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Home:Richfield/Minneapolis, MN  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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"Baby Boy", "Honey Bunny", officially Prince Maxwell Charles (Grandpaw's only namesake!!)

Doggie Dynamics:
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Quick Bio:

November 29th 2002

Toys, Toys everywhere!! Bone-Bones, Greenies, 'Da Mom, Aunt Beth and Uncle C.R, beagle cousins Buska and Tucker, visitors-- any kind! And especially, my Grandpaw!!

What are peeves? Is that like when you get tired of cousin Tucker trying to hump you?

Favorite Toy:
All soft, stuffed toys! I sleep on them, fetch them, wrestle with them, and eventually destroy them-- I know all my toys by name and 'da Mom says I have more toys than other pugs! I also like stealing my brother Irving's Mr. Ball and playiang keep--a-way

Favorite Food:
Do I have to pick one? I live by one motto alone-- "Hungry Like a Wolf!" Food glorious food! Greenies and Bone-Bones rank high on the list, as do treats and 'da mom's special "coookiies".

Favorite Walk:
Patrolling my own back yard, spending time as leader in the "clubhouse" and walking to the fence line to "chat" with the neighbor Roy. I also enjoy walking to the food dish when 'da mom asks me if I am "hungry like a wolf!"

Best Tricks:
Staying beneath 30 pounds. Talking to 'da mom. Fetching my toys by name.

Arrival Story:
I came to live with 'Da Mom and Irving from South Dakota! I am a well traveled pug! They had just lost LuLu Belle due to a tragic illness and were very sad. It was my job to make them very happy! So with my mentor Pugsident Irving I became a very good boy and learned there was no place like home, how to throw fantabulous parties on Pugapalooza, and stuff like that. Unfortunately I still struggle in the romance department. My heart was hurt furever when my big brudder Pugsident Irving suddenly passed in December of 2007. And then my grandpaw passed two weeks later. 'da mom was VERY sad and the loss of Irving was more then we could take. 'da mom and Aunt Beth started working on finding another pugger and that is how Sophie Amore' came to live with us. I have tried to make Irving proud by being the bestest big brudder I can be and 'da mom says I have the patience of a saint when I deal with her. She is very headstrong and independent and while I thought it would be MY turn to head up the household...... she has simply taken over and there is no wrastling that will make her give up control. But, I guess she's o.k.-- she goes outside with me, and we snuggle every so often, and she always has to know where I am. When 'da mom asks her where is Maxwell she comes and finds me and brings me back to 'da mom.... so I guess it's working out alright. Sophie Amore' was a gift from very, very speshul people on dogster and such an act of generosity and love can never be forgotten. Thank you to all of you who kept me from being a lonely, miserable pugger without Irving. I still miss Irving and 'da mom and I talk about him and what a good big brudder he was, but it doesn't hurt quite so bad now.....

What is biographical? I used to have two sisters when I was but a wee pup-- they live in Minnesota too but 'da Mom doesn't know where-- but that's o.k. I have a big extended "family" with lots of love!

Forums Motto:
Maxwell- a pug with Gusto!

The Groups I'm In:
*Modern Dog*, ★★★Hollywood Pups, FANCYPANTS CAFE, For The Love Of Pug! (FLOP), Hug a Pug!!!, Pugapalooza, Spoiled Pugs & Pups (SPP), Administrators of Catster & Dogster Groups, All Things Pug, Blanket Babies, Cesar's Dogster Pack, Febreze® Pet Odor Eliminator™, HTT-HAPPY TAILS TOWN, Minnesota Pet Love, New Header Group, PAWS FOR PAWS, Pawsome Pages, Power of the Pugs (POP), Pug Lovers, Pug Pals, Pugaholics Anonymus, Pugs & Their People, pugs in the uk, PUGS of Central Washington, pugs rule and drule, Pugs, Team Pugsly!, The Royal Canin® Pug Group, The United Pug Foundation (U.P.F.), TwinCitiesDogs, ~Twisted Tails~, ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~

The Last Forum I Posted In:
The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

Favorite Holiday:
Well my brudder Irving said Easter because we hunt eggies so I'm going to have to say Christmas. At Christmas 'da mom hangs good smellin' stuff in a stocking in the fireplace that is just out of reach.... that is until my cousins the beagles come over. Also, one year 'da mom forgot to hide Grandpaw's presents so one night when the beagles were over Buska opened up one of the presents for us to share and it was a box of Chocolate Turtles!! Woohoo!! 'Da moms were NOT happy- but everyone survived.

