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Life according to Eddie!

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Proportions Food

July 28th 2010 1:37 am
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Well, I used to think our Mom was a nutso for cookin' for all of us everyday. Now, I'm not a big fan of kibble, but I would eat it before it ate me! But our Mom has always been concerned with our nutrition, especially since my sister Emmy Lu got sick during the Menu Foods fiasco.

So ever since we almost lost Emmy Lu, she's been cooking for us everyday ... lots of goodies too .. chickie, veggies, brown rice ... you get the picture ... but we also are all a bit .. shall I say ... FAT!

So Dogster contacts Mom about some new food they want home cooking peeps to try out. My Mom checks it out and thinks 'Wow ... someone's gonna cook good food for the kids instead of me ... NO WAY!'. Of course, she jumps on the opportunity to try it.

Well, the big brown truck comes, and after we all try to eat him through the windows, Mom goes out and comes in draggin' these big boxes. Bein' beags, our snouts immediately go into overdrive cause we smell all these great smells right through the boxes.

Now, you have to know my Mom to understand this next scenario. Mom gets so 'cited bout all this good food, and she's not real big on readin' instructions ... she opens one of the boxes and sees these cool packages with MY NAME on it and a cute little beag silhouette .. and THREE envelopes ... one has pretty colored dried veggies, one is dry kibble, and the third is a pouch with punkin stew in it ... YES ... you heard me roo right ... PUNKIN STEW ♥♥♥

Mom starts ooooooin' and aaawwwwwwin' all over the kitchen and mixes it all in a bowl and gives it to me ... yes ME ... and let me tell you ... I scarfed that food down so fast! Mom was a bit miffed cause I don't scarf the food she cooks me anywhere near that fast! But in my defense ... Mom NEVER once cooked me punkin' stew!

Well, she did that for like 3 days ... I was in punkin' stew heaven ♥♥♥ ... then she opened the envelope that somehow got buried on her desk like everything else and turns out she wasn't posed to give me the three envelope thingy yet ... yes, she's a ditz with no self control when she sees pretty packaging with her favorite beag's name on it ... BOL

So we kinda messed up in the 'transition' of food ... but I gotta bbbaaarrroooo this .... PROPORTIONS FOOD ROCKS!!!!!!


I've been LOVE Tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 17th 2007 6:21 pm
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I have been love tagged by my Fly Babe Trudy! It's a new Dogster tag game. You are Loved! You pick three Dogsters that you think are fantastic and tell a little about why! Don't forget to let them know how much they are loved with a p-mail, star or a rosette. By what I have read, you do not tag the one that tags you. I am blessed with many wonderful Dogster friends, so picking three is impossible! I don't know if I will get them all done this evening or not, but here is a start. These are in no particular order, and I pray I don't hurt anyone's feelings.

1. Wally – Our Newest Sweet Angel. From the moment I met Wally, he made a huge dent in my heart. He was so courageous and brave. Nothing kept him down. Despite his disability, he lived everyday to the fullest. God must have needed a new best friend, because he took our Wally from us for his own. Well God, it hurts me very deeply that you had to take him from us, but you took the very best … you couldn’t ask for a better friend if you needed one. I love arrroooooo Wally!

2. Mike.... Mike and I have been friends from the beginning. If there’s trouble to be had … we find it! Mike is also a very brave pup. At the age of 5, Mike had cancer and had to have his front leg amputated. That never held him down! He recovered and managed to make a great life with a wonderful family who loves and adores him. I love you Mike … in a manly sort of way … BOLBOLBOL!

3. Little Bit My pal Little Bit was the absolute greatest pup I ever knew. She had a great family, enjoyed life to the fullest, cherished every moment and entered everyone’s heart she ever touched. She fought a long, brave, courageous battle with lymphoma. Throughout it all, she always had a smile and a kind word. You may be gone from us Little Bit, but you remain furever in our hearts.

Thanks to all my pals!




