The groomer Renelle was really proud of me; she said I did really good. I got lots of treats when I got home. Hehehe, looks like I got this thing under control.

Oh, and you know what? I even went swimming when Mom and Dad went in the water. It wasn't too bad... I really like drying off in the sand! But I had to have a bath after, which wasn't so fun. Oh well!

I hope all my Pup Pals are having a fun summer too. Mom says we're going on a trip soon, I can't wait! Zep and I are having a blast!

Paws to you all,

Jagger-wagger, the now cool pup


That prickly thing at the vet's

April 11th 2009 3:11 pm
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So, Mom brought me to the vet on Thursday. I don't mind it too much, because I really like meeting new dogs in the waiting room. I just don't like the exam room! She said I am 11 pounds now! Wowza! But, I am at the perfect weight. Mom was happy about that, teehee. I had to have my yearly "shots", I didn't like that too much. Mom held me and the vet pricked me! Ouch! I held my breath to show my discontent. But, all's well that ends well: I got a special treat when I got home! Yum yum yum!

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