I know all my toys by name and will go get them by name when 'da mom asks. I also like to have my toys sleep with me. I have trained 'da mom to get up and pick up my toys if they fall off the bed-- cause I whine if she doesn't. Then, once they are on the bed I will toss them off and cry again until 'da mom picks them up again. Good Trick!

Pug Patrol:
Hip Hop it's time for the Pug Patrol!! When out doing my business I take my responsibilities seriously and patrol all perimeters of the fence!! Oh, and I like to talk at my hooman neighbor Roy-- he asked 'da mom if he could give me treats cause he thought I'd stop barking at him... hehehe... I just like to say hi and I luv it when he comes over and talks to me... anyway, a Pugs got to take fence patrol real serious like so my brudder, Pugsident Irving gave me the position of Secretary of Da-Fence! I like it- don't you?


In Memory of Pugsident Irving


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June 16th 2006 More than 10 years!

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Dogster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

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e Amore'

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I cant spel

The Cruelty and Insanity of Hoomans.....

November 14th 2008 6:43 pm
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I haven't written in my diaree in a veree long time.... but something happened this week that has left our fambily with very heavy hearts and I wanted to spread the word..... it is about the Insanity and Cruelty of Hoomans....

This week in Rochester, Minnesota (t part of the Mpls/St. Paul metro area-- about 2 hours away and where the famous Mayo Clinic is located), a tragedy struck that made us absolutely sick to the core of our being. First, it should be said that Rochester in not a place with significant crime, and in fact-- a couple of years ago was rated one of the best cities in the United States to live in as part of a national Magazine article. On Monday a family (parents and a baby) who had rescued a basset hound a few years ago and who was an equal member of the family went through the unbelieveable. They had let the female (senior) Bassett out into their front yard where she was quietly roaming around and sniffing the smells of fall. This family had never had any complaints from neighbors, etc. about any barking or howling from this bassett-- all was right with the world. Suddenly, the father heard two gunshots from outside and ran out the front door to see what was going on-- he called his bassett's name and she struggled to get up and get to him-- blood pouring from her mouth. This beloved bassett hound had been shot in the head. There is no logical reason, the police have no leads. Again, there had been absolutely no trouble with anybody in the neighborhood with the dog-- or with the hoomans. The father picked the bassett up and rushed her to the ER, but by the time he arrived she had passed. The famliy is grieving and so should we to know there is such cruelty in the world. Such a lack of reasoning and impulse control. Was it a deer hunter returning after the opening "deer hunting" weekend of the season, frustrated because he had not gotten his "kill"-- so he decided to take out a bassett instead?? Was it kids causing "mischief" who will think nothing of the pain this family is going through? Regardless, there is no possible reasonable explanation for this senseless act of violence.

Please hug and kiss your fur babies tonight and give them an extra show of love in memory of this beloved bassett. I really hope they catch the person/people responsible for this-- but fear that even if they do, there will be no law significant enough to give the murderer the sentance they deserve.

With heavy hearts,

Maxwell, Sophie Amore', Pugsident Irving, and 'da mom


My Onry Onyx Homework Assignment: Researching BBQ/Picnic- Foods... Read about the Hamboogler!!

April 15th 2008 2:28 pm
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The history of the hamburger is truly a story that has been run through the meat grinder. Some sources say it began with the Mongols, who stashed raw beef under their saddles as they waged their campaign to conquer the known world. After time spent sandwiched between the asses of man and beast, the beef became tender enough to eat raw—certainly a boon to swift-moving riders not keen to dismount.

It is said, then, that the Mongols, under Kublai Khan later brought it to Russia, which turned it into the dish we know as steak tartare.