Tag ... I'm It!

May 23rd 2007 4:00 am
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Hiya pups! My pal Griffen – Fur Angel (TGAN, LA) tagged me and now I'm it. I get to choose 7 of my pals to tag.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me! Introducing, Eddie Essig !

1. I am a Dogsterholic!
2. I love to dig in dirt … any dirt, I am not dirt prejudice!
3. I love to play with my brothers Max and Bobby.
4. I ADORE my Mom. I am a big ‘ole Mommy’s boy!
5. I like to eat everything Mom cooks.
6. I love to hug. I am very cuddly and loving.
7. I love my Skunkie, he is my security toy!

Pass on the fun...


I chose:



Support for our Snoop Family

January 16th 2007 8:28 am
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I know it's been quite sometime since I added an entry to my diary, but Snoop Dogs keeps me really busy. Today I'm writing about something really somber and important to me. Two of our Snoop Dog Family have been diagnosed with cancer.

The first one is Fancy, who was recently diagnosed with mammary cancer. She is currently undergoing chemo treatments and so far, thank God, has been doing great.

The second one is Austin Snoop. Austin is a very special friend of ours who is always there for his Snoop Family when needed. Austin was diagnosed this past fall with canine lymphoma. Until recently, he too has been undergoing chemo treatments. Austin hadn't been feeling well lately and was losing some weight. He wsa scheduled to have his CBC yesterday and his chemo treatment. His Mom and Dad took him to the vet and the CBC was not very good and he had some fluid on his spleen. They aspirated a sample to be diagnosed. The results ahould be back later this afternoon, and we're all waiting and praying with all paws crossed that the results are a minor immune setback.

I'm writing this entry because we at Snoo p Dogs are not your typical Dogster community group. Since the formation of the group in June of 2006, we have gathered over 1300 members and have come to mean much, much more to each other. I daily find it amazing that people that are scattered all over the world, and have never met one another face to face, can form such a bond. We support each other as if they were our very own, when one hurts, we all hurt and when one's happy, we're all happy. So in light of this setback with our pal Austin, we are all hurting right along with is family. We have began a group at a website called Light A Candle for Austin and Fancy. We simply click on the link, and then click on any unlit candle to light it. You may also leave a message when you light the candle. We thought this would be a nice way to show our love and support for them.

The Candle Group is named SNOOP, and you can search for it under the search link if neccessary. Each candle only remains lit for 48 hours, so let's keep those candles burning until our prayers are answered.

So we're all hoping and praying for a pawsitive outcome with both of our family members!


It's been too long!

October 19th 2006 11:34 am
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Well hello avid readers! Bet you all aren't too avid anymore, it's been a long time since I sat down and wrote an entry. So much has been happening! Grandma had surgery, so Mom was away a good bit, and Dad is no typist. Snoop Doggs , as always, has 100 things going on all at once. We’ve all been decorating our pages for Halloween and making silly costumes. Our Masquerade/Homecoming Ball is Saturday evening, and I will be escorting my lovely, special gal-pal Friend Lea . I’m excited about that, our last ball, the Snoop Dogg Royal Coronation Ball was a lot of fun. We began a book club, where we read a book concerning dogs and discuss it once a week. That’s very informative and educational. I’ve learned a lot already. What’s really great, is that everybeagle makes you see things in an entirely different perspective.

We had a feetball game against the Squirrels and kicked major butt! Our next game, although it’s not scheduled yet, is against the rabbits. I can’t wait for that one. Our scavenger hunt contest is still going on, but no one has come up with all the correct 25 answers. And I thought we beagles were super sniffers!

The sad news is that our Dogster pal Hayley , suddenly took ill this past weekend with pneumonia. She is in the ICU of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego in an oxygen tent. So we Snoop Doggs began a Chant For Hayley Photo Stroll and we’re all chanting “MAKEDOGGIESICK DEMON BE GONE”. This should scare the living daylights out of that bad pneumonia. We’re all keeping our paws crossed and saying our prayers that she make a speedy and total recovery and return home soon. The Power of the Paw is awfully mighty!

