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Please can I live with you??

I went to the Family Reunion!!!

September 16th 2007 2:58 pm
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Guess what?!?! I got to go to my Mom's family reunion this weekend at Cave Run Lake in KY. All the rest of em had to be boarded. Mom and Dad let me go cause I'm the best behaved and I like all people and all children. Course I did have to let the other doggies that came know that I am Alpha by growling and snarling at them.. But Mom wouldn't let me get close enough to them to show them physicallybut I think they got the hint. I had sooo much fun. I got to stay in a hotel. I had my very own bed. We went on some long walks by the lake and I got hamburgers and hotdogs. And best of all.. I got Mom and Dad all to myself!!! It was the best weekend ever..


The Beagle Bill of Rights

November 4th 2006 3:30 pm
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Amendment I
Humans shall make no law abridging the freedom to bark, bay, or howl anywhere, anytime, and for any reason, real or imagined; or growl if moved or awakened from any chosen spot.

Squirting with hoses, water pistols, screaming, or physical intervention is strictly prohibited.

When Beagles bark, humans must listen until they understand and then perform accordingly.

Amendment II
The right to claim any spot on the bed first, not having to move for humans or siblings; covers and pillows will remain untouched until we vacate said spot.

Good sun spots must be made available throughout every house and curtains that block access are open season.

Amendment III
The unlimited right to enter and exit the back door with human assistance, performed with no grumbling under the breath.

Amendment IV
The right to at least one walk per day anywhere, anytime we want, including mud, water hazards, garbage dumps, rolling on dead animals, insects or any other unidentified smelly goo; with no censorship of items or creatures procured to eat.

No muzzles, masks, or other contraptions will be applied to abridge desire to forage.

Sniffing will have no limits as to time or object. Yanking or pulling on the leash is prohibited, as is screaming or physical intervention.

Amendment V
Eating anything is an inalienable right and humans shall make no rules regarding it, including but not limited to: the cat box, sibling's treats or dinners, garbage can exploration, or countertop sweeping.

All packages must be inspected upon entrance to the house.

An adequate space either at or directly under the table must be provided at meal times.

Any food dropped on the floor must be pointed to and is immediately property of the Beagle eliminating any five second rule of humans, and if said Beagle is absent the item must remain untouched until his arrival whether from the next room or outside.

No Beagle is responsible for clean up of any residual dog spit.

Treats will be distributed upon human departure and arrival.

Vegetables from the garden whether on the plant or in a container, especially green beans, are property of the Beagle.

Obesity or its description will be eliminated from any handbooks, manuals, leaflets, or other propaganda upon entering the house and the Beagle will determine what weight is proper for their frame.

Amendment VI
Beagles will be secure in their possessions against any search either by humans or siblings.

No seizure of Beagle property is allowed and in the event of exchange for
another item of higher value, both items become property of the Beagle.

In counter- point, Beagles have the right to search and seize at their whim; any pocket, purse, bag, toy box, dishwasher door, countertop, or child.

Amendment VII
Chewing feet, scratching ears, rolling on the back and biting of genitals will be permitted and the only resolution will be rubbing of the belly by the human.

Amendment VIII
Under no circumstances shall any Beagle or canine brother or sister be used for human medical experiment. If caught, humans will undergo said experiment every day for the rest of their lives.

Amendment IX
Unusual human behavior, such as harmonica playing, phone talking, lawn mowing, leaf raking, bed-thrashing, etc. will be met with unlimited barking until said activity ceases.

Amendment X
No Beagle will be left behind!


Its Official

September 19th 2006 4:49 pm
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I am officially a member of the Reynolds family!!!! I have my furever home!! I am sooooo happy.. except for one little thing... I don't like having to be inside the fence all the time. I'm not allowed to roam around. Although theres 2+ acres out there, I liked running around the neighborhood getting into stuff.

My new Mommy said that she is going to take me to PetSmart to go shopping pretty soon. Now I don't know what shopping is nor do I know about Petsmart but I do know I like riding in the car. Its lots of fun. But she says I have to wait till after I get fixed. I didn't even know I was broken!!! She must be confused.

Anyway... I have a home!

Tail Wags,
Friend Lea



August 4th 2006 7:37 pm
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I'm ALMOST truely a member of the Reynolds family!!! WooooHooooo!!! The Lady and Man have found out who I belong to. Neighbors say that more than likely that man will say I can live with the Reynolds..

I'll have a furever home! A human Mommy and human Daddy and human brother and doggie brothers and kitty sister.. (and a fish) Please everyone keep your paws crossed that I can stay here!!!!

Friend-Lea Reynolds.. How does that sound???


Ticks, Ticks and More Ticks...

July 13th 2006 10:46 am
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The nice lady I want to be my new Mommy found four ticks on me yesterday.. Everyone of em on was on my ear. Since they still don't know who I belong to, they haven't oficially claimed me so they don't know if I've been to a vet or anything yet. We live kinda out in the country so the neighbors aren't real close together. They haven't figured out yet just exactly where I might belong. And I'm not tellin' either. Cause if I do, those people might make me stay home all the time and I don't want to. I wanna live with the Reynolds. Anyway, back to the ticks.. I wasn't sure if I had done something wrong cause I kept wiggling around she kept telling me to HOLD STILL! After she got them off, I left for a while just in case she was mad at me. Cause I don't like it when they talk gruff to me. When I came back a little later, she put some flea and tick stuff on me, gave me something to eat and drink and then gave me a nice belly rub. I really like belly rubs!! I hope that flea and tick stuff works!

I know she loves me or else why would she care if I have ticks and fleas or not!


PS: Whats a bath? She keeps talking about giving one.. I hope it something tasty!!!


They call me "Friend"

June 20th 2006 5:10 am
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Hello new Pals,

My name is.. well, the humans really don't know what my name is so they call me Friend. I liked to come over and play with their Border Collie Zeb. I would come to the door and knock and bark and they would say... "Zeb's friend is here to play" so they just started calling me Zeb's Friend.

They think I actually belong to a neighbor that has lots of dogs but I'm not gonna tell. They may take me back to them. I want to live with the Reynolds. I think they love me. They give me food and water and even put a dog house out front for me to keep out of the weather. They play with me, give me treats and toys and I get lots of kisses from the lady human. Then Man human taught me how to sit, stay, and shake paws. I was happy to learn cause I want them to like me.

I hope they let me stay.. I want to be their furever "Friend".

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