Several years later, as global trade picked up, seafarers brought this idea back to the port city of Hamburg, Germany, where the Deutschvolk decided to mold it into a steak shape and add heat to the equation, making something that, outside of Hamburg, was referred to as "Hamburg steak."

Of course, as it's been pointed out on the comments on this site and in John T. Edge's book Hamburgers & Fries, that's wishful thinking. As Mr. Edge writes, "The history of proletarian dishes like hamburgers is rarely explained by a linear progression of events."

But enough fishing in European and Asian waters; let's cut bait here. Somehow ground beef gets to America. Somehow it's put on a bun. But by whom? Surely the historical record becomes more clear once we cross to these shores.

It doesn't. There are currently three major claims staked on the confusing and contradictory map of American hamburger history. Each has its adherents and detractors. They are:

Louis' Lunch: This New Haven, Connecticut, burger joint claims to have invented our favorite lunchtime (and dinnertime) meal in 1900. From its website: "One day in the year 1900 a man dashed into a small New Haven luncheonette and asked for a quick meal that he could eat on the run. Louis Lassen, the establishment's owner, hurriedly sandwiched a broiled beef patty between two slices of bread and sen the customer on his way, so the story goes, with America's first hamburger."

"Hamburger Charlie" Nagreen: It's said that he started selling meatballs at the age of 15 at the summer fair in Seymour, Wisconsin. But, says, "Charlie was a resourceful young man with an outgoing personality. After not experiencing much success selling the meatballs, he had an idea and located some bread. He realized people could take this meal with them if he simply smashed the meat together between two pieces of bread. He called it a "hamburger" and yes, in 1885 the burger was born at the fair in Seymour, Wisconsin."

Menches Brothers: The brothers' descendents, who now operate a small chain in Ohio called, not surprisingly, Menches Bros. claim that their great-grandfather and his brother (Charles and Frank, respectively) invented the dish at an 1885 fair in Hamburg, New York. The brothers originally sold sausages but ran out and were forced to use ground beef, which at the time was considered declassé. John Menches, in a Businessweek story, says, "Faced with nothing to sell at all, they fried [the ground beef] up, but it was too bland. My grandfather decided to put coffee, brown sugar, and some other household ingredients in it and cooked up the sandwich. My great-uncle Frank served the first sandwich, a gentleman tasted it and said, 'What do you call it?' Uncle Frank didn't really know what to call it, so he looked up and saw the banner for the Hamburg fair and said, 'This is the hamburger.' "

And there yew have it-- but I won't ride those horsies to cook my meat I tell yew!! Give me a good old fashioned BBQ burgler any ole time instead!!


Sad tails when 'da cousins, 'da Beagles come to visit....

November 11th 2007 6:48 pm
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Dear Diary,
This weekend our cousins the beagles came to visit for three whole days.... 'da mom said something about their hoomans going to Wisconsin for a Green Bay Packer thingy but I don't know what that is. Within the first hour of arriving my cousin Buska intelligently went into 'da mom 's office where she had a big box of greenies set back on the desk and Buska climbed up and got it down!! I was all pugcited cause I'd been watching those greenies furever but Buska got greedy and I didn't get a single one. 'Da mom came into the room and threw a hissy fit cause Buska had eaten an entire box (like TWENTY Greenies-- Hello!!!) and she thought fur sure he was going to die.... She made some phone calls and kept watching him and watching him... but he seems just fine and it hasn't disturbed his appetite at all. In the meantime my beagle cousin Tucker (who is normally my bestest friend) got ahold of my Beaver from my girlypug Penelope-- he chewed one ear off before 'da mom could get it away from him.... I LOVE my Beaver-- and it needed both ears so I was mad!! Then Today he got ahold of my duckduck, that my buddies Hercules and Ms. Bailey had sent me.... 'da mom started yellin then and got it away and stuffed the squeaker back in it but she's not sure if it's ever going to recover and return to active duty. Mom says since the beagles arrived we've had two poopers in the house and two pee's. She's not real happy.... between the clean-up, my favorite stuffy toys being greviously injured, and the whole box of greenies she says it's been an expensive weekend so far... and there is still 36 hours to go...... I hope Tucker doesn't get his paws on my lobster.....

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