So avid readers, that’s the latest Snoop Poop. I will really try to write more often. Oh, and Baby Bobby isn’t that much of a “baby” anymore. He’s doing fantastic. So, until we meet again!

Eddie – out!


So Many Things Happening

August 22nd 2006 3:39 pm
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Wow! Sorry avid readers, I know I've really been slacking on this diary thing, but Gheezzz, there have been so many things happening it's making my little head spin! By now you all know we have a new addition to the family, little Robert Tyre Essig, or Bobby as we call him. Since he came home on Friday, I've been showing him the ropes around here. Man, that little sucker's fast. Keeping track of him is a full time job. But having another beagle ally in the house is totally awesome, now ...... we're the majority ... and majority RULES! Miss Curly Ears and Old Mr. Stuffy Pants don't have a chance now! I'm gonna teach this little boy right .... the BEAGLE way! The first thing I did was sign him up as a Snoop Dogg member. I was the first member in the group, and he was the 500th. He'll learn right there, 'cause Snoop Dogg RULE!

Also, I have all my Snoop Dogg activity. Wow, there's alot going on there too. Our King and Queen contest ends soon, but the campaigning still going on. We have a new contest with the New Member Survey. Whoever has the most creative answer for our most embarrassing question gets to have their photo as the group logo for a week! Then we also have the poem contest. Plus, we're now over 550 members and still growing strong. So as you can see, I've been one busy little beagle!

Eddie - Out


I've Been Framed!'

August 11th 2006 6:08 pm
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Of course, I'll plead innocent, I'll plead the fifth, I'll shove our Snoop Dogg Beagle Bill of Rights at the judge! (Mike, we gotta get something in there about this!).

What is so awful, you ask. Eddie, what did you do now, is the question on everybeagles mind. Well, it went a little like this (at least this is my version and I'm stickin' to it!)......

Mom was vacuuming and of course, felt the need to pick up all my toys ... again. Now, I like ALL my toys. Other than skunkie, I really don't have a favorite. So I feel that since my attention span lasts about a nanosecond, I need them placed strategically throughout the house so I always have one close at paw. Makes sense, right?

Well, she just got done with the living room when Grandma-next-door came over. And wouldn't you know it, she didn't have one treat in her hand .... how very rude of her. Well, this throughly upset me, I felt abandoned, like a red-headed step-child! So Mom went into the kitchen to talk to her.

When Grandma left, Mom needed to finish her compulsive vacuuming thing that she does way too much. Soooooooooo, she comes in the living room, where she left the Dyson safe and sound but a few minutes ago ..... and the end of the cord is chewed completely off.

Now, no one can place me at the scene of the crime. The saliva was too dry to obtain a DNA sample. I did not have any electrical cord parts hanging from my mouth ....... but guess who went to time-out. You guessed it! Innocent Eddie. Not Earnie or Emmy, she never even once looked at them .... the "angels". Sure, blame poor, innocent Eddie! It's not fair I tell ya". I been framed!

Mom already fixed the cord, good thing my dearly departed Grandpap was an electrician and my Mom hung out with him all the time and paid alot of attention (bet she was "Daddy's little girl", just like Emmy)! At least she fixed it before Dad got home from work and she put it right back in the closet ... yeah ... like Dad would ever even consider using the vacuum ..... I'm thinking NOT here!

I've retained Mr. Louis James Beagle, Attorney of Treats and Cookies for my defense. He has advised me to plead self-defense on the premise that the Dyson attempted to suck up my tail! We also are suing for punitive damages in the amount of 1 King Cut Prime Rib (including french fries and all the trimmings) per week. He is also filing a restraining order against the Dyson that it cannot come withing 25 feet of me for fear that it will attempt once again to suck body parts off my little beagley body. However, I now have to endure the weekend because he cannot file this order until Monday. So avid readers, if I make it through the weekend with all my body parts still intact, I will update you all on the case. For your viewing pleasure, I have posted a photo of Louis and I proving my innocence at the preliminary hearing on my page.


This Entry is dedicated to my best friend Aggie's Dad

August 9th 2006 2:22 pm
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Hello again avid readers. I have decided after much musing, to dedicate this entry to my best friend Aggie's Daddy. He is one of the brave soldiers fighting for our country's freedom and our right to eat bones and chase squirrels whenever we choose, and he reads our message boards and looks at our webpages every chance he gets. I can only imagine how much he misses his babie girls Bella and Aggie and their Momma. But with any luck, he'll be returning home soon ...... we have all our paws crossed. Bella and Aggie are very proud of him because he is so brave and courageous. So, Aggie's Dad, all of us from Snoop Doggs stand on our hind legs, paws to our little heads, and salute you.

And by the way Aggie's Dad, wherever you are, if you seem to notice that you see very little squirrels and rabbits, or you step in a large pile of stinky, mushy poo .... and there's not a dog in sight, or when it's really, really quiet and you could swear you hear Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo off in the distance ...... it's because I appointed my dearly departed brother Sammy as Major General (someone with a lick of sense and who is NOT a beagle has to be in charge of these heathens!) of Snoop Dogg Guardian Angels who in turn I sent a memo out to enlisting them to watch over you and protect you. Just what you needed, huh ..... Angel beagles ..... or is that considered an oximoron?

So, this concludes the tribute to Aggie's Dad for now ..... on to serious stuff like Snoop Dogg activites!

Eddie - over and out


Snoop Doggs

August 7th 2006 12:51 pm
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I'd like to begin this entry by apologizing to my avid readers for my lack of entries in the last few days. Aggie and I have been so busy answering p-mails from our Snoop Dogg group, that I had to run an advertisement in the classifieds this morning for a part-time secretary. We're at 235 members and growing rapidly and have only been organized for 2 weeks. Some of our latest features are a monthly King and Queen of Snoop Doggs contest, Snoop Doggs Guardian Angels which are Bridge Beagles that have enlisted to protect and watch over we beagley kind. And anyone who's ever had contact with a beagle, knows they need all the help they can get. We're in the process of scheduling training forums, Aggie's Momma is a canine trainer, so we're going to have forums discussing specific beagle issues.

So now I hope you can understand why I've been a bit lax on the communication. Our group is soooo much fun, everyone wants to join in, which is totally awesome. So many new friends from all over the world! And we also have Dogster to thank, without them, there would be no group .... so Thanks Dogster, YOU ROCK!

Oh and about that part-time secretary ...... I have to make sure she's a rather frumpy, wrinkly. elderly beagle because their are so many eligible, hunky, hot male beagles in our group and I wouldn't want her getting distracted, especially by Louis ... "The really hot beagle", what a catch that guy is. He has to pump bones 5 times a day to keep in that shape, and then there's Mike, our orphaned three-legger who's quite the suave, politician type ... what a smooth talker he is and so many others to mention I could be on here typing all day ... but I'm sure you get my drift ... this is gonna cost me a ton of treats!

Well, I'm back off to the group page,

Eddie - out


Aggie's Abduction

August 3rd 2006 10:39 am
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My friend Aggie was abducted by aliens .... alien frogs that is, and I have the pictures to prove it. Poor Aggie, just when she thought she was home alone and could pull some really cool tricks on Bella, along those mean alien frogs came and abducted her. Good thing she can Aaaarrrroooo real beaglely like, because that is possibly the only thing that saved her. It's common knowledge that those alien frogs cannot take sounds reaching those decibels. It's a good thing Aggie's so smart and heard those voices saying "Speak Aggie, Speak", cause that saved her butt!

So what a day it's been with all this commotion. I need a frosty paws and a major nap.

Eddie- out

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